Sunday, December 14, 2008

Days 101 & 102: Still Angry

Sigh. I’m trying to get over it but I’m just so mad. And our place looks so crappy with drywall and it still has two holes in it. I’m just pissed. And offering $500 off our rent is insulting to me. Anyway…

Friday was a great day. We got off work at noon to go to Eclipse De Luna for my department’s 2008 awards. It was super fun. One of my projects won a category award so I got $200 and I also won a door prize – a $25 Target gift card. Nice! I ate healthy for breakfast and brought in a sandwich/chips so that I wouldn’t eat a lot at the lunch. At the lunch I got a small plate and had tomato/mozzarella, a few pieces of roasted potatoes with tartar sauce and a shrimp. I skipped desserts and at the 2-hour happy hour I only had one mojito! After the awards luncheon I went to the gym and walked 4 miles and did legs and abs. Great workout! I got home and you know what happened (see previous post…). Then we went to my manager/friend’s house for a holiday team dinner/game night! It was super fun, but I ate pretty bad and drank lots of beer- eek! So… it ended up being a high day: 2,464 calories, 168 carbs and 64 fat grams. Eek! Here’s what I ate.

Saturday we got up, went by PetSmart and got Reuben’s Christmas outfit and litter, and you know what happened when we got home. So we ate Jimmy Dean’s for breakfasts, played around on our laptops and had grapes for a snack at the “hotel” apartment. Around 3 p.m. we were so hungry and our place wasn’t ready yet so we ordered a medium thin crust spinach and mushroom pizza. We had 2 slices each. We got back into our place at 6:30 p.m. and got settled back in, showered, each ate 2 more pieces of pizza then we decided to go meet up with friends for some drinks and scene it on xBox. Super fun! I had another high day (the pizza did me in) and I ended up at 1,873 calories, 200 carbs and 65 fat grams. Bad!! Here’s what I ate.

Today is a MUCH better day. We slept well, we’re resting/relaxing, doing laundry, etc. I got to cook lunch (lime chicken again!) and I just feel so much more at ease. I did weigh 119.5 - 1.5 up from Friday. To be hoenst, I’m already a bit anxious about the fact that Austin is on vacation tomorrow to chill at home… I don’t know when they’re coming to fix the rest of the holes, I don’t know if Austin is going to have to spend his day in the “hotel” apartment (we’re supposed to give the keys back tomorrow…), I don’t know if they’re going to negotiate the $500 with us… I just want it all to be over but clearly it’s not. In the meantime, I’m trying to have a nice, normal day and not let it get to me. I did a ‘photo shoot’ with Reuben earlier to get some pics of him in his Christmas outfit. So cute! I’ll post some this week. Anyway – I hope you all had fabulous weekends!! Sorry I’m such a crabby blogger right now. :(


Big Pissy said...

I'll just be SO glad when this ridiculous ordeal is over for you and Austin and Reuben.


fittingbackin said...

Me too!! I want it fixed, I want to be paid and I want to be DONE! haha We may be staying at Devon's over the holidays after all!! CRAZY!