Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 97: Another New Recipe and Fab Reading Update

Yesterday was a great day! I stayed home from work so of course, it’s nice to have a relaxing Tuesday. I had cheerios for breakfast and watched more Friday Night Lights on netflix/Xbox. Then I had muffin pizzas for lunch, cleaned my closet and got to work on Hunger Games. I was 100 pages in when I realized it was 3:30 and I had not gone to the gym yet, so I prepared dinner and headed out for a 5 mile walk – excellent. When I got home Austin met me there and we made pita/hummus/carrot snacks and I put another new recipe in the oven – Tin Foil Chicken From Kitchen Parade (modified a tiny bit)! For two servings simply get:

· 4 tbsp Barbecue sauce

· 8 oz. skinless, boneless chicken breasts, cut in half-inch strips

½ green pepper, sliced*

½ red pepper, sliced*

½ cup diced onion*

½ cup mushroom slices*

1.5 cup white rice

*Use more if you like on the veggies - we use extra mushrooms!

Preheat the oven to 350. Tear off two sheets of 12”x15” foil.

Smear a tablespoon of barbecue sauce in a rectangular shape in the middle of each sheet. Divide the chicken among the two sheets and put on top of barbecue sauce. Add peppers, onions and mushrooms. Drizzle another tablespoon of barbecue sauce on each. Fold the foil over itself lengthwise then crosswise to create tightly sealed packets. Place on a baking sheet and bake for 50 minutes and voila – you have chicken/veggies that taste grilled and all of the seasoning is right there – SO good. I hope you try it and like it! Great for weekend food, easy to prepare and yummy to eat. But yes, cooking time is a bit long for the weekends to me.

As far as my book, Hunger Games, I’m LOVING IT! I stayed up late reading it (around 260 pages!) and just think it’s amazing. I love how descriptive, but tight the writing is. She says a lot in very few words, makes you feel like you’re there and it’s just amazing. I’m so hoping they make a movie out of it…. Anyway, I highly recommend it!

At the end, I had 1,430 calories, 23 fat grams and 223 carbs – great day! I did add on lots of snacks though – a half sandwich, goldfish, 100 calorie chips ahoy… oh well – I’m all for eating small amounts all day long! Here’s what I ate. I also burned 270 calories walking 5 miles for 75 minutes – so that’s 1,160 calories for the day. Is that too low? Like – should my total AFTER exercise be at least 1,200? I know 1,160 is close – but I really want to be in the right range. What do you think?


hannah katherine said...

i'm no nutritionist, but i just saw something on the biggest loser - jillian saying that the girls were to consume 1200 calories a day and THEN work out 6-8 hours or something crazy like that...so i don't think the "after" of 1160 is a big deal...am i missing something - what is hunger games about?

fittingbackin said...

WOW Jillian is so militant! haha K- I don't know why I worry - I just do!

Hunger Games is the AMAZING book i'm reading. It about two teenagers forced to fight for their lives in post-apocolyptic north america's "Hunger Games" - a reality show that films the 24 randomly chosen teens. It's crazy good - and of course there's a lot to it... Love it!