Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 358: Book Talk & Book Review….Eating My Feelings (sigh!)

Hola! So Thursday night ended up being nice! I worked on organizing my training class (typing up notes on things I want to work on; creating an action plan). I also read some more and chilled out with the fam! We’re doing SO GOOD eating what’s left at the house – it’s kind of crazy! I’m even bringing cereal to work tomorrow (with milk!) as we’re out of eggs! Very cool. Hehe I ended up at 1,860 calories, 267 carbs, 46 fat grams and 100 protein grams. Here’s what I ate.

So I forgot to mention – at book club last night we chose a new book from my sister’s list! We’re going to read The Girl Who Stopped Swimming by Joshilyn Jackson, and we’re meeting in late September to discuss! Also, Shana (book club leader!) said I was to choose the next set of books for the book club – yay! So I need to bring 4-6 titles to the September meeting for the group to choose from. I was online purchasing ‘Swimming and looking for audio books and was like WHOA – these books sound GREAT! So I went ahead and bought them. Even though the club only reads one, I want to read/listen to them all! So here were my purchases (all audio books – it’s working wonders on my road rage!):

  • Walter Moseley’s The Wave
  • Janice Kaplan’s Looks to Die For
  • Anita Shreve’s Last Time They Met
  • James Patterson’s Sail
  • Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook
  • Nicholas Sparks’ The Wedding
  • Mary Jane Clark’s Dancing in the Dark

I’m going to research them further to ensure they’re good book club reads, so I may put in some others for club! It just hit me – I can do my Time Traveler’s Wife review now that my club has reviewed it!

Here goes: I give it a 4 out of 5. I loved the story. I loved and believed their romance. I was very interested in his time traveling abilities, how it happened, the medical side, how he overcame it, etc. I flew through it and just enjoyed seeing how it all played out. So sad, but so good. I just thought it was a great story. Cons: there were some parts I could have dealt without – too weird, too disconnected from the story and/or didn’t add anything to the story. It took me a while to get into it. But – overall I could take the little bit of bad with the good. I cried. I laughed out loud. It was good stuff and I can’t WAIT to see the movie. Grrr Phipps Plaza grrr.

Friday started out good, but work got me down for various reasons outside my control. And I ate and ate and ate. And didn’t want to go to the gym. At all. During lunch or after work. I got home and had a long talk with Austin which made me feel SO much better, then we were off to a high school football game (Austin’s cousin is a senior this year). It was great to see Austin’s aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. His cousin won the game – yay! – then we headed home and ended up having a few glasses of wine, some snacks and great conversation! We don’t do that often enough, but it was great to just chill out together, just the two of us. I ate and drank way too much though – ending up at 2,470 calories, 331 carbs, 63 fat grams and 88 protein grams. Here’s what I ate. WAY too much food, snacks, crap. But it’s cool. Today is Saturday and I’m going to the gym and tracking BEFORE instead of the next day going…. Whoa… way too much food! Haha What do you to ensure you don’t eat more than you need? Do you track ahead of time, listen to your body, avoid random work food – what? Help me! Thanks, friends. Happy Saturday – hope you’re all have wonderful days. I’m off to read your blogs!

Head's up: My next post will be happy - i'm determined to have a good, productive day today, have fun at a birthday party tonight and I have home updates (in pictures) - woo!! :)


Anonymous said...

I have a hard time figuring out what I'm going to eat at people's houses too. I always have a plan, but end up scrapping it because the food/drink is there. It's much easier at home. Probably because I don't keep much snacky food in the house. That wasn't a helpful answer, I know, but I totally know what you are saying.

I read the Time Traveler's Wife a few years ago. I remember liking it but getting a bit confused in parts.

Anonymous said...

I try to enter my meals right after I eat. It is easier for me to remember everything plus I get a feel for where I am at on that day's calories. It keeps me from going too crazy at dinner (usually). Hang in there!

Living the fit life. said...

To ensure I don't eat "unplanned calories" I plan out my meals for the day and record as I eat each meal, the cals. I also plan in advance for social setting where I know temptation will prevail and make a mental note of what I'm having, bring a healthy snack, eat in advance or all 3.

april said...

I mainly try to listen to my body but sometimes the signals get complicated and I just feel like eating! I just try to make sure I eat every few hours so that I'm not starving and that way I don't devour everything in sight. I'm known to have tons of snacks in my purse! Gum also helps with keeping my mouth busy and water does too!

Anonymous said...

Even though I don't formally track calories, I always try to walk into social situations with a game plan so as not to overdo it but it's super hard to deal with surprises and social pressure to indulge.

It's tough but we all have to try to not beat ourselves up over mistakes and overindulgences. It happens to all of us...

Mica said...

I'm actually really terrible about this. 9 times out of 10, I manage to eat everything in sight, especially at parties or buffets or something. Only sometimes, I can restrain myself, and usually, it involves physically removing myself from food. Bahhhh.

I do keep a food journal though, sometimes that helps.

Anonymous said...

I'm somewhat of a planner when it comes to attending a social event. If I know the food won't be my forte, I eat before or pack a discreet snack.

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I don't count calories, but I try to have some sort of "guidelines" for social situations. I stopped eating "random" stuff at work. I do eat some cake or bagels or whatever when I know that there will be a celebration, and I plan for it. Otherwise, I just don't touch "stuff" sitting around. It got me into WAY too much trouble in the past.

I also need to be careful with appetizers. If I start eating them, I have a hard time stopping. I try not to go hungry to a party, so that I won't attack (literally) the appetizers... It's usually best if I don't have any... I do allow myself one or two glasses of wine. If I have only one glass of wine, I'll have some dessert (if it's worth it), otherwise I won't.

Sorry Friday wasn't that great, but I hope you had a great Saturday! :)

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Hi there! Just found your blog. Wonderful job. I love books too, and belong to one in our town. We just finished The Invisible Wall by Harry Bernstein and it was wonderful.

I've read the Anita Shreve one you mentioned, as well as the Sparks' novels. All wonderful.

As I've gone through my weight loss journey, learning to eat at friend's houses was hard. But what I finally realized was that I needed to eat there like I did at home. Make good choices, eat small portions and not to be afraid to say, "No thank you."

Lauren said...

FYI: Joshilyn Jackson will be at the Decatur Book Festival this weekend. She'll be at the First Baptist Decatur Chapel Stage at 11:15.

Just thought you might like to know :)

Thinspired said...

I admire you for continuing to track your food even when you eat more calories than usual. Those are usually the days I throw in the towel on calorie counting, but I think I would be better off if I continued to count. 2400 isn't that bad for a high day. I know I've done a lot more damage than that when I wasn't counting! I say, good job for tracking it, and just get right back on the next day, as you always do!