Thursday, December 3, 2009

My 15th Month: November 2009 Monthly Assessment

Hola, friends! Happy Weekend! I'm finally catching up on blog reading - YAY- and having a great Saturday!! Here's is my November assessment, December plans a quick recap from Thurs. and Fri.!!

By the Numbers

Pounds Lost: 0 (120 to 120)
Highest Weight: 121.5
Lowest Weight: 118
Pounds left to Lose: 3 (shooting for 115 now)
Posts: 19
Days Worked out: 21
Miles of cardio: 84
Injuries: none!
New Recipes Cooked: 16

Interesting Charts

Click on charts to make them larger!

So carbs and protein are definitely under check - woo! Calories are a little whack with both high and low days, and what happened with fat? eek! I'm going to check these days and see what up! Either way, i'm pretty proud of this month. Yes, I didn't lose weight, but I maintained so that's pretty good in my book!

November Calories In, Calories Out, Weight

November 1, 2009: 1,806 calories; no exercise; N/A
November 2, 2009: 1,724 calories; no exericse; 120
November 3, 2009: 1,760 calories; 6 miles + chest + triceps; burned 380 calories (net: 1,380); 120
November 4, 2009: 1,791 calories; 4 miles; burned 240 calories (net: 1,551); 121
November 5, 2009: 1,834 calories; walked/ran 3.5 miles; burned 225 calories ((net: 1,609); 120
November 6, 2009: 1,765 calories; walked 6 miles/legs/shoulders; burned 450 calories (net: 1,315) ; 120
November 7, 2009: 2,388 calories; walked 2 miles, ran 1 mile/back/biceps; burned 270 calories (net: 2,118); 121
November 8, 2009: 2,116 calories; No Exercise; 121.5
November 9, 2009: 1,655 calories; 4 miles cardio; burned 240 calories (net: 1,425); 121
November 10, 2009: 1,781 calories; 2.25 miles walking/running/chest/tris; burned 229 calories (net: 1,552); 121
November 11, 2009: 1,792 calories; 4 miles cardio; burned 242 calories (net: 1,552); 119.5
November 12, 2009: 1,847 calories; walked 3.5 miles/ran 1 mile; burned 263 calories (net: 1,584) ; 119.5
November 13, 2009: 2,174 calories; No exercise; 119
November 14, 2009: 2,221 calories; walked 2.5 miles/ran 1 mile; burned 263 calories (net: 1,948); N/A
November 15, 2009: 1,334 calories; No Exercise; N/A
November 16, 2009: 1,623 calories; No Exercise; 121
November 17, 2009: 1,779 calories; 4 miles cardio; burned 245 calories (net: 1,534); 120.5
November 18, 2009: 1,933 calories; +back/biceps/shoulders/abs; burned 64 calories (net: 1,869); 120
November 19, 2009: 1,808 calories; walked 3 miles/ran 1.5 miles; burned 257 calories (net: 1,551); 119.5
November 20, 2009: 1,783 calories; 6 miles, chest, triceps and legs; burned 362 calories (net: 1,421); 119
November 21, 2009: 2,398 calories; 4 miles walking; burned 184 calories (net: 2,214); 119.5
November 22, 2009: 1,811 calories; 3 miles walking/1.5 miles running; burned 253 calories (net: 1,558); 121
November 23, 2009: 1,742 calories; 4 miles walking; burned 182 calories (net: 1,560); 121
November 24, 2009: 1,508 calories; 3 miles walking/1 mile running; burned 236 calories (net: 1,272); 119
November 25, 2009: 1,646 calories; No Exercise; 118
November 26, 2009: 2,328 calories; 3.5 miles walking/1 mile running; burned 265 calories (net: 2,063); 118
November 27, 2009: 1,913 calories; walked 1.5 miles; ran 1 mile; triceps, shoulders and abs; burned 272 calories (net: 1,641); 118
November 28, 2009: 2,382 calories; no exercise; 118.5
November 29, 2009: 1,599 calories; no exercise; 119
November 30, 2009: 1,551 calories; walked 5 miles; burned 252 calories (net: 1,299; 120

A Look Back: November Goals

1. Keep calories under 1,800 on days when I work out; under 1,600 on days when I don’t work out and under 2,300 when I drink (6 high days or LESS). Eh – had 8 high days… but that’s okay!
2. Walk 88 miles, and take Reuben on 3 neighborhood walks. Missed it by 4 miles and 2 walks – here’s to next month!

3. Do strength training 3 days/week. Did much better here!

4. Do abs 2 days/week. Still only doing one…

5. Introduce 10 new recipes. Beat it by 16 – woo!

6. Read 3 books (including audio!). Yes! 3 books exactly – all good, too!

7. Develop a meal plan for each week; track food the day BEFORE. Yes! Great luck here – the
pre-planning is making life here even more smooth. Nice to have lots of options cooked and ready to go, and I’m really getting into freezing!!

8. Wear my new HRM at EVERY workout. Yes! Was so happy here – really helped me see that walking at 4.0, incline or not, is getting way too easy for me (or my heart rather!) – need to step it up! (hence the running!)

