Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 72: Wednesday, Nov. 12, Daily Assessment

Yesterday was a good day! After work I headed to the gym for three miles, chest and triceps – felt great! Then I ran home and hopped in the shower! Austin made pizza muffins – YUM- so we ate those then headed out with Reuben for me to drop him at the bar for poker then me and Reuben headed over to my sister’s to hang out with her, my mom (in town from Alabama) and her dog! Our dogs usually argue, a lot. But they were sweet last night and we had a great time! She’s looking to buy a new house soon as well so it’s fun to share ideas, look at catalogs together, etc. So it was a great day! In total, I had 1,504 calories, 183 carbs and 53 fat grams – all in REC zones! Here’s what I ate.

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