Monday, September 28, 2009

Athens in Photogs, Alcohol Calories, TV Time and a WONDERFUL weekend

Happy Monday, ladies! I feel SO much better knowing I’m not the only one who sometimes parks it in front of the TV for dinner! I do completely value eating at the table and will definitely try to do it more – but sometimes you just want to watch Sex and The City during a nice bowl of pasta! Haha So to backtrack in photos first… Athens was GREAT!!! (These are extremely out of order.... I apologize in advance!) :)

Hangin' with Stacy and Shane!

With the family (Austin's two little bros & two little cousins - boy and girl farthest to right both go to GA - the boy is a sophomore, Austin's brother, and the girl is first year grad school)

The Family Group- Austin, brother Tyler, Cousin Laura, Cousin Kevin, Brother Elliot and Me!

Me and Stacy bumped into another co-worker, Jackie!

Good times!

Austin's co-worker Matt

The group, minus Tyler + some rando dude who got in our picture! (he will be photoshopped later - weirdo!)

Yes.... it never stopped raining at the game -blah!

Me and my brother-in-laws, Ty and E!

Athens = rainy mess

Debbie Downer

But we still had a blasty!

Stacy and Laura got to meet - yay!

Stacy making sad faces as all walked around barefoot with our jeans rolled up - we be classy!

The Winning Flip Cup Team! (I got it on the first time every time.... but once - I rock!)

And part of the losing team. haha

The Group at Stacy & Shane's Tailgate!

Austin & his bros

The hallway outside the game day condo - i've never seen so much UGA stuff in one place as it was in that condo.

Everywhere - even the trashcans and kitchen hardware!

And lamps - I mean REALLY! haha

UGA bedding - I was wrapped up in their culture for sure!

So here's howSaturday went down.... I woke up… late… as in my mom got here before I had gotten in the shower – eek! We got it together and drove to Athens, heading out around noon – woo! We got in town, picked up Tyler (Austin's sophomore-at-GA brother) and headed to the condo – SO cute – so GA. The place was nice, we freshened up (i.e. I put on make up while Austin had a beer), then we headed to Stacy and Shane’s tailgate! Laura and Kevin (cousins!) met us there, then we all hung out, played cornhole, then walked to Austin’s corporate tailgate which was a TOTAL shit show (I’m talking catered, bartenders, etc. in the middle of north campus). Everything was going FABULOUSLY and free and flip cup was ON so naturally a blast was had… and then it started raining. And then it flooded… and then someone stole our cooler. Eek! We all stayed positive (and had panchos) but then it was game time and we all split up to head to the stadium. In the rain. I’m talking water up to mid-calf! The game was fun though – loved the stadium! We didn’t make it long though – were freezing, hungry, etc. So we walked back, grabbed Subway, then threw our clothes in the dryer, brushed teeth, refreshed, etc. Austin’s brothers + cousins met us at the condo then we all headed out to the bars to meet back up with Austin’s work peeps – SO much fun!! Then we went to dinner with Austin’s parents at DePalmas, then we ended up in a cab… that took us to a gas station and left us there…. Then Austin’s brother’s friend came to get us and we ended up in dorms drinking liquor with 19-year-olds. Shining moment, friends! Haha It was all good, really – we didn’t make total asses out of ourselves, promise! In all honesty it was great to meet Tyler’s friends and fun to be at an age where we can hang out in a way, ya know? Anywho… tracking is a disaster – I drank my weight in liquor – but this is my educated guess! 2,522 calories, 254 carbs, 49 fat grams and 110 protein grams – wow – not as bad as I thought. Although, 759 calories in alcohol isn’t anything to write home about – eek! Here’s what I ate… and drank.

Sunday I woke up in a room with no windows and no idea what time it was, when I went to sleep or how long I slept. I did know that I felt like I’d been ran over by a train. Dang it! I had so many waters! Guess that’s what you get when you drink from 2 p.m. to 3 a.m. ish….. We made breakfast, said bye to Austin’s parents, got in the car and rode home the whole way with the top down – thank you BEAUTIFUL weather. We deserve you! We got home and my mom was there – fun! We hung out with her, visited, ate leftover pizza, showered, started laundry, etc. Then Monica and Katie came over with Katie’s 4-month baby boy Cullen- SO sweet. Sadly I forgot to take pictures, but it was so nice to see Katie – she looks FABULOUS – and to meet her beautiful, blue-eyed baby boy! And of course to see Mon and talk to her more about the townhouse her and Andy just bought- yay!! Once all of the ladies left, mom headed out and I got in bed and just ate all day long. I know – I’m such a skank! Haha I did catch up on ALL of my TV though – nice! (that's JUST like exercising, right?)

What do you guys think of the new shows?
I really liked Flashforward, I thought Eastwick was okay… I’m going to give it a couple more episodes, and I laughed so much at Cougartown. I just heart Courteny Cox!!

I ended up at 1,974 calories, 214 carbs, 82 fat grams and 98 protein grams. OMG. I ate my way through the day. Grrrrr. Here’s what I ate.
Today was not too good. I didn't sleep well and woke up feeling like a zombie with a puffy right eye. Lovely. I went to work, helped host a work shower for my manager/friend, worked more and came straight home. Yes, no workout, peeps! Too tired. I'm ON IT tomorrow though, especially since we went to Brio for lunch today.... and it was family style. OH NO!! And there was cake. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! I'll post today's results and some shower pics tomorrow!! Hope you all had good Mondays and GREAT weekends!


Anonymous said...


Looking at your pics makes me missing being in school at UGA! Wah!

Where did the time go?

homecookedem said...

Both my parents graduated from UGA (it's where they met!), so that condo would be like walking to heaven to them! :) Looks like a fun weekend!! :) Can you believe I've lived in GA my whole life and still never been to a game?? But, I've been to 2 tech games... a sin I know! My husband graduated from tech... needless to say it's a house divided!

eurydice said...

wow you are such a great sport to hang out in the rain all day! looks like fun though :) i went to university in canada and sports were never big at all. i feel like i missed out!

Anonymous said...

Your post made me miss football in the South so much!!!! Glad you had a blast...who cares about tracking - at least you thought about it! ha! :)

The condo is amazing - at least their colors are red and black....just picture the UT condos...ORANGE AND's pretty terrible. I was always secretly envious of the GA girls in their cute red and black! :) ssshhh don't tell!

april said...

You look so cute in your little rain pancho! And it sounds like you did great eating wise.. weekends are tricky!

Mica said...

I really like your black and white scarf, by the way!

That rain is intense! I'm glad it didn't ruin your UGA weekend.

Therese said...

Sounds like my kinda weekend!! Although I think I would have burst into flames entering that UGA condo...that's intense ;)

Anne said...

Man you are a trooper! I would have called it quits at the first drop of rain. Way to stick it out! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Meganerd said...

You look adorable, even in a poncho!! :D

Stacy said...

FOR THE RECORD: I made a complete ass of myself this weekend. No more liquor for makes me silly. I will just have to drink beer all day and work it off in the gym that next week...

However, I do remember acting like I was Tyler's girlfriend so that some guy would leave me alone - AND I kept saying 'Elllliioooooottt' (like from E.T.) to Elliott. Wowza. Good times though!

prettyface said...

I thought Cougartown was hilarious--there were many times I laughed out loud--I love Courtney Cox as well :)

Paige@ Running Around Normal said...

Athens looks like an absolute blast! wow.
Love that you were a champ and carried on in your poncho! haha

Melinda said...

Looks like you had a fun time at the game despite the rain :) It rained almost the entire time during our game too! Love all of the cute pics :D