Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day 58, 59 and 60: Wednesday, Oct. 29, Thursday, Oct. 30 and Friday, Oct. 31, Daily Assessments

Day 58: Wednesday, Oct. 29

So Today was just a bad day (like I mentioned). It started out good, weighed 123, got work done, worked out with my co-worker Stacy again (3 miles – yay!) and things were great… then some work stuff happened that was just the straw that broke the camel’s back and the floodgates opened and…. Yeah… not good. I was determined to have a good day though, so I kept my plans with my sister/Mary at the dance studio. When I left work I went to the gym (chest/triceps) and then met them at 6:30 p.m. Long story short (per my updated review on Yelp Dance 101 Review): I went today because I have 16 classes on my card (AKA $160). They inform me I have no classes left. I'm like yes, I have 16. They say no, it's expired. I thought they were kidding - I’ve been there so often, they've never told me they expired, they've never told me I have x many months left or it's expiring soon, I’ve never gotten an email. He's like yeah, it expired in August - we gave you an extra month, too but you didn't come in. I see you WOULD have had 16. (VERY rude by the way). Well how kind, I had no idea A) that it expired B) that I was given an "extra month" or C) That when you pre-pay for something at a certain point in time it just ceases to exist. I can't believe they run their studio this way. I really can't. I didn't sign anything saying I agreed to it, I wasn't told 'it expires' or sent an email. He said, "We can't keep up with all of our dancers." Um, it's 2008 - yes you can. You kept up with the $ I paid you and how many classes I have left but you can't do a mail merge and let someone know you're about to rob them of their money? Right... So, needless to say, I won't be returning. I hope I saved some of you who, like me, didn't know.”

So yes – I left the studio (and my sister and friend) in tears after the bad day this was just icing on the cake. I called Austin and he was like I’ll cancel poker (it was at our house). I said no, just let me shower, and hanging out with a bunch of dudes will get this out of mind. Not to mention, at the end of the day – it could be worse. I’m crying over dance classes when you boil it down people. So… it got better… and I’ve been better ever since.

I’m over it (kind of) and know that karma will get them (i.e. someone with the time and/or money will sue because there is no contract, they run a shady house, etc.). As far as food, the day wasn’t that bad: 1,579 calories (over), 213 carbs (in but high), and 33 fat (great!). The candy got me… and the wine. Worth it though! And I LOVED these noodles: Thai Kitchen Pad Thai. YUM…. With the miles I walked I’m definitely in though with calories! Here’s the details: What I ate.

Day 59: Thursday, Oct. 30

So Thursday was MUCH better. I still weighed 123, but yay - I worked at home so I got spend the day with Reuben! During lunch I went down to the gym and did 3.5 miles – felt great! After work I had every intention of going to the gym… but I took a nap! Until 6:30 when Austin got home! Felt awesome!! (I haven’t slept well this week – all stressed about work and the house and stuff). Then I ate dinner with Austin, got my stuff ready for the week, and went over to a friend’s house (my old work out partner – Mon!) to borrow a suit from her (thanks, Mon!) and to watch Grey’s Anatomy. I had a great time with her and her awesome roommate, and got back home at 10:30 and passed out! The day was much better – think because I was less stressed: 1,540 calories (good!), 32 fat grams (good!), 246 carbs (high). With my 3.5 miles factored in it was a great day. Here’s the details: What I Ate.

Day 60: Friday, Oct. 31

I woke up and was down a ½ pound to 122.5. However… today I said WHATEVER! I went out to lunch, I drank at a Halloween party and I had late night pizza AND brownies. Wow. It was a hard day to track… but I did it! In the end I had 2,002 calories, 232 carbs and 57 fat grams… high, high and high – eek! My first holiday… not very good. With the out for lunch, out for dinner, candy and alcohol… rough stuff. But again – worth it and hopefully the workout helped! Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly: What I ate.

On the good side: I did order my Twilight movie tickets, had a super fun lunch with my two favorite co-workers, walked 3.5 miles at the gym and did shoulders, biceps and abs, and had an awesome time at the Halloween party!!! Reuben’s little costume was a hit – he’s a doll and he did so good and was so sweet on all the ladies (he spent a lot of time with Amy Winehouse and Robin Hood).

K…. now I have even more blogging to do! I measured this morning – as it’s November 1 – can you believe it?! Also – I need to do my monthly assessment. Again, can’t believe October is over and can’t believe today is Day 61 :). Be back soon… may nap first with Reuben though…

P.S. The Food picture taking didn’t go well this week…. I’m going to try to do better!


Big Pissy said...

This was a good way for me to catch up with all your stuff! ;-)

I am SO jealous that a group of y'all are going to see Twilight!

You know how it is: no one I know locally has read the book so have no interest in seeing the movie.

Boo! :(

fittingbackin said...

haha I got WAY behind!!

Come on up - you know you're welcoem to join!!

:( SAD

eurydice said...

i can't believe that dance studio! what crap!

also, breaking dawn and eclipse came in the mail for me today :) i am so excited about the movie too!!!