Monday, October 27, 2008

Day 55: Sunday, Oct. 26, Assessment

Sunday was a lovely day! I got up early and eager to cook – I’m just loving it! Before cooking I weighed prepared a bowl of grapes – I was too hungry to wait I immediately chopped up a ton of veggies – mushrooms, red pepper, green pepper, onion, tomato and got to work on egg/egg white omelets!They were so good! I added a little salt, pepper, Creole seasoning and feta – they were YUM. Me and Austin ate and decided to do nothing today – awesome. So I’ve just been hanging out, catching up on blog reading, downloading pics, playing with Reuben, etc. I watched a movie – Atonement – it was really good…. Wow… have any of you seen it? It was something else… you could just easily see how things could spin out of control like that.

After breakfast I got ready for lunch – yummy loaded baked potatoes with turkey chili! FANTASIC! The ‘extras’ didn’t even taste fat-free- it tasted like “the real thing.” Awesome! Then I took a nap, watched a few That 70’s Shows, talked to my mom and an old friend from grad school, and tried to get some work done. Didn’t happen. Eek!

Well, Reuben ruined his first thing…. When I took my nap he was up on the bed. I thought he was sleeping and/or had a toy up here. Apparently I slept hard… and while I was out he ate my camera cord- no! :( Thankfully he wasn’t hurt…. And my work camera has the same cord so I’ll use it until I get a new one. Dang though! Honestly I felt bad… it was my fault for having it and not a toy up there. Boo.

So me and Austin are SERIOUSLY considering BUYING a house now. Eek! I thought we were renters, I thought we didn’t want to be tied down…. But it’s seeming like it’s the right time and we’re solid in our jobs and our lease is up in May so we’re officially looking. I told Austin to find the house and I’ll find the stuff to put in it (so long as we both have veto power!) He spent all last night online looking at houses, I at furniture and home decor sites. Heaven. For dinner I couldn’t think about cooking again so Austin made me muffin pizzas and himself some pasta/spaghetti sauce. I loved my muffins and had some of his noodles– YUM.

Sunday went good – I woke up weighing 122 (up a pound from yesterday) and overall, I had 1,329 calories, 26 fat grams and 209 carbs. Here’s the details: What I Ate.


Big Pissy said...

This is gonna be FUN! ;-)

fittingbackin said...

I'm so excited! :)

Bikini Envy said...

This is possibly one of the best times to buy. Congratulations!

And your baked potato is making me hungry >.<

eurydice said...

I liked the movie Atonement but the book is even better!

fittingbackin said...

Thanks, BE!! I'm SO thrilled... this blog may turn into a lot of talk about houses... bear with me!

ooooh I bet! K- i'm going to go get it. I got SO into the movie... but i bet the book fills in gaps.