Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 178: Home Update, Shopping & Movie Review

So Saturday I woke up too early, was up to 114 and wanted yogurt STAT. I crept around quietly (no walls in the loft, member?) and cleaned up a bit while Austin (lucky boy) kept sleeping. When he got up we made egg/bacon/cheese muffins – YUM. Then we decided to counter $2,500, remove the ‘wall’ from our stipulations and explain the banister (still want it tightened). We called Amanda and let her know – eek! Then we made swiss tuna melts and I had a few buffalo bleu chips! Then things got a little rough…. Austin’s mom had some issues with this house and basically rained on Austin’s parade and they got in a argument and I felt so bad for him…. She can just be a little pessimistic and into the second guessing, but we know it’s only because she wants what’s best for us, but it’s also very frustrating at times like now with the house, or with the wedding last year… anyway. She called later and apologized, and then Austin agreed to venture out today for some “house stuff.”

We started at Home Depot, just checking out things we don’t have now but will need in a house (i.e. a lawn mower, a shovel, a hedge trimmer, a grill, a vacuum cleaner, etc.). And we saw these heinous sinks – I mean seriously – not to be dirty but it was straight from the female anatomy – who would buy this?! (if you own it I’m sorry but we both busted out laughing simultaneously; people stared). Next, Target – I brought the two guest room bedding sets and we matched up sheets/bed skirts. I got half of what I needed…. They were out of a lot! Then we went to Best Buy because more rooms means more LCDs. Sigh. Next, off to Marshall’s, Ross, Home Goods and Hancock Fabric (all side-by-side). I was in and out of the first three- just browsing, then in the fabric store we bought some canvas (to paint on for inside the PB frames) and some burlap (in case the painted canvas doesn’t come out right). Burlap is my FAVORITE fabric! We used it at our wedding!! Anyway... When we were in Home Goods (bought sour patch kids) when Amanda called… the seller accepted our counter offer! OMG… AMAZING. We got the house for $2,500 over our FIRST offer. So we’re on a cloud! Now we just have the following hurdles:

    1. Stucco Inspection Wednesday (assuming it comes back good)
    2. Our Inspection Friday (assuming it comes back good and we can work everything out with the seller like who is going to do what and what he’ll fix, etc.)
    3. The termite inspection Saturday (feel pretty good about this; the inspector would have likely found it, this is a second check)
    4. The Appraisal (not really worried about it)

    IF all of this stuff works out… we move in MARCH FREAKING 30TH! Clearly, this may change if we don’t get everything settled in these 14 days, and technically we lose tomorrow – Wednesday (4 days) because we can’t really move on anything until the stucco inspection comes back (which we should have that day or Thursday)… SO MUCH TO DO!

    Back to the shopping… we were SUPER excited, but I was starting to lose Austin, so I took him for Freshen’s then I drove him to his car at Scott’s house (we left it to cab it back home). He went on home, and I stopped by another Target and got the rest of the ivory & tan bedding (ivory for the green/black room; tan for the orange/chocolate room). When I got home I washed/dried both sets of sheets and made dinner – lime chicken. YUM. Then it was time for movie night! We headed out to see Slumdog Millionaire. OMG. AMAZNG. Seriously – just watching the story unfold I went from shock to sympathy to fear for them…. It was just something else and something I think everyone should see. I woke up today still talking about the movie, the choices they made, how shocking some of the scenes were and just generally wanting more story! I could watch it again…. But in the meantime I’ll keep thinking about it – WOW. And I know some peeps just couldn’t get over a few things but it’s a movie dude- there were enough real things in that movie to allow you to suspend reality a bit (i.e. of course they speak English in parts of it; it’s Hollywood’s western interpretation). If you go see – enjoy – and come back and talk to me about it because I’m just still amazed by it. After the movie – it was sleepy time. We crashed!

    During the movie I had RF wheat thins and FF cream cheese, and a slice of Swiss cheese! I ended up at 1,534 calories, 238 carbs and 21 fat grams. Pretty high on carbs, I think it was the massive intake of Sour Patch Kids! Haha Here’s what I ate.

    Can you believe it's the first?! Where did February go? I didn't even kidn of get to my goals! Boo - i'll most this month's assessment later - now it's time to go to Kroger, get cooking and go with my friend Kelly at 3 p.m. to look at a couple wedding dresses! I'm also going to try to meet up with my sister- i'm excited about today!! (and it's not raining - woot!)


    prettyface said...

    YAY!!!! Im sure everything will go smooth with the house! I love that you get to go shop for bedding and house stuff, while I'm almost at the point where I have to pack up everything :( boo.

    I wanna see Slumdog, but I'll have to wait until it comes out on Netflix I guess. I just don't have the energy to go to a movie by myself nowadays.
    By the's SNOWING! Is it there?

    Mica said...

    So many good things in the post. First, that's great news about the house! How exciting!

    Second, that sink is hilarious(ly disgusting).

    Third, I really appreciated your review of "Slumdog Millionaire" because you acknowledged the western interpretation, which so many people don't even realize.

    Have a great Sunday!

    Big Pissy said...

    You know how happy I am for you and Austin. This is SO exciting! :)

    Lara (Thinspired) said...

    I really want to see that movie! It's always good to hear more good reviews. Congrats on reaching 113, btw! I definitely get the idea of going a little lower than the goal weight so you have a little wiggle room.
    Crossing my fingers for you guys on this house!

    eurydice said...

    Whooo i'm so excited for you! I Hope everything goes through. March 30 is super soon!!!

    Anonymous said...

    YAYYYYYYYYYYY so happy for you! hope everything goes as planned and goes smoothly! you deserve this girl! omg slumdog was amazing. i loved every second of it. love yaaa

    fittingbackin said...

    Prettyface: :) Thanks, girl!! Oh yes mam - have to! hehe Aw I know it - but you have such an awesome adventure ahead of you! You must see it - I hear you - it will be worth the wait! Yes - it did!!

    Mica: thanks!!! I know it! OMG Oh thanks :). I know - I find it very annoying! haha Hope you had a great one!

    Big Pissy: Yay!! Thanks for being so supportive!

    Thinspired: You must! thanks - I think it will help me maintain! Thank you so much!!

    Eurydice: Super soon is right! I can't wait - thanks!

    DG: Thanks!!! Oh I appreciate it! I know... just amazing - AMAZING!

    Neesha and Dustin said...

    I adored the movie Slumdog. My dad is from India and we go back every few years and it's way more accurate than people would like to believe. Many, if not most, Indians speak English. Almost all of their schools are English medium schools so it's not at all unlikely. In fact, I read somewhere that the actor (I think his name was Dev Patel) is originally from England and had to learn the Indian accent (he could've borrowed my relatives for a bit)...but he nailed it. I was impressed...and all the stuff with the kids being maimed...etc...all true. There are a few books on my comps list that discuss this stuff. I'd suggest them, but they're totally dense reads and kind of hard to get through (think, 500 pages long or more...and not a fun, quick read). I was so glad it won the Academy Award. it was awesome.

    Also...Fi starts crashing on me after a lot of shopping, too. Usually food fixes it, as well :) Great minds think alike!

    More comments to come...still catching up!

    fittingbackin said...

    Neesha that's so interesting! Yes, sadly I had no doubt that a lot of what the movie portrayed was true. :( The children being maimed is just absolutely terrifying - that was one of those parts that I couldn't get past...

    hehe definitely!! They just don't have what it takes!