Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 357: A Day of Fails.... boo

Attempt: I just KNEW I could squeeze 3 miles in to the hour I was given for lunch (and get there…. Change… eat lunch). Not realistic. FAIL. I got in 2.25 miles instead.

Attempt: I wanted to be at the Grape by 6 p.m. Possible? Yes. FAIL. I got there at 6:30, but doing another 1.75 miles in the gym and heating up dinner made it impossible!

Attempt: To go see the Time Traveler’s Wife with my besties. We all get to the Grape. We have our book discussion. We walk over to the 7:40 p.m. showing at Phipps and guess what? The projector is broken and that movie is cancelled. We whip out iPhones. Nope – the other theaters all had 7:10 showings. 7:30 showings. And then 9 p.m. showings. So it didn’t work out.... FAIL.

Attempt: Hang out with Austin since clearly girls’ night out was officially ruined. Grrrr. I call him when I leave Phipps and he’s gone. Already left for poker. But says he’ll be in early. FAIL. He comes in at 11 p.m. when I’m sleeping.

Attempt: Stay under 1,900 calories. Nope.... I was tired, and carb-craving and just ate when I wasn't hungry. FAIL.

So yes, one of those days when I had the BEST intentions and exciting plans but was left disappointed and alone. Total bummer, right??!!

However, there were positives...
  • I got to see the girls! Even though we didn't get to see the movie and all were in the midst of busy, hectic weeks - it was nice to see everyone, catch up, have a glass of wine, etc. I enjoyed it!
  • Training went well! My training was called Collaboration For Results - all about using different communication tactics in different situations - loved it. I think it's going to help change my perspective at work (i.e., not get so dang annoyed by my perceptions of other people... here's hoping!) My trainer was AWESOME, too.
  • I got to spend time with Reuben! When I got home I got in PJs, folded some laundry, cooked and ran the dishwasher. I also read more Karin Slaugter so it was nice to relax (when I thought i'd be getting home late!)
  • I got to read your blogs! I thought I wasn't going to be able to but it worked out perfectly.

So there's my lame post! Sorry, friends - wasn't the best day!! I ended up at 1,922 calories, 255 carbs, 43 fat grams and 119 protein grams. Here's what I ate. And to be honest - today has been pretty blah too! I got up, was in training all day (got in 2.75 during lunch this time - woo!), and then at 3 p.m. she let us leave early. Awesome, right?! Well... it was raining... I live off of a major highway... need I say more? It still took me 45 minutes to get home and I just, exhausted, got on my sweatpants and crawled in bed for some soapnet (The O.C., 90210 - the glory days, people). I'll post today's stats tomorrow - I may eat more! :) I hope you're all having good nights. I'm going to take a nap now - It think i'm still recovering from the weekend - geez, system - get over it!


Pam said...

At least you stopped being bummed out and focused on the good parts of the day. We all have those "fail" days.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry about you day of FAILS! Some days are just like that! Hope your week gets better!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, what a pain. At least you got some good stuff in there. I want to see that movie - I probably shouldn't try to see it at Phipps.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about your day! :-( But good for you for finding some positives!

It's weird but the same thing happened to me at Phipps on Saturday when I tried to see Julie and Julia. Me thinks they need new projectors!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah - trying to see a movie at Phipps - that was always tough even 15 years ago. Sheesh. Some thing never change, huh?

Well, at least you are getting some good training and still doing a couple miles at lunch. Good for you!

Hang in there - tomorrow is Friday!

april said...

We all have those days.. hang in there!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I'm glad there were some positive things in your day... :)

Mica said...

Bah, that is a day of fails! I hope the next girls' night is full of successes!

SLJ said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your training and liked your trainer... because I do the same thing! Hehehe I'm a trainer and we know most of the time people don't want to be at our classes but we try to make them fun and have you leave with something useful.

Your day wasn't a day of fails, it was a day of alternatives!

Anonymous said...

i really admire how you can still see something positive when everything seems to be going wrong!

i thought of you the other day whie i was walkign on the treadmill, I attempted to read and walk at the same time, but i just dont have that coordination, haha

fittingbackin said...

Pam: Thanks - honestly this blog helped me do that!! :)

Carrie Lidzy: Thanks,girl - I know it - they suck. haha it has - thank you!!

Inmytummy: I know, right? Yes - screw you, Phipps Plaza.

Angieinatlanta: Thanks, sweetie! No way!! I hate them!! Me thinks they need to say hola to 2009. Get it together!

Jacey: See!! I told you nothing had changed in your absense! haha I did - I tried!!

April: Thanks girl. :)

Andrea: Not the easiest but had to do it!! Nothing is ever all bad, right?

Mica: Thanks, friends! It did get better - when I got home and was no longer at work!

SLJ: You do?! I can so see that. She's a corporate trainer and I just loved how made it RELEVANT - it was very WIIFM/What's in it for me? And she told us at every turn - loved it. Nice perspective, girly - thanks!!

Sweetandfit: Thanks, sweet girl - I tried!! haha My sis isn't a fan of reading/walking either. I don't even notice! So funny! I have a harder time talking on the treadmill - sometimes I almost go down by stepping off the track - eek!