Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 109 & 110: 2 days + 2 much food/drink = 1 pound gained

As per usual, we had a FABULOUS time in Birmingham! Saturday we ran errands, napped and then prepared for the Tacky Sweater Party! It started at 6 p.m., making me worried things would get pretty sloppy. But it was nice – everyone paced themselves and we all had fun!! The sweaters we borrowed from Stacy went over fabulously – especially the one Austin wore – WOW – here’s a pic of it!!

haha And here’s Reuben getting his picture with dirty santa! Hehe Reuben was a hit at the party too (in his cat costume – did I tell you I later found out it was for cats??)

While Saturday was amazing as far as friends & fun, it was pretty bad as far as food & drinks!! It started Saturday afternoon when, instead of eating the food I packed for us to eat, we dove into Austin’s mother’s amazing spaghetti. It was totally worth it… ahhh. Then at the party I had some spinach dip and chips… and of course liquor/beer… then pizza was ordered and BOOM – I ended up at 2,230 calories, 219 carbs and 47 fat grams – EEK! Here’s what I ate. And yes, it was truly, no doubt, definitely worth it!!

Sunday I woke up EXHAUSTED! Our buddy Jimmy made breakfast for everyone so I just stuck to two pieces of toast and a little bit of eggs. Then back at Austin’s I had MORE spaghetti. Couldn’t help it – SO good. Then I preceded to snack my way from Alabama to Georgia. We got home at 7 p.m. and just about passed out. But I’ve been dying to make Hungry Girl’s twice-baked potatoes! We made them and they were fab – I’ll post the recipe later!! Here’s a pic though – yum. At the end of yesterday I had 1,472 calories, 213 carbs and 36 fat grams – not awful! Here’s what I ate.

So…. I didn’t weigh in on Saturday or Sunday but was pleasantly surprised this morning to weigh 118.5 – only up a pound from Friday! Not bad – seems I’m holding steady under 120 so that makes me very, very happy. I’ve decided to definitely do progress pics! I dug around on the computer last night finding pics and attaching ‘weights’ to them. I took pictures in my work out clothes for progress pics in October – so I’m going to replicate the pics on Wednesday and hopefully post then (I’m off work Wednesday! – only have a hair appointment!). K – that’s it for me – time to get to work!

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Crabby McSlacker said...

Well, tis the season for a little celebration, and that sounds like it was well worth it!

Love the pictures! Sounds like it was a great time.