Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My First Month: September 2008 Assessment

So I started the blog on Sept. 1 – got organized and got it together. I started weighing and tracking Sept. 2. It’s been a month! Can you believe it?!

By the Numbers

Pounds Lost: 10 (136 to 126)
Pounds left to Lose: 11
Posts: 53
Days Worked out: 13
Miles of cardio: 34
Great Nutrition Days: 15
Low Nutrition Days: 4
High Nutrition Days: 10 (eek!)
Injuries: two (toe & foot – eek)
Days out for injury: 9
Vacations: 2
Days out for vacation: 5

Interesting Charts



So all in all I’m proud. Yes, I wish I could have worked out more, dang right foot. Yes, I could have worked out on my vacations but had way too much fun in Auburn and Chicago to worry about my waistline (true story). Yes, I had a few too many ‘high’ nutrition days, but if you look at the chart some were very close to being in (really! hehe), and the others were fun nights where I drank too much (clearly my #1 vice).

Mostly, I’m so glad that I’ve stuck to Spark People and to my blog. It is keeping me honest and that’s really what it’s about for me – not letting myself go into denial (that pizza didn’t count!) haha. Overall, I’m just glad that I found something that works for me, something I can continue doing, something that’s FREE. Yeah, I said it. FREE. So I have more $ to spend on clothes and accessories!

Goals for October
  • Start tracking measurements OR BMI… not sure which
  • Have NO low nutrition days
  • Have 7 or less high nutrition days
  • Work out at least 1 day on vacation (have 3 trips planned in October)
  • Lose 4 pounds (roughly 1 pound per week) so I’ll weigh 122
  • Do 50 miles of cardio (roughly 2.5 miles/day 5 days/week; so I must do 2.5 miles a day for at least 20 of October’s 31 days)
  • Introduce 3 new, healthy Hungry Girl recipes at home
  • Introduce 3 new, healthy snacks at home
  • Switch from Whiskey to Vodka to save LOTS of calories
  • Limit beer to 3/weekend

I’m going to post these on the side – I feel good about these goals and am ready for a new month – yay!!!


A.B. Starns said...

Omg! You've done so well this week...even with vacations and injuries. Very few people could do the same.

I love your goals. I think I'll still you idea and post some of my own when my "month" ends on Oct. 10th.

Oh, favorite goal of yours by far:
"Switch from Whiskey to Vodka to save LOTS of calories" heheh

fittingbackin said...

Thanks!! It's definitely hard with vacations. Oh as soon as my toe/foot went down I was like okay... i'm going to SERIOUSLY have to eat good pronto! :)

I think it's going to help me!

It's true! I switched from beer to whiskey for lower cal thinking whiskey had 67 calories per shot and it does - in the UK where shots are 1 oz.! U.S. shots are 1.5 oz. so I was drinking 100 calories a pop! Oh my! So... vodka it is. I'm already looking for yummy, low-cal recipes and my husband is on board with becoming a vodka drinker! haha

Unknown said...

CONGRATS on making such amazing progress!!!
the goals are great, too.
have you had your body fat % checked?? that's another great way to measure progression towards your goals.
have a great night!

fittingbackin said...

That's a great suggestion, thanks, Gina! Is that something I would need to do at my gym or am I off? I'll look into it today.... Thanks!

Big Pissy said...

the goals are such a good idea!

to actually write them down and see them and be able to check them off would be very satisfying. :)

fittingbackin said...

I think so!!! I hope it works... I'll let you know! :)