Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day 54: Saturday, Oct. 25, Assessment

Saturday was great! I woke up at 8 a.m. feeling awesome! And I weighed 121 – yes, my lowest weight ever! We had Jimmy Deans for breakfast (croissants because we accidently grabbed the wrong d-lights box - eek). Austin went down to clean his car (he bought a new car but still needs to sell his old one – we’re on it!) and I headed over to the gym. I walked for 2 miles, then did biceps, abs and legs, and then walked for another .5 mile. Great workout and I felt awesome – but hungry! I ate a granola bar while I waited for the greek chicken/curried rice to cook. Yes – I ate this again! After lunch I got a lot of work done, then started prepping dinner- butternut squash fries and buffalo chicken sandwiches.
Yes, my “new” recipes are quickly becoming old favorites – so exciting.

After dinner we played pool and had some of my favorite people over – 4 other couples including my sister/her husband, E from out of town, my workout partner Mon and her fiancé, and my goal-weight friend Mary who visits the blog! :) Everyone had already met/hung out numerous times so it was a great chill night. We intended to play games – but ended up chatting all night which was even more fun! Good times – and we saved a lot of $ not going to bars- awesome! I also made tentative plans to do kickboxing again with Mon on Monday and dance class (yes – back to dance!) with Mary and my sister on Wednesday (Latin Jazz – love it!). Already looking forward to the non-working part of this week – hehe.

All in all I came out at 1,805 calories, 34 fat grams and 184 carbs. So high on calories – good on everything else. Like usual, 443 alcohol calories put me over my 1,550 mark. I did work out today though so it’s all good! Here’s What I Ate.


hannah katherine said...

hi skinny! look at you - 121? tell me you look over your last couple of months progress and just scream with happiness! way to go : )

hannah katherine said...

oh! and have you ever tried delicata squash? it's REALLY easy to make fries out of - i leave the skin on, toss them in olive oil, salt them, and bake them at 400 until they're really so good.

fittingbackin said...

Hey Hk! Oh i'm already up to 123 today! Daily weigh-ins are kind of crazy - hopefully i'll get back down this week!!! I am very happy - sometimes you feel like hard work/determination/setting your mind to it doesn't always work so when it does it's like YAY!

ooooh no... never tried it! I need something easy though - BN squash is some work! K - i'm looking for that this week - THANKS!

Mary said...

again....AWESOME job!!! you look fab & I can't wait for us to double our wardrobes :) thanks for the shout out via blog! I can't wait for dance on wed - we should def aim for taking a class or two per week

fittingbackin said...

Thanks, girl! haha I know! i can't wait to be as small as you! haha Yes- i'm looking forward to it! Agree - i'm in!!!