Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A New Number…

So… I weighed 128.5 today! I’m honestly really excited, but still worried the other shoe is going to drop and tomorrow I’m going to weigh 136 again. I mean if I can lose it this quick I can gain it quicker, right? Anyway, I’m trying to push that out and only think happy thoughts and be proud of myself because I really have been trying hard.

I’m actually glad that I’ve been following this workout regime since late April. Granted, I’ve upped my days (started with cardio 3 days/week… then went to 4, then 5 and now I’ve been at 6) and I’ve upped my miles (was doing 9 per week, then 12, then 15, and now I’m at 18 or 19) but it’s been over time to give me time to get used to it (and like it; it’s like a science now with the incline, reading, iPod, etc.). It goes like this for 4 miles (approximately 1 hour):

First ½ mile: iPod Incline 5; 4 mph
Second ½ mile: iPod Incline 4; 4 mph
Third ½ mile: iPod Incline 3; 4 mph
Fourth ½ mile: iPod Incline 2; 4.1 mph
Fifth ½ mile: Book Incline 1; 4.2 mph
Sixth ½ mile: Book Incline 0; 4.3 mph
Seventh ½ mile: Book Incline 1; 4.2 mph
Eighth ½ mile: Book Incline 2; 4 mph

Something about breaking up the music with the reading makes it go by quicker, and it’s nice to do one song per ¼ mile. Even if it’s not done I go to the next one. It’s like new energy for a new lap!

So it was kind of like the workout was in place… a habit already. But the food was a different story. While I had been eating healthy foods, making Hungry Girl Recipes, not eating the obvious (French fries, fried rice, etc.) I was not watching my portions and that is where I get myself in trouble. I’ll just eat and eat and eat. I don’t get full. I think it’s because I don’t smoke anymore… that used to be my signal that I was done. Now I brush my teeth and have gum… and I’ve introduced sweets back into my life (didn’t eat them AT ALL when I smoked). So I’ll have a Kashi cookie, granola bar, 100-calorie pack, Jello pudding pack or WW frozen fudge bar to signal – STOP EATING, your meal is OVER. It’s working and isn’t adding too much to my calories. And really it’s only after lunch and dinner so I just know that that’s 200 calories I must consume to make me stop eating! Ha!

Anyway, I’m clearly rambling… I’m just pumped about 128.5 and ready to go to the gym! Think I may knock out 2.5 miles at lunch today and do 1.5 miles after again - I loved that yesterday!


Stacy said...

I am so proud of you Kel! You have really stuck to your workout routine and you really look great! Seriously...I'm happy and jealous at the same time. :) P.S. I'm so joining the 'SmartPeople'(I think that's the name)!

fittingbackin said...

Thanks, Stace!!! I appreciate it - I haven't seen results in a while so i'm like yay! haha Yes - Spark People!! You'll love it - it's like MySpace for people trying to lose weight!! It's my heart. :)