Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Days 180 & 181: House, Eats & Getting Things Done!

Monday - For the House, I:

Called 7 hardwood floor installers.
I liked 4 and set up meetings (1 for Friday; 3 for Monday).
Made an appointment with an inspector for Monday.
Got with Amanda about her dad (a contractor!) coming Monday to look at the trim and the demo between the front room and ‘pool table room’
Got with Amanda about the roof of the house – a small area with newer shingles – and heard back from the seller and it’s a non-issue.
Got with Amanda about being able to attend the stucco inspection.

Monday - For eats, I:

Started out with a fabulous egg/bacon/cheese muffin and yogurt.
Had a goldfish snack.
Had red curry chicken for lunch.
Had chips ahoy air crisps
Had a handful of goldfish while I agreed to order pizza for dinner (Austin is sick and wanted it. I am weak and wanted it – it was fab and I’m glad we did it!)
Had 2 dove milk chocolate promises – glorious!

Monday - For me, I:

Wore long johns to work again to stay warm (yes, I work in an office; no they don’t understand temperature control)
Walked 3.5 miles at lunch with Stacy
Read 30 pages of my 13 Reasons Why book
Watched 3 episodes of Heroes (I’m on Season 2 Netflix on Demand)
Prepped lots of lunches/dinners for the week.
Cuddled with pupper Reuben

What I didn’t do that I wanted to do:

Read more
Catch up on Lost
Catch up on your blogs
Do laundry

Sigh – always the next day! I ended up at 1,511 calories, 185 carbs and 49 fat grams. It may be higher (I estimated my pizza on daily plate) but if so only by a 100 calories or so so I think I’m good! Here’s what I ate.

Tuesday: For the house, I:

Heard back from Amanda- we’re in for the stucco inspection at 11 a.m. tomorrow! Wish us luck peeps!!
Got my feelings hurt by Austin’s mom because she is anti-stucco and reminds us… a lot.
Stressed….. I just want it to work out so bad.

Tuesday: For eats, I:

Started out with a breakfast potato/egg/MS sausage burrito and yogurt.
Snacked on RF cheez-its.
Had Sweet & sour chicken for lunch.
Snacked on a 100-calorie Jello pudding pack
Had 2 3”x2” slices of pizza when I got home from the gym…
Had pita pizzas for dinner.
Snacked on oreo cakesters.

Tuesday: For me, I:

Walked 5.5 miles
Wore long johns again – it’s SO cold!
Got on the laundry
Caught up on your fabulous blogs
Read 70 pages of 13 Reasons Why
Listened to 30 minutes of Body Surfing
Watched half of Biggest Loser: Couples
Picked up two cutie-cute Lingerie shower gifts at Hue… and got myself two prezzies!
Found gift cards in old purses… yessss.

What I didn’t do that I wanted to:

Call the bridesmaid’s store to check on a dress
Call the library to renew books

Successful day as far as getting things done, but not the best in the food department! I ended up at 1,784 calories, 257 carbs and 38 fat grams. I’m okay with the calories being over, especially with the 5.5 miles, but the carbs need to get under control! Hehe Here’s what I ate.

Tomorrow should be a great day! I have lots scheduled on the work front and working out, but we’re having Monica/Andy over for dinner & a movie – fun! I’m making our chicken parmesan – hope they like it!! k – off to pass out – see you tomorrow!

P.S. Sorry no pics- I was in a list-making mood rather than visual mood!! :)


Anonymous said...

Your days are so jam-packed! Good luck on the house stuff!!!! :) :)

Thinspired said...

"What I didn't do that I wanted to do"--I wish I had a dime for every item on my list for that one!
You are still doing so much though, and it's only halfway though the week!

Anonymous said...

wow you are super busy! but so organized at the same time. i wish i had those skills :) you are amazinggggg!

fittingbackin said...

eatfabinnyc: Thanks, girl!

Thinspired: hahaha I know right?! Please don't think that's all I didn't get to hehe. We are just on fire "in Q1" as Austin says. This first quarter has been CRAZY!

DG: haha I wish I DIDN'T sometimes! I think I drive myself crazy a little bit!!

fittingbackin said...
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dailygoods said...

wow you are super busy! but so organized at the same time. i wish i had those skills :) you are amazinggggg!