Saturday, November 1, 2008

Today's Weigh-In & New Measurements

So today I weighed 123.5, one more pound than yesterday... So my goal was to go into November at 122…. While I got down to that weight it didn’t hold. So right now my next goal was 120 by Nov. 15… this gives me 14 days for 3.5 pounds. I don’t know if this is possible….. I’ll have to update my goals later! Also, as per my goals today was measurement day! This morning my measurements were: Chest (33”) – Waist (27”) – Hips (36”). Extra measurements: mid-hip (33”), Bicep (9.5”) and Thigh (12”). The last time I measured was Wednesday, Oct. 15. Mid-hip and thigh remained the same, but here is how the others panned out:

Chest - down .5”
Waist – up .5”
Hips – up .5”
Bicep –down .5”

So chest and bicep are down, but waist and hip are up… hmmm. I weighed 125 the last time I measured, so while I’m down 1.5 pounds I’m about the same size… Measurement question – do you measure chest at the biggest part of your chest or below your chest – like around where your bra would go?? 33” was biggest part, below was 30”. (Yes, I’m terribly flat haha) Just wondering if I’m doing it correctly!!

So clearly I need to get focused. At least I’ll be able to get away from Halloween candy!! (until Thanksgiving food… and Christmas treats… )


Kristen said...

Hey there! I just got Jillian Michael's "Making the Cut" book and she says to measure like this:

Bust: Measure around the chest right at the nipple line.

Chest: Measure just under your bust.

Waist: Measure half-inch above your belly button or at the smallest part of your waist.

Hips: Stand with feet together and place the tape measure around the biggest part of your hips.

Thighs: Measure around the biggest part of each thigh.

Arms: Measure around the largest part of each upper arm.

Hope this helps! I just read the book today and tried the first day at the gym and I loved it! I needed to mix it up and get these last 10 lbs. off. Do you have the book?

fittingbackin said...

aha! I get it - so my bust is 33" but my chest is 30"... that's sad! Thanks so much for the great info!! I haven't heard of the book - i'm going to go look into it now. Good for you - smart to mix it up!! :)

Big Pissy said...

Wow! Great information from kristen! :)

fittingbackin said...

i know! :)