Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Amazing Giveaways, 6.5 miles, P90X Ab Ripper, What I'm doing Tonight!!

Thanks for the sweet comments on my reunion pics! We had such a fun time! And those two dresses were two of my new ones from White House Black Market - only $60 each! Yay!! I'm still recovering from the trip - blah. I hate lack of sleep! So, like I mentioned, I got home on Sunday to THREE packages. 1: My pendant lights for the kitchen (more info later!). 2: My book club book Drusilla Campbell's Wildwood from Amazon.com and 3:A GIVEAWAY!

So…. Biz hosted the PERFECT giveaway for ME! She was literally giving away 30+ cooking magazines – Cooking Light, Clean Eating – you name it! I was SO pumped and I won- woo! She mailed the magazines out and guess what? She also included other great treats (two books she thought I would like, La Cruset measuring bowls, wood planks for grilling, fine grain sea salt and MORE) – Love her! The best part was definitely her super sweet note. Thanks, Biz!! Check out the loot….

Oh the hours of fun in this stack!

I mean really - could Biz be more sweet and generous?!

Then....I kid you not.... I won a second giveaway! The fabulous Kelly O hosted a GREAT giveaway for the EVO 2010 conference social media conference in Park City, UT! Her giveaway PAID for the conference. Like done! Only issue? It's June 24 -26 and this weekend I have a friend in town from NY and i'm co-hosting Stacy's shower on Saturday. SAD! While I would have loved to go, I had to pass it up. Can't wait to hear about Kelly's fun there though, and thanks again for the great giveaway, Kelly!

So aside from winning fabulous giveaways and getting inspired to do one of my own, here's what I've been up to! Monday I felt like the living dead. Still totally sleep deprived. Boo. I worked, then during lunch instead of working out we hit up Uncle Julio’s! I had chicken fajitas, having chips, salsa, rice, 1 taco and 1 extra tortilla. I was full! I worked more then headed home, having one more taco for dinner. Random! I guess some days it’s just the way it is! I ended the night with laundry and an EARLY bed time – no blog reading – sad! I ended up at (an estimate) 1,918 calories, 193 carbs, 94 fat grams and 81 protein grams. Here’s what I ate.

Tuesday I was ready to get to work and get GOING – I felt behind. I got to work and apparently that wasn’t the plan – my hard drive was kaput and my computer didn’t load. Enter 2 hours with desktop support group and a new but SLOW computer. Sigh. I worked, walked 4 miles during lunch, worked more, then me and Stacy headed over for 2.5 miles and ab ripper! My mileage was 5 minutes walking at 4.0, 18 minutes running at 6.3, 1 minute running at 7.5, 1 minute running at 6.3 and 1 minute walking at 4.0 – 26 minutes for 2.5 miles – WOO! 20 minutes straight of running is the most i've done in a while - yay! P90 followed and KILLED. Great workout! Then I headed home, paid bills with Austin, watched some Harry Potter and read blogs. Great evening! I ended up at 1,613 calories, 181 carbs, 47 fat grams and 113 protein grams. Here’s what I ate.

Speaking of giveaways... a co-worker was given extra concert tickets for a promotion we did a few months back and could no longer make it... so he sent an email out to my department (about 95 peeps) and was like first come, first serve. I raced over there and got them - two tickets to Collective Soul at Chastain Park - yay!!

I'm so excited! I absolutely love that band and didn't even know they would be in town. So a nice surprise for sure! And guess what I LOVE about this venue??? You can bring your own food/alcohol - FABULOUS!

Q: Won any giveaways, concert tickets, eBay bids, etc., lately??

Q: Do you think the world would be a better place if you could bring your own food/alcohol everywhere??? Clearly... I do... :)

Q: What are you doing tonight?! Happy Wednesday!


Joey said...

Great giveaways... I've never won a giveaway but am hoping to soon! ;) Have fun at the concert!

homecookedem said...

You know, when I saw Biz's giveaway, the first person I thought of who should win it was you! I knew you'd love getting all of those cooking magazines!!

Collective Soul will be so much fun! Random, but my grandma used to give the 2 brothers a ride to swimming lessons. She is really good friends with their mother!

Christina said...

i wait a giveaway for some cookies and i cannot wait to get them!! woohoo!

everything is better with alcohol and it's SO much cheaper outside of restaurants/bars. it's crazy how much you save by drinking at home!

prettyface said...

I haven't won a giveaway YET....but hopefully someday!

Great collection of cooking magazines!!

haute.teapot said...

Haha, you're so cute! I haven't won anything--like ever in life. Ebay I've been avoiding like the last slice of cheesecake. That's so fun that you won so much, lucky gal and you deserve it. Made me think of how fun it is to get magazines. :) Also, it would be great to bring food with everywhere! Disney World allowed it from what I gathered (we brought snacks & water every day). That's going to be fun to pack what you'd like to the concert and the P90 ab workout is no joke!! Bet you felt great after. :)

~L~ from Decorated and Exhausted said...

Sweet! How fun!! I actually just won Blues Traveler tickets from our local radio station for the 4th of July at Red Rocks Ampitheater...I'm stoked!!! I have never won anything in my life so I was pretty excited :)

Kenzie @ A Healthy Purpose said...

ive won a couple giveaways so I consider myself lucky!

BYOB should be a national restaurant policy!

Kacy said...

Yay for free concert tix! I love Collective Soul.

I haven't won anything recently, but I've won some great giveaways and even $300 on the radio once :)

Tyler said...

I love White House Black Market! They have amazing stuff!

I won some oats from one blog once. I also truly believe that the world would be amazing if it was BYOB!

Hope you have a lovely Wednesday!

Therese said...

I seriously never win giveaways!!! I think its because I am usually too lazy to tweet it, facebook it, blog it, etc etc etc. I mean come on, what happened to just leaving a comment!

I seriously wish I could bring my own alcohol everywhere...it would be so much cheaper lol!

Jenn@slim-shoppin said...

That's awesome stuff my sister Biz gave you!

We are both magazine-a-holics you could say!

Nice work outs too. I haven't tried the ab ripper workout with P90 but have the whole set at home, I'll try it!

Gabriela said...

Whenever I go to a non-vegetarian friendly place, I think about how much easier it would be if I could pack a meal from home and eat it at the table! Definitely politically incorrect and socially awkward, but it's a nice idea :) And whenever my friends and I go to concerts, we use jumbo coffee cups for mixed drinks. No one catches on in public places!

Anonymous said...

So glad the box got to you in one piece - I am usually a horrible shipper!

You will LOVE the LeCrueset bowls as much as you love to cook - I use one almost every day!



Lisa said...

That's an AMAZING giveaway! I've won a few here on the blogs (a book and some pasta) and both rocked.

Have fun at the concert!

Melissa said...

I haven't won a giveaway yet. Looks like you have luck on your side lately! :)

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I won a giftcard to Dick's Sporting Goods a few months ago - it was fun to go spend it!

Congratulations on winning!

Anne Marie said...

Giveaways are so fun! I love Biz! She rocks!