Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Goal Assessment

So I’m over halfway through November and thought it may be a good time to check out my goals…

  1. Have 3 or less high nutrition days (1,800 – 2,100) and 6 or less medium nutrition days (1,550 – 1,799). So… this isn’t going to happen! I think it may be best to just say ‘high’ and try to keep it at 7.  I’ve already done 7 so hmmm. Maybe this needs to go up to 10… 2 out of every 3 days I’m in range? Maybe this isn’t good either. Hmm. Must think.
  2. Work out at least 1 day in Vegas; work out 4 of 5 days for Thanksgiving. I had no way to work out during Vegas so that’s out… but do plan to work out during Thanksgiving and am already working on a meal plan for my trip so I can keep my food on track!
  3. Get down to 120 by the end of the month (i.e. lose 2.5 pounds and keep it off!). I got down to 120… now I need to get back – and keep it off!
  4. Do 60 miles of cardio. I’ve done 32 and have 12 more days so I think 60 is definitely doable!
  5. Introduce 2 new, healthy Hungry Girl recipes at home, and 2 healthy snacks. I have not introduced new recipes – I have introduced two new snacks – portion controlled grapes and apples! I’ll work on one recipe instead of two…
  6. Shop less! Cut back and update mint.com every day. DONE. I’m all over this one and am tracking what I spend each month and what I’m buying.
  7. Read two books. This will have to happen over Thanksgiving! I’ve read nothing!! I’m going to change it to one.
  8. Make a new playlist. Working on my list…
  9. Work on my wedding album. Not started… am going to move to December.
  10. Do my wedding wall. Not started…. Am going to move to December.

So it seems I’m not doing very good! Haha No really, I’ve been spending a lot more time on the ‘home’ stuff – I’ve even started a blog for that which I update daily. Between the Vegas trip, the Auburn trip, my upcoming trip to Charlotte this weekend and of course, Thanksgiving – I think I’m doing pretty good. Here are my updated goals based on the changes that need to be made.

  1. Have 9 or less high days.
  2. Work out 4/5 days over T-giving.
  3. Get back to 120 and maintain it!
  4. Do 60 miles of cardio.
  5. Introduce 1 new recipe.
  6. No shopping!
  7. Read 1 book.
  8. Make a new playlist.

MUCH more doable. I’m going to add these to the side!!


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