Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Hour Turned Concert, Before & After Kitchen, Taxes Poker Tournament

Thanks for the HILARIOUS Costco-related comments! haha You guys crack me up. And for the record, nope - this guy wasn't short. He was just a weirdo on a power trip! Sounds like i'm the only one who's had to leave a full buggie at the store! And thanks SO much for ideas for Austin's b-day party - i'm so excited for him!! It's just such a milestone year and I REALLY want him to have a blast and celebrate with his besties! Backing up....

Thursday I woke up S. O. R. E. I knew it was definitely going to be a break from working out! Think the 4 straight days including 2 C25Ks did me in! So I took the day to recoop, just worked, spent the day with Reuben, cooked and had a great night with the family! I ended up at 1,639 calories, 225 carbs, 34 fat grams and 93 protein grams. Here’s what I ate. One super exciting thing went down… Our appliances were installed!! Here’s the new kitchen (before & afters – and some close up shots!!)







Close up on the new friends!
This DW makes me SO happy - can't wait to do my first wash!

What we did:
  • Had granite installed.
  • Had a new sink and faucet installed.
  • Bought and installed new hardware for all drawers and cabinets.
  • Bought stainless steel appliances to replace white appliances (had them installed; had plumber fix gas line).
What we didn't do:
  • Replace backsplash. If I replaced it i'd want white subway tile. But it's already white tile so it's hard to justify changing it for a different shape!
What's left to do:
  • Rip out all lighting. Have two pendants installed over island. Have one pendant installed over sink. Have pot lights put in kitchen and under-cabinet lighting installed.
  • Have ceiling painted white.
  • Have crown installed.
So glad they're in - i'm very happy with how it looks and want to spend even more time in the kitchen now!

Friday was a great day! I was still pretty sore though, and then my lunch break got eaten up by meetings and interviews (interviewing for a new position on my team). I was able to get out for 30 minutes and go back to Costco with Stacy for Austin’s birthday stuff – WOO! After work I headed straight home to a yummy salad, and then we went to a little happy hour get together at Chris and Katie’s. We had a couple of drinks and they talked us into going to a concert at Smith’s Olde Bar! So we ended up eating with them and going! Love spur of the moment. We weren’t feeling the band too much, but we had SO much fun with them. (the band was techno….like for hippies – it was SO random I can’t even describe it!)

Me and Austie - why is my hair in my face? grrr

Katie and Chris

Me, Katie and MB (met her through Katie!)

Sooooo random

Me and Austie again - apparently we were in picture taking mode!

Austin & Chris - love making the boys take pics!

We had a TOTAL blast and I’m so glad we went…. But we stayed up WAY too late. Like wowza… And I’m estimating Friday at 2,370 calories, 219 carbs, 64 fat grams and 86 protein grams. Here’s what I ate and drank!

Today we woke up early – too early for the late night out! We got ready and headed over to Marietta to get our taxes done by a wonderful accountant/family friend. He finds the BEST ways to help us do our taxes properly and thinks of things we don’t think of – love it! He’s also great about talking to you about future plans and how this may or may not impact your taxes. It was a smooth, fun, laughter-filled session! Then we raced to grab lunch and stopped by the house to feed Reuben before heading to Austin’s Great Aunt and Uncle’s house for a 3 p.m. poker game! It was a great 12-person tournament and we had so much fun with Austin’s family (and Aunt/Uncle) and their friends. Austin placed 3rd in the first tournament and me and his Aunt Cheryl tied for first place on the second tournament – great game! Then we came home, had tacos for dinner, talked to Austin’s mom, did laundry and called it a night! I ended up at 1,574 calories, 159 carbs, 62 fat grams and 100 protein grams. Here’s what I ate. Now I’m off to watch a movie with Austin – woo!

Ever been to a concert or band that disappointed you? We tend to always have a BLAST at concerts – this one, while fun, the band was just too out there for me!

Do you go to an account or do your own taxes? I have so many friends that do it themselves- I couldn’t do it – I’d be scared!

Any poker players out there??!!


prettyface said...

