Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 29: Tuesday, Sept. 30 Assessment

So today was blah. I was only at work for a ½ day (other ½ spent walking dogs) and then I had a teambuilding where I was bad… oops! All in all, I had 1,700 calories, 193 carbs and 49 fat grams. Holy fat grams! Still in REC zone but seems like a lot to me. Actually, everything but calories was in the REC zone but if you think about it… because I walked 2.5 miles I was in my REC zone, right?! :) Dare to dream, huh? Anyway, here’s what I ate.

And I took some pics of my favorite snack: 6 slices sandwich meat (Oscar Meyer deli fresh honey ham or mesquite turkey or slow roasted roast beef – a mix), 10 baby carrots, 2 tbsp T. Marzeti Fat-free Ranch Dip and 1 piece of Sargento Light String Cheese chopped up into little cheesy pieces of happiness. This snack is my favorite late afternoon snack before the gym (around 4 p.m. – get to gym at 5:30 p.m.). The fat-free ranch is in foil!

Here is how I pack for me and Austin so we know what we're having for breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks. I mix it up every day and we cook breakfast a lot of days (we basically cook a sandwich like those Jimmy Dean d-lights below). I always add a bag of triscuits or something to Austin's because clearly he needs more calories than me. Or he'll just eat a bigger dinner. Whatever!

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