Friday, October 3, 2008

A Better Day.... Assessment Coming Tomorrow!

Today was better… I weighed 125.5 again.... I went into work with a pseudo positive attitude and it’s true, when you pretend to be positive you kind of end up being positive…. I think. Anyway, I had a better day whether I really did or not! Haha And it was great to get out to lunch with my two favorite co-workers. We went to Outback, and I had a little bread/butter, but ordered good (6 medium grilled shrimp and a plain baked potato). I added salt and lemon! Reuben spent the day at the vet getting a comprehensive exam, his rabies shot and his corona shot. Austin picked him up and they met me at the Halloween store just after work for Reuben to try on costumes! We ended up going with a really cute one…. I’ll post pics once I get his hair cut next week!! I made it to the gym… and it felt great! I walked 2 miles on the treadmill, then hopped off and was able to do another mile on the elliptical trainer! So 3 miles, then I did back, legs and abs. It felt great! I did discover that my right foot can no longer participate in lunges… it’s like it hurts BAD when my foot stretches away from my toes… so, that’s not good. I’m hoping it’s the metasargalia rather than the gout… I still need to go get my inserts. I’m going this weekend – PROMISE!

Well so far I’ve had 1,252 calories, 29 fat grams and 157 carbs. I’m def done eating, but I plan on drinking with Austin tonight! We’re going to hang out here and play some pool and rock band then go meet up with some friends later! Wish me luck on being able to drum… I haven’t tried the kick petal since the gout…. Oh I forgot – I went and got Vodka and diet sprite after the gym – ready to knock that goal out! I’ll post my final assessment tomorrow – tty then!

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eurydice said...

i am a whiskey girl as well... but i've switched to wine now that i know it's less than 100 calories a glass, and goes down A LOT slower!