Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day 75 and 76: Sunday, Nov. 16, and Monday, Nov. 17 & My Recent Thoughts on TV & Organization

A quick note on TV: Loving it! Desperate Housewives was AWESOME – wow! And Brothers & Sisters is just so cute. Gossip Girl was really great, too – I just love that show!! I will say I couldn’t even watch One Tree Hill though – I hate those flashback episodes – very random. Entourage was awesome – so glad they got Ari involved. I HATE that director though – what an ass. True Blood was, as always, WILDLY amazing. Can’t believe that chick is dead but I’m glad… SUCH a good show!!!

A quick note on organization: I have been dying to do as others have before me and keep an inventory of what’s in my fridge, freezer and pantry… I’ve heard this saves so much money because you shop at home first, and it’s great because you eat food that will spoil first. Since I’ve been eating more fruits/vegetables I often find them ‘bad’ by the time I get to them and I HATE throwing away food. The guilt! So I’m working on my inventories now. In the meantime, I cleaned out/organized the fridge last night and feel much better about it. I also took my grapes/carrots and measured out 100-calorie and 50-calorie packs! I think this will be much easier to eat grapes when they’re already cleaned, stemless and ready to go in portion-controlled packs! Yay!

1. Portion Control Snacks!

2. Grab extra closet maid drawer and put in snack-related yummies!

3. Put drawer in fridge for easy access.

So Sunday was pretty blah. I got up early but was tired. My friend made a breakfast casserole but I can’t be trusted so I ate my standard Jimmy Dean. We drove back to Atlanta and on the way split a yummy $5 subway!! So good, and healthy. I did cave though and buy my FAVORITE jelly beans – bubblegum. OH my – so good and worth it! I ate the whole bag – all 2.5 servings. Eek! I got home and passed out, did laundry, etc., and preceded to eat my way through the day (part TOM, part being tired and hungover). Sigh. I ended up at 1,660 calories, 297 carbs and 29 fat grams. So not too bad on calories and fat but whoa – that’s a lot of carbs! Dang TOM/hangover!! Here’s what I ate. I will say I had a great day as far as getting organized and planning for the house. I’m SO enjoying it! I also watched a marathon on CMT about finding the next Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders? Hilariously awesome – great to watch while you lay in bed and research HGTV while stuffing your face.

Monday me and Austin took the day off so needless to say we woke up well rested and feeling great! We bummed around the house (him playing video games; me watching HGTV) then went to the gym around 1 for us and to get out of our housekeeper’s way. We got back and the house was gloriously clean – love it! We preceded to have a great day with Reuben, get both of our cars cleaned and we put Austin’s (older) car for sale on AutoTrader.com – fabulous day!! I also got to cook lunch and dinner which makes me happy. We had muffin pizzas for lunch (I know, shocker) and citrus soy salmon again for dinner! SO GOOD – I used a bit less lime juice this time and we preferred it that way. Monday was a much better day – I came in at 1,516 calories, 210 carbs and 38 fat grams – great day! I also walked 4 miles and did chest strength training – nice! Here’s what I ate. As far as weight, like I mentioned, I was up 2.5 pounds since Friday’s weigh in – to 122.5. BLEH.

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