Monday, February 1, 2010

New Shirt + Reuben: Caught on Film+ Chicken Salad Melt + 2 Book Reviews

Hi Friends! Thanks for your sweet comments about Vegas – we really did enjoy it and I’m glad we were able to make the most of it!

So yesterday was pretty much mini walk with Reuben, TV day, laundry day and cooking the following:
  • 2 servings of chicken salad
  • 4 servings of Southwest Chicken & White Bean Soup
  • 4 servings of Rotini w/Turkey Sausage
  • 4 servings of pasta w/sundried tomato pesto
  • 4 servings of beef enchilada casserole
Yum! I wanted to make more and had a lot prepped and ready to go, but I ran out of nonstick cooking spray. This has never happened. I was at a TOTAL loss! Anywho, after that I took a picture of my new shirt – hard to see it but it’s basically a strapless shirt with lots of cute detail. I want to wear it with light skinny jeans and wedges this Spring. Only $12!

close up of pattern/button detail!
farther away shot - i'm going to have to take one in the shirt - odd to photograph!

Also, I caught Reuben in the act. We always laugh at how long his tongue is! We’ll see him lick and it goes all the way around almost to his eyeballs. So crazy! I took his picture and there it went – I caught it! haha He’s mortified right now….


After photog time, I was hungry. I took this chicken salad recipe and popped it on some wheat bread with a slice of jarlsberg lite swiss cheese. Then I added light canola butter on the outside and popped it in the foreman. After a few minutes I put it on a plate, cheese side down, opened it up and threw in tomato and lettuce then closed her up. Wondermous chicken salad melt!!

so fab and melty!!

So on to book reviews! First, Lipstick Jungle. I think I had told you guys how much I was enjoying it as I watched the show (and thought it was okay…) but the book really made you get the characters. It gave lots of background on each woman’s relationship, career, etc. and why they made the choices they made and how they got where they were. Some of their marriages/career decisions/etc. were so appalling and just nasty that I had to stay in the car and listen! Seriously! My only complaint? It wasn’t long enough! It was a great escape and I give it a 4.5/5.

Next, Shopaholic & Baby. So I bought the first one a while back and LOVED it, then I bought the others all at once (not including this one). I thought I read them all. Then I picked up this one and just poured through it. I opened it on Friday of the Vegas trip and read the vast majority on the plan ride back. I thought it was adorable and sweet and really focused more on her friendships and Luke and their marriage and less about her absolutely crazy antics (although that was there – it was more cute than annoying!). When I closed it I realized they kept talking about her sister. That’s when I was like oops- haven’t read that one! So I’m reading it now, out of order. Oh well! I give this book a 4/5 – I would have given it a 5 if she had told Luke her major concern sooner. It was eating me alive. I think I read it so fast because I couldn’t imagine keeping my feelings from Austin the way she did to Luke!

My Sunday night ended with family time. Gotta love Sundays! I ended up at 1,836 calories, 208 carbs, 76 fat grams and 106 protein grams. Here’s what I ate. Yes – the 3 a.m. pizza hurt… it was my breakfast….

Speaking of…. January was just not how I thought it would be! I had MUCHO high calorie days. But today it’s February and today and the days that follow I’m going to be more focused on eating more healthy and exercising more. I’m not going to say I’m disappointed in January. It was a lovely month with lots of good times with very good friends. Lots of yummy meals and fun trips. BUT, I do think I’m not making the best choices and want to be more cognizant of that.

What are you going to focus on this month? I’ll be posting my goals tomorrow! Sadly, many are rollovers from January!


Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

You made some awesome food yesterday! The only thing I made for the week was a huge pot of butternut squash soup. It's so nice to have some food that you can just heat up; I'll have to cook more for the week on the weekends again...

The books sound good!

I'm going to look at my 2010 goals tomorrow to see where I'm at...

Kacy said...

Reuben is so cute! And so is your new shirt!

Dawn Dishes It Out said...

Oh my gosh Reuben is sooo cute! Holy long tongue!!!

My goals are to prioritize my days better which will in turn allow everything else to fall into place.

laura dishes said...

Ahaha crazy tongue! That's so funny!

Cute shirt.. as always!

I'm going to focus on yoga this month... and just working out more in general. :)

*Naomi* said...

LOVE those books, I always pack easy reads like those on vacay wth me. Have tyou read any Jane Green books?? Jemima J is awesmoe!! you will love it if you loved these two on your blog :)


Kelly Olexa said...

Why did they even cancel that show, Lipstick Jungle? I hate that!! I also loved all the Shopoholic books, probably because I can relate! WHAT?

Gabriela said...

Wow, you were busy in the kitchen yesterday! Your doggie (and his tongue) are adorable!

My goals this month are to eat less sugar and stick to my half marathon trianing plan!

Anne Marie said...

I'm focusing on eating healthy this month.

SmallStepsForLola said...

I have a few rollovers as well from my January goals. I just posted my February goals yesterday, but I need to focus on the exercise and learning how to lower my sodium/sugar intake in my food choices. It's a lot harder than I thought.

Love the new shirt, Spring can't come soon enough!

Staci Dombroski said...

I have read all of the shopaholic books too and I did the exact same thing. I read the baby one first and then I had to go ask my friend about the other one because I got lost in a few parts!

Pam said...

The sandwich looks really tasty. I'll be on the lookout for both books - I am always on the lookout for a good read.

Sunny said...

lol that is the cutest picture of your dog!! :) oh and your chicken melt looks a-ma-zing!! yum!

april said...

I love how organized you are! I'm organized but I still can't find the effort to meal plan. But I want to!! Maybe I'll buckle down this next weekend and try it! Do you plan out snacks too?

Therese said...

Sunday is by far my favorite day of the week! Usually meant for cooking, snuggling, and watching movies with the hubs and Daisy ;)

homecookedem said...

LOL!! Reuben's tongue is so funny!! He's so adorable! ;)

That chicken salad melt looks great!! I love chicken salad!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, a lot of my January goals were not attained, so they are rolling into February! :D

Love Reuben's face!!

*Naomi* said...

LOVE those books, I always pack easy reads like those on vacay wth me. Have tyou read any Jane Green books?? Jemima J is awesmoe!! you will love it if you loved these two on your blog :)