WOW girl you look SO thin in these photos! have you lost more?

Genesis said...

amazing kitchen. ive always liked the white look of cabinets against dark surfaces.

your pictures are so cute.

Anonymous said...

Love your kitchen. It looked nice before but looks fabulous now!

We have always had an accountant do our taxes. We never have to pay so he must be doing something right. haha!

My dad plays poker online (no real money). He is in national tournaments and has even made it to #2 out of more than 15K people participating. He's good.

Shelli Ryan said...

Love love love the kitchen!!! It looks so great! The granite and stainless steel appliances look awesome!!!

Check out my blog today I nominated you for a fun award!!!

laura dishes said...

I do my own taxes but my 2009 situation is a bit more complicated than normal, so I've been thinking about having someone double-check my work. It's kind of nerve-wracking when I'm the only set of eyes that looks at them!

I love the work you've done on your kitchen... it's so clean & modern!

Anonymous said...

your whole house is amazing. Love it!! I do my own taxes--I dont have anything too fancy goin on so it's pretty straight forward!

Gabriela said...

Wow, your kitchen looks gorgeous!! I'd be super excited about the new appliances, too :)

My dad does my taxes for me, haha!! The beauty of being in college :) Hope you had a great Sunday!!

Erica said...

The kitchen looks fab! Please come decorate my house for me :) Sounds like a fun weekend overall. We do our own taxes, but we use H&R online. They really walk you through the whole thing! Its much easier than you'd think! I swear!

Melinda said...

I'm SO jealous of your new kitchen!! I can't wait until our house is finished- the construction mess drives me crazy!! lol

I did my own taxes using TAX Act- I was scared to, but they make it super easy and inexpensive!

Big Pissy said...

I agree with prettyface: you look really thin in these pictures. Especially your little face! It looks teeny!

Glad you had a fun Saturday. :)

fittingbackin said...

PF: Nope - I guess it's just the angle or something?? I'm pretty much holding at 120 lately!

Genesis: Thanks! I was really happy with the contrast!!

Jacey: Thanks so much - yes, I never want to have to pay either!! Aw that's cool - it's such a fun game.

Shelli: Thank you thank you! And doulbe thank you for the award - i'll have to post about it this week, sweet girl!

Laura: I see what you're saying - i'd want a second set of eyes, too! Thanks!! :)

Lisa: you're so sweet!! I think mine's pretty simple too, Austin's not so much!

Gabriela: Yup - mine were done until post-college too!! Thank you - i've really been enjoying cooking with them!

Erica: How cool - i'd never heard of that - glad it works so well for you! And thank you - I LOVE decorating and just can't get over how into this stuff i'm getting - good times!

Melinda: You'll be done before you know it - you guys are doing SO much!! "super easy and inexpensive" - sounds awesome!

Pissy: I'm the same old, same old over here - just must be the pic/angle or something - promises! Thanks - hope you had a good sat. too!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

LOVE the kitchen!

*Naomi* said...

i love concerts for some reason even if you dont LOVE who is playing it is still a great time!!!

love the kitchen it looks SO NICE!! you did a fabulous job decorating :)

Anne Marie said...

My uncle does my taxes-thank goodness!

homecookedem said...

Hey! I tried commenting yesterday, but for some reason your page wouldn't load for me! Anyway, your kitchen looks BEAUTIFUL!! You have such fabulous taste. I'm suprised you aren't a professional interior decorater... it comes so naturally to you! Unlike me, haha! ;)

Andrew and I always have his step dad help us with our taxes. He's a whiz. There's no way I'd know what to do!!

SmartCookie said...

You have such a beautiful smile!!

Aly said...

Hey! Where did you find that black kitchen island thats in your kitchen pictures? I am looking for something just like that!!!

Lex said...

New Blogger - HI!!!

I'm just going back and reading your posts to get to know you hehe!

I saw this post about your kitchen and its VERY similar to what we have in our new house. Question - does the microwave above the stove still allow for enough stove-top space? My mom is getting me a stove top microwave but everyone is telling me it doesn't leave much room. :(