Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fab Friday: New Outfit, Q and A, 4 Miles

Hola amigas! Happy Saturday of a holiday weekend. Heart! Yesterday I drove into work feeling MUCH better (thanks for the feel better wishes!). I had a great, productive morning, walked 4 miles during lunch, then I got an amazing email: Happy Labor Day – you can begin celebrating at 2 p.m. SWEET – it was already 1:15 p.m. and I hadn’t eaten lunch yet! So I had lunch, had a diet pepsi, wrapped up what I was working on and was OFF! I hit up the bank, liquor store and mall – I wanted a new outfit! Why? I don’t know –nothing expensive just something fun. I’ve been wanting a high-waisted skirt so I was a girl on a mission. I went to the usual suspects: Macy’s Forever 21, Black House White Market, Gap and H&M. These skirts apparently don’t exist. Sad. Just as I was about to give up I saw this gem tucked into the racks between shirts and dresses (of which there were plenty). I got the little white shirt and a couple of fun bracelets – woo!

From the side with bracelet!

hehe it's so tacky it's cute, right?!

And another fun bracelet - love!!

I got home to a squeaky clean house and a container of enchiladas I made the night before. Sweet!

We had dinner, rested up and then had a couple of friends over for pool/chill night. I had a few drinks but think I did pretty good! I ended up at 2,021 calories, 185 carbs, 26 fat grams and 101 protein grams – not awful at all! Here’s what I ate.

Today I’ve just been lounging around in bed. Love it! It’s after 2 p.m. and I’m still in PJ’s! I got up and had a Morningstar sausage/egg/cheese sandwich on a half a piece of toast.Yums. Then I watched some crap TV and had a little bit of pasta salad. Nom. Nom. Nom. Now I’m trying to decide what to do today! I have the whole day and weekend ahead of me – yessss. Today all I know I want to do is go got he gym and go over to Linc/Shana’s for some SEC football! For those who don’t know – me and Austin are Auburn fans/alumni/etc. – it’s where we met and where we go back home to at least 3-4 times each fall. We love it, love the city and are ready to kick off the season…. Even if it is with Alabama fans! Haha I hope you’re all having wonderful weekends!

One more thing – I got a couple of really good questions on my last post, so I thought I’d answer them here! And if you have any other questions ask and I shall answer!! Here are two questions from Kimberly: Where are you getting the workout calendar for post? Second question is a bit of time management... do you cook a bunch of meals up front and freeze them? Ration ingredients?

Answer: For the calendars, I make them! I actually use word tables and just copy/paste in exercises that I find online, in books, in magazines, on your wonderful blogs, etc. Then I use the program ‘snag it’ to capture a jpg image to post on here! I hope this helps – I’m happy to email anyone the template I use if you want it! For cooking, I’ve actually never frozen anything. On Sunday I cook most of the meals to get me to Dinner on Wednesday. Then Thursday I work from home so I use that lunch to cook lunch for Thursday, then food to get me until Saturday evening. Sometimes I don’t cook the whole meal – I just prep all of the veggies, mix the sauce, chop the chicken, etc. Or I’ll, for instance, put together the enchiladas but instead of cooking I just pop them in the fridge. If you guys want more specifics around this let me know and I’ll show you a sample week of what we do!

K –I’m off to read bloggies– bye friends!


Nerd Girl said...

love the skirt and bracelets!! simple is always best in my opinion :)

Anonymous said...

Um, I LOVE that skirt! I may have to copy you...

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

The skirt & the bracelets are great! Sometimes you just need to do a little shopping... ;)

I was wondering about your workout calendars too! They are awesome!

Happy Weekend! :)

Sarah W. said...

LOVE that skirt!!! I think I missed it, but what store did you find that gem at??? the bracelet is super cute! you totally make the bracelet work with that outfit because the outfit is so cute & simple! - I need fashion tutorials from you asap.

where'd you find the bracelets?? I hate wearing bracelets to work because of typing on the keyboard - its annoying, but I always forget to put bracelets on with outfits let alone buy bracelets to GO with outfits ;) haha

Mica said...

Cute new outfit! I love the skirt!

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

That skirt is so cute on you! I showed it to my oldest daughter and she said - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!

Erica said...

That skirt is ADORABLE! I want it ;) Glad you've enjoyed some lazy time on this wonderful Saturday! I am looking forward to some myself!

Neesha and Dustin said...

This is great! Fab outfit. I actually wore an identical outfit (diff color skirt, though) on my first day back to teaching this semester. I figure with college kids, you can get away with it, though I brought a cardigan, too. I LOVE this style. It's awesome and I hope it sticks around. Great minds think alike, eh!?!

Awesome choices!

Neesha and Dustin said...

I meant "with teaching college kids" I could get away with the outfit without it seeming "too not teacher-like." Just to clarify :)

Paige@ Running Around Normal said...

Super cute outfit! And I love the heart bracelet, girlie :)

april said...

Love the skirt! You've got some hot legs girlie!

Anonymous said...

That skirt is adorable on you. Your legs lood fab!

luna said...

wow, love your blog & your story!you really have a ton of energy!!
and i love your shoes verrrry much :P

Anonymous said...

Cute skirt. You have great style. Is it from H&M? I always get intimidated by all the clothes there.

Stephanie said...

You should start a 3rd blog-- fashion :)

Thinspired said...

Two things...
1) How have I never noticed that amazing rock on your finger?! Ah! So gorgeous.
2) LOVE the skirt! You look absolutely fantastic! No other word for it :)

fittingbackin said...

Nerd Girl: Thanks!! I concur!

Angieinatlanta: Thanks - do it!!

Andrea: I know it - It was nice to get a little prezzy. Yup - just word docs!

Sarah: I got it at H&M! Thanks!! hahaha I got the bracelets there, too! LOL

Mica: Thanks, chica!

Diane: Aww! Awesome!

Erica: Thanks, girl!

Neesha: that's awesome - great minds think alike! Love it - I totally tried to keep it a bit younger when working with them - they laugh when you try to get too business!

Paige: Thank you. :)

April: Thanks!! I'm trying!!

Wholebodylove: Thank you!!

Luna: aw thanks - so glad you stopped by! I just got those shoes at a boutique sale a few months ago - love!

In my tummy: Thank you! Yup - the bracelets and skirt all H&M! skirt was $25 and the bracelets were $6 each i think? The top was $9!!

Stephanie: you're so sweet!! I love mixing it up - can't wait for fall and think this skirt will definitely be wearable through the new seasons!

Thinspired: Thanks girl! Austin surprised me with that on New year's Eve on a mountain in Park City, UT, in 2006. I love it. :) And thank you!! You're so sweet - I appreciate it!