Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 177: It’s Really Happening!

Hey Ladies! Hope you’re all having fabulous weekends and that your weather is significantly less crappy than the weather here in the ATL. OMG – pretty (i.e. not raining) all week and all hell breaks loose Friday…. And today…. blah. Before getting into yesterday – I wanted to tell you all THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You just don’t know how much I appreciate you guys putting up the highs and lows of my house hunting hell, AND for being so supportive in the process. It honestly brightens my day to read your supportive comments. This blog has been such an outlet for me and it’s nice to get great feedback from great girls, so thanks SO MUCH!! Mushy fest aside (:)) Here’s how yesterday played out…

First of all, I woke up weighing 113 – oh yeah! As some of you may remember, my original goal was 115. Then I realized I would need to go ‘a little lower’ to maintain my 115. Enter 113. And I got there! (note – I’m already up to 114 today) but STILL I got there damn it. hehe K – onward and out. I headed to work, stayed slammed all morning, and went to the gym at lunch to walk 3.5 miles with Stacy – FUN! Before we left the office me and Austin placed an offer on the stucco one. We decided to see what happened with it BEFORE the brick one, since we know the brick owner is such an unmotivated a-hole, I mean seller. So… we placed the offer. We also got the disclosure and HOA forms and signed and returned them…. Around 4 p.m. Amanda texts and says she heard from the seller’s agent who said the seller would counter but only had one change, we were hear back “at sixish” then said “we can so get this deal done!!” OMG when I got the text I literally ran to Stacy’s cube and made her read it!!!!! And called Austin! And Amanda called so we could squeal together and decipher her email and speculate on what the “one thing” would be. I went back to work (so hard to do, peeps) and when it hit 5 p.m. I headed out – had 2.5 more miles to do to get in my 84 for the month! Yes, I’m a freak about these things. I headed to my other gym and did my 2.5 miles. I was supposed to do legs and abs too but I was just TOO anxious to get home and talk to Austin. Apparently 6ish means 7:10 p.m. because that’s when we heard back… Here’s the deaio:

We asked for $15,000 off his price, and we asked that he pay $6,000 in closing costs, repair the carpet in the bonus room, tighten the loose banister and fix this loose wall (hard to explain – not a big deal but we noted it). And of course – it was all pending the stucco inspection (which is Wednesday). He came back and agreed to pay the closing costs and repair the carpet, but wanted more explanation on the banister and said the wall was too much trouble for him to fix and explained why (he’s right – we probably won’t even have it done ourselves). Then his “one change” was he came up $5,000 in price. YAY a reasonable counter offer. So now we’re deciding: should we accept his counter? Should we counter back at $2,500 to “meet in the middle”? Should we wait and start our due diligence period AFTER the stucco inspection? Decisions, decisions. We told Amanda we’d call her around lunch today with our decision!!

While that was all super exciting – it was time to get FUBARed to celebrate Mary T’s birthday!!! We hopped in showers and raced over to her BF Scott’s house in the highland’s for a little pre-party (i.e. drinking games). Then it was off to Cavern to dance like fools to Britney Spears and my request: Master P’s 1997 favorite “bourbon and lacs.” Ah. A simpler time. We had a blast, closed it down at 1:30 a.m. and made it home to our happy pupper (in a cab of course- safety first, peeps) by 2 a.m. Fabulous day of work and play!

So what did I eat? Breakfast brought me a potato/egg/MS sausage burrito and yogurt, followed by a snack of pretzels and a granola bar…. Gym at 1 p.m. followed by a half serving of chicken and white bean chili and a toasted turkey/roast beef/FF swiss sandwich. Back to gym followed by pita pizzas for dinner. Then 3 SF Red bulls + grape vodka, 1 miller lite, and 2 ponies (little baby beers that come in a bucket at cavern – presh). That ended up being 1,348 calories, 183 carbs and 27 fat grams, which is a little low when you factor in the 6 miles (approximately 296 calories for 90 minutes of walking at 4mph) BUT I’ll be honest, I was on sheer adrenaline all day and woke up STARVING today – especially since I passed on Austin’s 2 a.m. bagel bite offer. Once you factor in my alcohol I ended up at 1,888 calories, 191 carbs and 27 fat grams – not too shabby for a wonderful evening out! Here’s what I ate. K – off to make a decision on what our next move will be with this stucco house. Thanks again for being such fabulous bloggie friends!!! HAPPY SATURDAY!


Anonymous said...

Yay congrats!

prettyface said...

I know I pick out the smallest crap from all of this, but grape vodka and SF Redbull sounds so grood!! I always used to get redbull and vodka, but they never had sugar free at dang JP's in Enterprise. LOL

I'm going to have to try this concoction with grape.

Crossing fingers everything goes as they should with the house :) I wanna see it decorated.

Have a good rest of your weekend

Anonymous said...

GRAPE vodka?!! Did I read that correctly? OMG!!! I HAVE to try if I don't feel like a lil priss pot already with my "Sugar Free RedBull and vodka, please!" ...I can't wait to add the grape!

Congrats on the 113!!! You are amazing!

I hope the house thing works out - hang in there, my dear!

Kaneil, balanceisbest

p.s..don't you love taking cabs home? Andrew always becomes BFF with the drivers! haha

Mica said...

Yay, that's so exciting about the house. I want to hear about your decision!

Congrats on getting to 113! It's really motivating to "see" someone do it. I gotta' get on the ball, man!

fittingbackin said...

inmytummy: Thanks!!

Prettyface: hehe whatevs! Oh yes- it's fab! Right up there with citrus vodka + diet sprite! (less jolting) haha JP's! thanks, PF - oh you will! Hope you're having a great weekend!

Balanceisbest: Yes mam - I prefer Sky Grape vodka with SF RB or Sky citrus vodka + diet sprite. It does have more calories per shot than regular vodka (reg has like 66 and these have 100). Kind of steep but come on... it doesn't take much! Thanks so much - i'm trying to!! hehe I do! There's one guy we randomly get all of the time - he reminds me of Bill Cosby and wears a big hat!

Mica: Thanks!! Aw thank you - but again - already back up! It's such a back/forth process but I like when i'm trending in the right direction!

Lara (Thinspired) said...

Wonderful! So exciting that things are finally happening in your favor! Sorry if you had it in there, I am still catching up on your posts, but which house is it??