9. Get down to 116 (i.e. lose 2 pounds). Nope – stayed at 120 again!

10. Get with Austin – finalize House to-do list, attach timing and get quotes for things I’m unsure about (crown molding/lighting/etc.) We made MUCHO progress, but haven’t finished prioritizing and getting quotes – moving it over!

11. No Reese's cups.... Done – but I replaced it with snickers. Is that okay? hehe

12. Drink 5 16-ounce bottles of water a day. Yes! Turned out I was already drinking this much – or more – so this one was pretty easy!

A Look Ahead: December Goals

I've been thinking about not doing goals. But then I started thinking I just need to reevaluate my goals. So many are things that have now become habits. I don't need to list out how often to do ST or to meal plan or my calorie goals. I think, overall, I just need to have those things going on in the background and make my goals a little different. However, some goals HAVE to stick like this month, I have to walk/run 93.5 miles to get to 1,000 for the year!! So, here goes:

1. Walk/Run 93.5 miles to get to 1,000 - woo!
2. Read 2 books.
3. Get with Austin – finalize House to-do list, attach timing and get quotes for things I’m unsure about (crown molding/lighting/etc.)
4. Make 4 new recipes - one a dessert for Christmas time!
5. Lock down a budget for 2010 and really focus on saving $/spending less.
6. Begin planning our anniversary trip with Austin.
7. Finish up the hall closet project.
8. Finish up the dining room art project.

So a little bit the same, a little bit different! What are your goals for this month?

Now, backing up real quick...

So Thursday was pretty much what I talked about in the last post – uneventful, chilling at the casa doing small chores! For dinner we REALLY wanted pizza, so we ordered it. And it was good! We ate whilst watching Harry Potter – love it. I went to bed early, ending up at 1,678 calories, 200 carbs, 63 fat grams and 90 protein grams. Here’s what I ate.

Today I went into work determined to have a good day! My new fridge was coming in, I was motivated to work out, I was excited to put up Christmas decorations – the day was looking up. But of course, things don’t always happen as planned and work basically sucked in the morning. A lot. But, I decided to take my anger, frustration, etc. to the gym and walked 5 miles during lunch, burning 254 calories. The afternoon flew by with meetings, until I went back down to the gym – walked .75 miles and ran 1 mile, then me and Stacy did legs and abs. GREAT workout! Burned 248 calories in 48 minutes.

I came home from work, admired the fridge and happily organized it with Austin. Then I inhaled a piece and a half of leftover pizza and went upstairs to wash off the day – enter a 1-hour bath with my book club book. Lovely! I enjoyed myself and made great progress on the book – it’s SO cute so far! Then I just relaxed with Austin and Reuben, putting off the Christmas decorating…and Reuben’s bath… and a grocery store trip. Tomorrow is another day, right?! I'll post my stats tomorrow - and my fridge pics - woo!! I'm off to bed!


Anonymous said...

i am ridiculously jealous of your organizational skills. :)

Erica said...

Great review. Love that you beat your new recipe goal by such a HUGE amount! Hope you enjoyed your night of relaxation

Anonymous said...

I like how your goals aren't just weight related. And I'm jealous of your organizational skills too. I'm sure you'd have a field day coming to my house; it's so disorganized!

My goals:

1. Speaking of organization, keep the house fairly clean.
2. Go out to eat no more than twice a week.
3. Drink no more than once a week (or maybe twice if things come up)

Anonymous said...

Honestly, your organizational skills put me in awe!

I think my biggest goal for this month is to stay on my budget with Christmas shopping! I tend to go buckwild and then spend January regretting it!

devon said...

I haven't tackled goals yet but I know I need to. I can't WAIT to see the new fridge in place. I am thinking you may need one of those DYMO label maker things now! Did you get your decorations out? We got our tree yesterday-- it smells SO good! love it. Oh, and I'm proud of you for taking the time for an HOUR bath and reading! good for you!

homecookedem said...

You are a rockstar with those goals and organizational skills! Your Dec. goals sound great!! :) Can't wait to hear your plans for your anniversary trip! :)

Big Pissy said...

I'm with Dev: proud of you for taking an HOUR bath and just relaxing and unwinding.

You need to do that more often.

Love you!


Melissa said...

My only goal for this month is NOT to gain any weight. That's hard for me to do in December. :)

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I know I say this every month, but I really LOVE the way you set specific goals and then thoroughly assess them at the end of the month!

And great job in November! :)

Mica said...

I like your goal of re-evaluating your goals!

Please post the new December dessert recipe. :)

Eve said...

I love how organized you are! Your goals are really great too - makes me want to get out there and make my meals for the week and freeze them! I have always been afraid of freezing meals though - in case they don't turn out well! Will never know unless I try it though! Inspiring blog! :D

Dawn Dishes It Out said...

Great job organizing! It makes things a lot easier, doesn't it?!?

Anonymous said...

I love your monthly assesments - you make me crack down and get organized...can ya just please come here and organize my life??? hehe

16 new recipes this month - great job!

Anonymous said...

i couldn't imagine not reading yoru monthly goals! they're always inspiring!

Dawn Dishes It Out said...

Great job organizing! It makes things a lot easier, doesn't it?!?