Sunday, March 29, 2009

Days 206, 207 & 208: Whirlwind Weekend

So Friday at work was CRAZY. Just crazy. I could barely get everything done (and i didn't :( )! I DID get in a fun lunch with Stacy & Mel and after work I walked 4 miles – that’s about it though because then it was off to Enterprise for Megan’s shower! Me, Austin, and Reuben headed out at 8 and didn’t get in town until midnight. Boo. I was EXHAUSTED so we passed out… but Reuben was too excited to sleep… and then the tornado sirens went off so we all had to go in the hallway. Sigh. I didn’t sleep much at all and kind of felt like crap. I ended up at 1,662 calories, 196 carbs and 46 fat grams. So not a GREAT day, but I’m glad I went out and had fun with the girls – and still got in a good walk! Here’s what I ate. Oh - and I weighed 112 - random!

Saturday I still got up knowing I’d go to the gym! I did a little over 3 miles and leg strength training – great workout! And it was fun to go with mom. When we got home we got in the hot tub- AWESOME. I told Austin we need one. He said no and reminded me of all of things we DID need like a vacuum cleaner. Haha I got in the shower and we headed out to the clubhouse to meet the girls and get ready for the party. The party was really fun!! I just so enjoyed spending time with Lindz, Megan and our moms and families and boys of course! It was so nice to get together. It was SUPER windy though, boo, which made the party close down a little early. But we hung out there for a while then took the keg over to Megan’s for more fun, which included making up/learning dances for us to do at the wedding. No, not kidding, it was that kind of night! Haha Love, love loved my short trip home and can’t wait until May when I’m back home for her wedding. I ended up with a high day (of course – blah) at 2,142 calories, 230 carbs and 36 fat grams – the sweets & alcohol killed me! I’m just glad I got in some walking, but do wish I’d had a bit less to eat! I WASN’T hungry – just eating cause it was there and I was tired. It’s amazing how much lack of sleep can make you eat!! Here’s what I ate. Weighed 112 again - good thing because i'm SURE by Monday i'll be up!

Girls & Moms!
Me, Lindz and one of Megan's bridesmaids, Stacy, that we got to know - sweet girl!


Sunday I woke up (by Reuben again) EXHAUSTED. It was 8:30… 5.5 hours of sleep – but I couldn’t go back to sleep. So I packed, woke Austin and we hit the road by 9:30. I drove the 4 hours back home. We didn’t even stop but for a McDonald’s sweet treat (sundae!) When we got home we unpacked and rested, then raced up to the house to see if a problem that happened Friday was fixed (don’t even get me started) – and it WAS – it was fixed WELL and so we’re super happy. We stopped and got pizza (yes – I ate out a LOT this weekend!) at an old favorite, Pepperoni’s Tavern, and ate, got in bed and I watched the SATC movie…. Twice. Now I’m passing out – but just in case for some reason I eat again I’ll wait and post my stats tomorrow!!

I hope you guys all had amazing weekends! I’m planning to catch up tomorrow night – talk to you all soon!


Mica said...

Wow, that does sound like a whirlwind weekend [of fun]!

Sweets really do me in too! Not so much alcohol, but if there are snacky things, especially chips or chocolate, it's a lost cause. Oh well, that's why we're good during the week. :)

Glad the house thing was fixed, so exciting!

Sarah W. said...

sounds like a FABULOUS time!!!!

Neesha and Dustin said... fun! We passed by Atlanta both coming and going from Hilton Head this week and actually, I thought of your blog...weird, right?

The wind is hilarious...we had engagement pics this week and the wind took was crazy. Glad to see we weren't the only ones that got attacked by it...but the fun must go on! :)

Big Pissy said...

I had SO much fun spending time with you this weekend, even though it was a whirlwind!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

glad you had such a great weekend! every girl needs one of those every once in a while!

sweetandfit said...

glad you had such a great weekend! every girl needs one of those every once in a while!