Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 103: Pupper Christmas Pictures & Updated Measurements

I would like to begin this post with something happy – pictures of our baby shih poo Reuben in his holiday costume!

I think he’s the cutest thing in the world (of course) and he is also, clearly, a good sport. He’s ready for the Christmas Party in Birmingham Saturday night fo sho! The day was pretty lazy after his photo shoot/lunch – just laundry, reading magazines, etc. My TOM had me feeling like CRAP so I mostly stayed in bed with Reuben and got stuff ready for the week (i.e. gym clothes; made 6 egg patties for breakfast this week, etc.). My appetite sucked – all I craved were vats and vats of macaroni & cheese. Sigh. Ended up having lots of snacks – and I made this random sandwich (2 slices of wheat bread with tbsp of spaghetti sauce on each, 1 once of mozzarella grated cheese and 9 turkey pepperonis – then I cooked it like a grilled cheese). It was pretty good. I chased that with cheerios and milk – RANDOM. Haha In the end I had 1,345 calories, 201 carbs and 22 fat grams. Not bad! Here’s what I ate.

Measurement Update

So, me being a slave to my own rules, I measured today even though I feel incredibly bloated. It came out okay I must say!

Chest: 28.75”
Bust: 32”
Waist (smallest part): 26”
Waist (biggest part): 32”
Hips: 34.5”
Arm: 9.75”
Thigh: 20.5”

Here it is in the chart:

I think what is the oddest to me is my hips. They're just gone and they left with a quickness. I double-checked that measurement three times and there it was - 34.5. Everything else was pretty standard. I'm really happy with a 26" waist! :) Especially with TOM being here and all. So 32-26-34.5 - that's pretty straight up and down, kind of a pear, right? Measurements are weird.
Construction Update
Austin is at home today - no noise yet. The office opened at 10 a.m. and they've having their "big meeting" this morning with the construction foreman to see why this is taking so long, blah blah. Austin is going down there soon to talk to "Carla" to see:

A: When they’re going to fix the other two holes on the right side of our house
B: When they’re going to finish the whole job (remind them this has been going on since Dec. 1 – we haven’t been able to see outside, use our balcony, etc.).
C. What they’re going to do (for us) – remind them that the job isn’t over yet, we’ve been unable to spend our vacation days/sick days/work from home days and now weekends in our home.
We'll see...
K - off to get some work done! Going to walk 3.5 miles during lunch, and 1.5 miles after to get in my 5. Then I have some strength training planned - I think chest, triceps and abs! I'm excited to get back in the groove and hope it will relive some of this TOM-related pain. Hope you're all having Happy Mondays!!


hannah katherine said...

that second picture of reuben CRACKS me up.


fittingbackin said...

haha My mom said it is "so vouge" hehe

I dunno! haha I never really had hips I guess - just love handles and now they're going away!! haha

Big Pissy said...

yep! Ruby is like "strike a pose!" LOL

and I keep telling you: you look like that little "gym girl" from "The Girls" series of paper products, etc.

Such a little pony-tailed fit little thing! :)

Emi said...

Oh gosh those pictures of Reuben are just too much. I want a dog now!

Those measurements are great, it's awesome that you've tracked it and you see the results right there. Good job :)

fittingbackin said...

BP: haha He loves it!!

:) Thanks - I think that girl is so cute haha (we are talking about an illustration - love it).

Emi: Thanks! Oh you must get a dog and post tons if pictures! Thanks, Emi - i'm trying to keep up with tracking!! I think it's all officially a habit now so it's easy to remember to do. :)

eurydice said...

hahaha look at his little teeth in the third picture... sooooo cute!~

fittingbackin said...

:) he LOVES to show them! I'm glad you pointed it out - I don't even notice anymore!!

Nancy said...

Awww, he's TOO cute!