Friday, June 12, 2009

Days 280 - 282: Home Blog + Oatmeal & Fruit + Busted AC

Before I get into the day-to-day here are a few things to note:

  1. Happy Friday!
  2. My Home Blog: I’m SO sorry if it’s boring or repetitive with this site, but hope you can have fun with it! I mostly do updates on our progress, as well as likes & dislikes with different rooms, blogs, etc.
  3. My header/background is new! Yes- it’s a complete and total work in progress – sorry for the mess -but I’m on it!

Tuesday was an exciting day because I went to the grocery store to buy some new (for me) products including fruit and oatmeal – woo! I also got in 6.5 miles walking. The day was long with work, working out and grocery store (s) so nothing really exciting happened. I ended the day at 1,826 calories, 290 carbs and 35 fat grams. This seems a little high, but honestly, I only regret the skittles! Haha Everything else was filling and yummy. I do wish I hadn’t had the cat cookies either – I was just SO hungry and had too many errands to run to not have a snack before dinner (another margarita pizza- YUM). Here’s what I ate! Notice the banana – I’m working on it!! I even bought made 8 fruit snack packs including banana, strawberry, apple, pineapple and grapes. They’re SO pretty – I just loved making them. And wow – it’s way cheaper to make your own!! I found this worked for me:

25 grams banana

45 grams apple

70 grams grapes

75 grams strawberries

50 grams pineapple

123 calories, 37 carbs and 1 fat gram. Is this a good snack? Or should I add more bananas (25 grams) to take it up to 146 calories and 43 carbs? Are these “good carbs”? Sorry for all of the questions – first time I DIYed fruit. :)

Fruit Cups!

Wednesday started out bad in that I felt bad again. Then I had a meeting during lunch so I couldn’t walk. The meeting was offsite and I hadn’t eaten out in FOREVER and it really upset my tummy. So I ended up going straight home, no working out, and just felt blah/bad. I stayed in bed and hung out with Reuben and watched SYTYCD – AMAZING. I just loved it – even the crash test dummy dance, even the dances set to heinous music. I am just such a fan!!! I ended up at 2,072 calories, 259 carbs and 69 fat grams. (I blame the lunch out… boo… but really it was all of the treats I had when I got back from lunch. I mean really) Here’s what I ate.

Here is Reuben the day he got groomed!

Thursday I felt much better, but my AC didn’t… The upstairs unit gave out. Austin called a guy who came out immediately and determined it was the motor so he ordered another and felt like it would hold out until the morning. It didn’t. I worked (downstairs), worked out during lunch (3.5 miles) and then worked some more. I tried doing laundry but it was just so hot. I got a facial at 5:30 (bliss) and stopped by Joann Fabric for fabric to cover a stool for the kitchen (so cute!), then I headed home, recovered the stool, cooked some meals, caught up with friends via telephone (Austin away on business in Alabama for the night), then settled in (on the couch) to watch the SYTYCD results show with Reuben – SOOOO good. I ended up at 1,651 calories, 282 carbs and 27 fat grams, which I think was about right for my activity level (and it includes wine and sour patch kids!). Here’s what I ate.




Nerd Girl said...

ohh i like the stool!!! and yes fruit is good carbs but they are not complex carbs like whole grains and veggies so make sure you getting those too :)

Mica said...

The new blog layout looks great! And so does the stool. I'm totally impressed at your on- and off-line craftiness!

Trish said...

the stool looks really good!

Anonymous said...

I need you to be my decorator! I am so bad at home decor stuff.

Thinspired said...

Woo hoo! Yay for the fruit cups...that's a great idea and a great way to get in more healthy snacking :)
I am checking out your home site next...I will bookmark it because HOPEFULLY we'll be moving and setting up a home later this year!

fittingbackin said...

Nerd girl: Thanks!! ahhh gotcha. I do need some veggies... bad. I just never think to eat them!

Mica: Thanks! haha I so need to fix the width - maybe tonight!

Trish: Thanks! I love little projects like that.

Inmytummy: oh i'm nothing without my mom & sis! I am too - I can't even pretend to do anything until I make an inspiration board!

Thinspired: They're SO good. I'm out this week and am already having withdrawals. Must go buy more/make more! Fun! Where will you move to??! Closer to home?

Trish said...

the stool looks really good!

Nerd Girl said...

ohh i like the stool!!! and yes fruit is good carbs but they are not complex carbs like whole grains and veggies so make sure you getting those too :)