Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 126: Foot Update, Sixth Toes & 90210

Today started out rough! I was EXHAUSTED. Last night when I turned the computer off, shut down the tivo, etc., I heard this tap-tap-tap sound like jeans in the dryer. I wasn’t doing laundry…. odd. So I go over and realize it’s water on the windows. Well that’s odd – I’ve lived here for a while and have never heard that. That’s when I realize, in order to “fix” the fact that our ceilings were wet (a 8’ long by 1’ wide section of our ceiling was visibly wet – hadn’t leaked yet) they created “gutters” on each side of our roof and came in, without our knowledge and with Reuben inside, and REPAINTED the ceiling. Lovely. So the sound was basically these makeshift gutters collecting water against each window. You guessed it – kept us (me & Reubs) up all night. I HATE THIS PLACE. Whatever… I’ll be gone soon enough… and yes – I called today to bitch about it. Like it matters.

So, I woke up in an unfortunate mood, weighed 118.5, got ready and headed to the podiatrist. This guy was leaps and bounds over the other!! He doesn’t believe I have gout (thinks it was an infection from the toe nail removal – which he doesn’t understand why the guy did that) and he diagnosed me with Bursitis, and found a fracture of the fibular sesamoid. (Yes, I had him write it down so I could look it up later). Here is a phototog.

See the one labeled #15 – that’s the fibular sesamoid – mine was not a little kidney bean like in the photo, it was split in half (hence a fracture). He thinks this was it, all along. Never the metasargalia or anything. Like I told him, the pain had subsided (and he told me it’s nothing he would treat unless it got worse as it involves surgery), and he did help with the problem I went in for (my toe). He said I should be putting cream on it and shaving it down every other evening with an emery board. Really? Thanks for not telling me, Doc #1! He went ahead and did my first one with this tool that looked like a screw driver. Yes. It hurt. So for now I’m good to go – I just need to use the cream/emery board, stay off heels (still), buy some more of these, ice it down twice a week, and call him if anything happens. He has my records, he knows what’s up, his office is in walking distance from mine (not that I’d walk it), perfect. Hopefully this is the end of my foot saga.

Oh, since we’re on the subject, if you don’t like feet talk stop reading here, I have had calluses on the sides of my feet (next to baby toes) since high school. Due to their large size, I lovingly refer to them as my “sixth toes.” Basically – I do everything on the outside of my foot – dance, walk, etc. I’ve had them “taken down,” “taken off,” “removed,” etc. by numerous podiatrists as well as ambitious pedicurists. But it just hurts for a few days to walk and then they form back almost immediately to support me. Sigh.
Doctor today: (examining my feet) Wow – there are large calluses here. Do you want me to take them off?
Me: No thanks.
Doctor: (still holding my feet and poking them) These are huge calluses.
Me: Yes sir, I need them to get around. Is that okay?
Doctor: (sets them down) If you’re sure you don’t mind them I’ll leave them alone.
Me: Thanks…. I think?
Kind of freaked me out that this man who had been in the foot bizz for a couple of decades was surprised at how big they were and how flat my feet are. Hmmm.

Anyway, enough feet talk. I went back to work and was BUSY all day trying to get the January issue to the printer (late) and do a bunch of other junk. I worked through lunch and at the end of work, I just CRASHED. Maybe it was lack of sleep, maybe it was the stressful day, maybe it was the 7 miles from yesterday. Who knows? I just couldn’t even think about the gym AT ALL. Instead, I preceded to cook 4 egg patties for upcoming breakfasts, make the tomato basil pasta bake and put it in the fridge for Thursday night, make chicken fried rice and put it in the fridge for Friday night and set up my meal plan for January. Sigh. The little things.

I would post today’s food – but I think I’m going to eat more! So I’m off to watch 90210, Gilmore Girls reruns and maybe an old 70’s Show. Also – I got to read lots of Queen of Babble at the doctor’s office… I may finish it up tonight! See you all tomorrow – cross your fingers that it doesn’t rain in Atlanta tonight so I can get some rest and get back to it tomorrow!


hannah katherine said...

hi friend. i'm glad you have a better foot doctor. and i LOVE those cards!! you're such a good little planner - i so enjoy your blog : )

Big Pissy said...

You ARE a good little planner! :)

SO glad you finally saw a good doctor about that foot. :)

word verification: cardi

short for "cardio"? hee hee! ;-)

Anonymous said...

i hate not being able to sleep at night! hope you get a better nights sleep today!!! =T

Mary said...

I mean, seriously about the Apt...can they just get it right with the construction - geez!! At least you only have a few more months at the most...yall are going to LOVE living in a house! AND about the doc - finally found a smart one - hooray! glad the gout is "gone" or better yet never existed :) ok I'm blabbing..I'll email you :)

fittingbackin said...

HK: Me too! Haha someecards are my FAVE!! Thanks, HK – I enjoy yours, too!!

Pissy: hehe You know I love it! Me too – glad you & Austin stayed on me to do it. I can be bad about getting it done. Haha I never get cute word verifications!

FMW: I slept MUCH better – thank you for not raining, Atlanta! I had SO much more energy today!

Mary: I know it – they can’t get it right nor they can do the right thing. I hate stupid, mean people!! Oh I know it – can’t wait to get out!! Thanks, Mar – yes, so glad to know I’m goutless!! Thanks!

eurydice said...

that's interesting about the feet - at least this doctor knew what he was talking about... i hate incompetence!