Monday, November 17, 2008


I weighed 2.5 pounds more today than Friday - sad! I did have a pretty 'whatever' weekend and it's TOM.... but STILL. Sad. haha We're off work today so i'm about to go to the gym - i'm sure i'll feel better and hopefully be back down some more tomorrow!


hannah katherine said...

hi pretty - don't you fret - you'll bounce right back to 120 and lower - you always do : ) looking at your weight history, it's totally normal to gain a little and then dip right back down. i know it's disappointing to see that on the scale, but it's not real!

Austin said...
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fittingbackin said...

:) Thanks!! I need to hear that. Yes, as you know, daily weigh ins can just suck! haha I hope i'm back down soon - I just can't wait to get to my goal weight!! I'm so impatient. :)