Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 247: 2 New Products, Measurements, Movie Review & Granite!

So… as you know Thursday was going FAB! Things went downhill quick though. I won’t bore you with the sordid details but let’s just say that the granite people let me down. Now don’t get me wrong – the job is GREAT – we’re happy with it….here’s some pics!

Forgive the low quality pics- only have my iPhone camera now – eek!

BUT, that being said, there was a lot of miscommunication between our sales rep, the templater, the people who cut the template and the installers which resulted in 3 main areas of confusion: (1) the installers thought they could mess up our backsplash. Um, we’re keeping it thanks. One uncomfortable call later we’re good to go… (2) the installers thought we were having someone else come in to fill the ½” joint between the new countertops and existing backsplash… they were supposed to fill it though… they didn’t know. One awkward trip to Home Depot and we’re good to go…. (3) they went to put the sink holes in (for the faucet; faucet operator; soap dispenser and sprayer). It wasn’t working out and I couldn’t figure out why. But I did. They put the sink in backwards. I wanted the 60 (larger) side on the left and the 40 (smaller) side on the right…. the granite was cut incorrectly… OMG. So I went to the gym. Pissed. And walked 4 miles. I sent a hasty email and left a voicemail with the granite place saying there was a problem. I got home… and we couldn’t put anything on the granite. But that’s okay – I had a recipe ready!
Well, kind of a recipe, Trader Joe’s had a sample of this rando roasted chicken pattie with guac & pico on bread. I tried it. I loved it. I bought the chicken patties and the pico, but decided I would put mine on a pita.

We LOVED it. Amazing. We heated up the pitas in the oven for 5 minutes, heated the chicken in the microwave for 1 minute and spooned some guac/pico on top. It’s not much to look at but AWESOME. And only 468 calories, 58 carbs and 12 fat grams – and that’s with 2 pitas AND 5 tbsp guac/pico!!

We settled in and watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Loved it! Seriously – how had I never seen this before??!! It was a fan fave! We laughed and laughed and I couldn’t WAIT to watch it again! I think Kristin Belle did SUCH a good job, and that guy, whoever he is was amazing, as was the rocker. It was just too much fun - bot not too over the top. Clever and humerous - you must watch! We had a couple of glasses of wine during the movie and went to bed – GREAT night! I ended up at 1,663 calories, 219 carbs and 31 fat grams. Not bad! Here’s what I ate. What a wonderfully filling Trader Joe’s Day!!

Oh real quick - I did my measurements per the plan! Here's the update! click to make it larger!
So I'm maintaining and maybe a bit smaller but mostly the same - woo! I'll post today's review tomorrow... just so you know we're still working out an arrangement with the granite peeps. Wish us luck!


Mica said...

Whoa, sorry that the granite place is giving you so much run-around. It looks great though!

Awesome measurements, Miss Skinny Jeans!

Anonymous said...

I loved Forgetting Sarah Marshall! I'll have to try that Trader Joe's guacamole.

Kelly Drawdy said...

OK, so I am not techy and am trying to add stuff to the right side like you have... how do you do that????

fittingbackin said...

Mica: I know, right?! GRRRR. Thanks! haha Thanks!!

Inmytummy: It's too good - we've already watched it again! haha You must - the spicy flavor!

Kelly: Def! Just go to layout and click add gadget! Call me if you want me to walk you through it - might be easier!!

Big Pissy said...

The granite looks awesome!!!! :)

Monica said...

Missed you this weekend!!

The granite looks great, the chicken looks great and I told you Forgetting Sarah Marshall was one of the most underrated best movies!! So glad yall loved it. Looking forward to seeing you this week!

Pam said...

What a bummer - I hope the granite people will make it up to you.

Don't you just love Trader Joes? I'll be on the lookout for the chicken patties.

Thinspired said...

Look at you, Itty Bitty! 24.5 inch waist?!
The granite looks beautiful :)

fittingbackin said...

Pissy: Thanks!! We're happy with it!

Monica: Missed you too! Hope the lake was FUN! We did - hilarious!! Hope it works out for us to come by sometime this week!!!

Pam: I hope so to! They've just sucked the fun out of getting granite! I DO! Oh you have to - they were so good! I want to go get more very soon. Cheap too -only like $2.50 for 2!

Thinspired: haha that's just the SMALLEST part of my waist (i'm a pear)!! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

haha LOVEEE forgetting sarah marshall, so funny!! and GO YOU GIRL! you have been maintaining your new weight it seems so easily :) so proud and happy for you!

Aggie said...

I loved that movie too! It cracked me up! That guy is funny...he's in a new movie too, I Love You Man, we just saw it in the theaters the other night!

Your pasta up above looks great! So glad you are enjoying For the Love of Cooking!!