Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 283 – 285: Another Fun Weekend… Another Blah Monday

Hi Friends! Hope you’re all having happy Mondays. I’m feeling blah/tired/etc. Eats are going pretty good and I got in 3.5 miles at lunch so it’s not too bad I guess! Let’s back up to the weekend for a quick recap!

Friday was a great day! I got lots of work done, got in 6.5 miles, got home and showered for a fun night at Lincoln and Shana’s! We got there around 9 and talked all night - good times! I of course drank too much but (as usual) didn’t think so until the next morning. I ended the day (well around 3 a.m. or so) at 2,147 calories, 242 carbs and 33 fat grams. 736 of those calories were vodka, beer and mini quiches… oops! But they were so good and as usual the drinking is ALWAYS worth it! Here’s what I ate.
Role Models.... hehe

Good but probably not for everyone...

Saturday I woke up at their place and my allergies were full-on awful and my stomach was upset. Ugh… we rolled out of bed and headed home. Although Austin insisted on a Chick Fil A pit stop. In my weakened state I ate a biscuit. Wow – it had been a while but it was SO GOOD! We got home and went back to sleep. Got up around 11 and felt well-rested but my stomach and head were allies against me making for a long afternoon. We mostly watched Law & Orders, and a couple of movies: The Hudsucker Proxy and Role Models. The Hudsucker Proxy was okay – definitely a random movie and pretty silly at times, which was unexpected. Role Models was HILARIOUS – I love Paul Rudd and while the premise was ridiculous I thought it was cute, funny and not too cliché! Afterwards we tried to get into Dexter. Um, no. Wasn’t for us. I might try one more episode but I don’t know. Have you ever seen it? Anyway – I ended the day at 1,972 calories, 315 carbs and 47 fat grams. OMG – 315 carbs??!! That’s intense. Here’s what I ate.
I dunno... kinda creepy.... even this poster is creepy...

LOL Hilarious.

Sunday I still felt pretty pooey but I knew I HAD to get out of the house no matter what. I got to work and cleaned up the house and did laundry and packed my gym bag with every intention of going for a walk. Well, we went to see Hangover instead. It was GREAT – very funny and like Role Models, somewhat silly premise but not too cliché and the dialogue was hilarious! It was a fun watch – will DEFINITELY see it again. Great movie to see with your guy. After the movie we went to the library where I found two more Karin Slaughter novels and a couple of other mysteries – so exciting!! We got home and I cooked lots! Breakfast for 2 for 3 days (breakfast burritos), 4 servings of red curry chicken, 4 servings of sweet & sour chicken and made snacks and more while watching Grey’s Anatomy Season 1. Ahhh a simpler time. Then it was back to laundry and Law & Order. I DID get in some strength training with my dumbbells – biceps, triceps and shoulders. I’m pretty sore today so I did something right! I ended the day at 1,709 calories, 49 fat grams and 229 carbs. Not awful… especially considering I ate a small popcorn and some twizzlers at the movies! Sigh. Here’s what I ate.

K – off to the gym (again) for another 3 miles and dinner with Austin! “See you” tomorrow!


Thinspired said...

Love, love, love the blog makeover! It looks awesome.
You are so good to still keep count of your calories even when you notice the number is getting high. I usually quit and freak out. I need to get back to that mentality!

Big Pissy said...

I still laugh every time I think about "the hangover" and i saw it on Friday! LOL

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

wow- busy busy! I love the new header as well- so cute

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

wow- busy busy! I love the new header as well- so cute