Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day 32: Friday, Oct. 3, Assessment

So... I was all proud of myself with my newly purchased vodka/diet sprite and decided to start with chardonnay while I got ready. I have 2 glasses (8 oz)... then it's time to go! Boo - I was like oh well it's cool - i'll get it at the bar. Um, DUH- the bar doesn't HAVE diet sprite! What?! I'm so sad. So I have a whiskey diet.... then another... then ANOTHER.... then two (and a half...) beers. Oh my! Don't think i'm a binge drinker!! This spanned like 7 hours... but STILL - what am I going to do?! Bring my own diet sprite?! haha If anyone has suggestions for low-calorie drinks you can purchase at a bar let me know! Thanks, friends!

So here's my assessment... dang alcohol... 1,952 calories (eek!), 167 carbs (not bad!) and 29 fat grams (great!). Man on those calories. At least I burned some with the 3 miles at the gym... but still - what a lush! :( What I Ate... And Drank On the good side, I yet again weighed 125.5. I'm happy maintaining, but have GOT to get a handle on things so I can reach my next goal - 125! So close!

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