Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Ninth Month: May 2009 Monthly Assessment

By the Numbers

Pounds Lost: -5 (110 to 115)
Highest Weight: 115
Lowest Weight: 110
Pounds left to Lose: 2 (would like to be at 113)
Posts: 15
Days Worked out: 16
Miles of cardio: 75.5
Great Nutrition Days: 18
Low Nutrition Days: 0
High Nutrition Days: 13
Injuries: none!
Days out for injury: 0
Vacations: 2 wedding weekends; 1 lake trip
Days out for vacation: 4
Day worked out during vacation: 0

Interesting Charts

May Weight

May Calories

This was a hard month for me – not gonna lie! (nor does the yo-yo calorie chart above!) It was the first month I gained. Granted, I’d gotten below goal weight, but STILL, I gained. Also, it was a super busy month for me – still didn’t hit my mileage goals. I’m just having a tough time figuring out how much I should eat/how much I should work out/etc. :( I heard it would be hard to maintain and it IS! I’m really considering the HRM and moving to more healthy, whole foods.

A Look Back: May Goals

1. Have 7 or less days over 1,700 calories. This was a toughie- I feel like my caloric ceiling has been a moving target. I just honestly seem to need more than 1,700. Never thought I’d say that but it’s true!! I’m trying to figure it out. Bear with me.

2. Weigh 113 or less 20 days this month. This was tough too. I only weighed 113 or less 11 days this month.

3. Walk 100 miles. Didn’t happen at all! I’m going to catch up somehow but it definitely wasn’t in May! I was shy 24.5 miles.
4. Do strength training 3 days/week (day 1: chest/tris; day 2: abs/legs; day 3: back, bis, shoulders). Nope – didn’t happen. I definitely made more of an effort, but it STILL didn’t happen.

5. Introduce 4 new recipes. DONE This definitely happened – I was a recipe-making machine in May!

6. Update the home blog 4 days/week AND fitting back in 5 days/week. Home blog yes, Fittingbackin – no. I’m working on it! Did I ever give you guys the link to the home blog??

7. Read 1 book and 3 home d├ęcor magazines. DONE
8. Organize 2 weeks of meal plans; print them out and make grocery lists of each. DONE
9. Finish both guest rooms and the scrapbook room (paint shutter; paint chair; get new hardware; hang stuff!) DONE
10. Take measurements! I want to start taking measurements every Thursday morning. No Excuses! 1st and 15th just wasn’t working – I never know what the date is! I forgot a lot…. Will work on this!

I knew this would be a tough month (reading back to last month) and I was right. I think it was a time thing – I just couldn’t get in the ST, all of the miles – even blogging! But some was just straight up forgetfulness, like taking measurements. Sigh. I’m not necessarily disappointed in this month, but I certainly don’t think it was my best.

A Look Ahead: June Goals

It’s a little hard to do these seeing as how I SUCK and am just now getting to it 1/3 of the way in, but let’s see!

1. Figure out how many calories I need. Experiment – try to stay around 1,750 to 1,850.
2. Walk 100 miles!!!
3. Do strength training 3 days/week
4. Introduce 3 new recipes and 3 new healthy, whole snacks.
5. Update the home blog 4 days/week AND fitting back in 4 days/week
6. Read 2 books.
7. Get dining room painted; hang fan in guest room; install lights in hallway upstairs
8. Research HRMs – maybe get one – and research CFW ideas.
9. Take measurements! I want to start taking measurements every Thursday morning. No Excuses! 1st and 15th just wasn’t working – I never know what the date is!

I’m going to drop these in the sidebar! Some seem aggressive for me, but I really feel like this is going to be a ‘prepare’ month – getting my ducks in a row on how many calories I need, looking into things like HRMs and figuring out this whole/healthy snack thing and pondering plans for a CFW. Anyway – I’m excited to get organized and hopefully make July – the month I turn twenty freaking seven (where did the time go?) – a great month!!


Hopeful said...

Considering you has such a busy month - you have done fabulous.

Can't wait to see the home blog....please share!

All the best.


Thinspired said...

May was a tough month for me, too! But really I think you did great! Really, two pounds is nothing. You're doing awesome.

Nerd Girl said...

love the new goals :) you asked me about my carb intake. I really don't count my carbs. I eat oats at breakfast, sweet potatoes after workout and then after about 2pm its veggies for my carbs for the rest of the day.(that is ideal..sometimes i am too hungry for that to work out) On a good day about 150g. carbs...otherwise like 250g. It may seem high, but I exercise a lot and tend to need a little bit more or else im ravenous.

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

so many goals! I need more!

Sarah W. said...

i'm still really jealous of your scrapbook room......!!!!!!!

I'm 1.5yrs behind on my scrapbooking!! just spent $40 to get jan 2008-may 2009 pictures printed so I can scrap em! this is NOT including my wedding album but I need to catch up chron first before I start on wedding.

are you gonna stick w/ traditional scrapbooking? thoughts on digital? i feel like i will stick w/ traditional b/c how else will I be able to incorporate concert tickets or concert brochures into my pages?! hrmph!

measurements will really show a better picture of your progress. b/c what if you're 110 or 115 and your measurements are the SAME?!! that means you've MAINTAINED your weight regardless of those pesky 5lbs :-p

i hear ya on strength. overall i just need to start working out more consistently. i'm such a slacker and its harder not working out in the AM anymore. i'm at my job super early and leave super early 3:30pm which is great for working out but by the time 330 rolls around who wants to workout?! lol i need to change my mentality. i really looked my best when I was working HARD 5-6days per week. now I'm lucky to do 4. LOL back at it after my race on the 20th. for now sticking to cardio

Big Pissy said...

Love the new look of your blog~the header especially! :)

You'll be fine weight-loss wise and work-out wise. You've just been super busy, weddings, traveling, etc.

You'll get back on track. :)

Crabby McSlacker said...

Wow, you're so organized about your goals and so good at tracking your progress and accomplishments!

Much better approach than the "someday maybe I'll do something about x..."

Wish I was as dedicated.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous new blog header! loving it! go you for all of those goals, I think i need to start making goals!! Maybe for July I will :)

intheskinny said...

Love the new look of the blog!

fittingbackin said...

Hopeful: Thanks so much! I posted the link!!!

Thinspired: Thanks,girl - I appreciate your support! I'm sorry your May was tough too. :(

NerdGirl: Thanks! I see what you mean - I think 150 to 250 sounds great - but yes you do A LOT of activity!!!! I'm just trying to figure out what works for me. It's hard!

Everygym'snightmare: haha I probably need less but I can never figure out what to drop!

SarahW: awww I love it - i'm SUPER behind too! Like WAY behind. I'm definitely going to stick with traditional! I did measurements per your mention yesterday - I need to post them - very close to the same - but a little bigger so it was helpful! I hear you!!! 4 is still awesome though but yes, after the race hopefully you can mix it up some more! How much cardio are you doing a day now?

Pissy: Thanks! i'm working on it!! The header needs to be resized some - blah.

Crabby: haha That's how I was before and the month would go and I'd feel like I didn't know what I accomplished! This way I feel more on track and I guess, for me, more in control. It's probably not healthy now that I write this... :)

eatfabinnyc: Thanks!! Oh def - it's fun - even if you don't get to cross off any it's nice to have something to turn to when you're bored. haha

intheskinny: Thanks so much! Still working on it but I'm enjoying having pics of Reuben & Austin in the header - my favorite person/pupper!!