Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 98: 5 Good Things and 5 Bad Things

5 Good things about yesterday:

  1. I bought an iPhone. It was time. My other phone was old, dropped calls and couldn’t hold a charge. I went to get a google phone but they were so rude in the store I was like whateva…
  2. I ended up staying home from work – Friday Night Lights all day long. And of course time with Reuben. And I watched the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2… for the second time. So cute.
  3. I weighed 119 - .5 less than the day before!
  4. Austin cooked lunch & dinner – YUM – roast beef/swiss sandwiches and shrimp scampi.
  5. My husband proved, yet again, how awesome he is. And so did my family, and my co-workers.

5 Bad things about yesterday:

  1. It took two hours, two stores and almost all of my patience to get my iPhone. I will say – they waived the $36 activation fee. (probably because we left to go to Pier One to look at lamps I love… Austin approved… came back… they need 30 more so we went to the GROCERY store… came back and still took 15).
  2. They’re doing construction on my building and it was AWFUL – I mean non-stop hammering all day long. Had to watch TV with headphones and poor Reuben could barely handle it. He’s been passed out since they stopped working at 5. I called the main office FURIOUS…. I doubt they’ll even pretend to try to fix it or, as I requested, prorate my rent for the days they make me miserable OR get me an effing hotel. We’ll see….
  3. I woke up feeling awful – nauseated, dizzy, etc. – which is why I didn’t go in. I think it’s a stomach bug that’s going around, as it’s complemented by a headache and upset stomach. Lovely.
  4. I didn’t get to work out – I felt bad and just didn’t think it was a good idea. So no go – couch time and fluids only.
  5. My laptop is acting up (work-issued). Like, I had no laptop today as the picture doesn’t come in and Austin took his to work and so I had the desktop but didn’t feel up to it so no surfing, blogging, playing unless I was vertical. I’m calling to get it fixed first thing tomorrow.

So, at the end of the day, I had 1,506 calories, 201 carbs and 32 fat grams – great day! Here’s what I ate. I'm happy to report that while today has been a pretty crappy day (running late, nasty weather, no time to take a lunch/work out, took 4 hours to get my computer, etc.) I DO feel better. I'm looking forward to going to the gym, finishing Hunger Games, cooking dinner and CHILLING. Happy Hump Day!


eurydice said...

an iphone! that's exciting! i know how you feel about construction... it sucks!

hannah katherine said...

: )you're so close to day 100

fittingbackin said...

Eurydice: It really is! I think Austin is having more fun loading it up with apps than me but whatevs! Yes... if they're here tomorrow i'm going to lose my head...

HK: I know!!!! I can't believe it. I told Austin we should celebrate by buying lamps! (still trying to sell him on this whole let's buy everything for the house before the house thing....) :)

eurydice said...

an iphone! that's exciting! i know how you feel about construction... it sucks!