Monday, June 21, 2010

Best Reunion Ever, 4 Miles + Upper Body ST

Hi Strangers! Yes, I made it and made it back alive! We had a great reunion weekend and I’m so glad we went. (Yes, I considered not going…. But knew I’d regret it if I didn’t). So quick back story: I went to school with most of these peeps from Kindergarten through graduation; 260 of us graduated. This means that at some time you were BFFs or GFs of pretty much everyone! Haha Backing up…

Friday I had a team building event at the High Museum! It was fun, good to get with the team, but I had to head out early when Austin & Reuben came to get me around 2! We drove to Enterprise, showered, visited with my stepdad Mike and then headed to Erin’s to pre-party/get ready/catch up with her, her husband JT, Nicole, her BF Jason and Katie. So great to see everyone!! Nicole was in town from NM – SO fun! We had some drinkies, then went to the meet and greet at the Rawls Hotel. We were 2 hours late, a little past fashionable for sure but I was glad because apparently it was awkward before we came (i.e., them showing a presentation on the new high school… our high school was destroyed by a tornado in 2007 – just awful). So… we got there, caught up with Ashley and Meagan and a few others and had some drinks! Here's some pics!

Meagan, Ash, me, Nicole, Erin and Chasity

Me ans Ash

Austin, Wesley and Adam - so good to see Adam again! Long time!

Erin, Meagan, Katie, Ash and me

Me and the Katie's! (Wesley above is Katie on the left's husband)

After the fun, we left around 11 to go visit my cousin Robin and Jimbo for a few drinks!! (they just moved to Enterprise from Kansas). Definitely a great night, but I was ready for the following night when more people were in town, the band, etc.! I ended up at 1,647 calories, 138 carbs, 47 fat grams and 54 protein grams. Here’s what I ate.

Saturday I got up and Austin hit the golf course with my stepdad, Erin’s husband and Nicole’s BF and I headed straight for the gym for 1 mile walking, 2 miles running and 1 mile walking – woo! For the running part, I did 16 minutes straight at 6.3, 1 minute at 7.5, and then 1 minute at 6.3 – so 18 minutes! Then I did an upper body circuit x4 and rolled out. I got home, showered then went to meet Erin, Nicole, Katie, Adam (Erin’s brother who dates Katie) and Ashley at Mellow Mushroom for a rehash + day drinking. I had two beers and possibly the most laughter in a 3-hour lunch EVER. We just couldn’t stop and our waiter was bizarre which just added to it. Like CRYING laughter! Haha Afterwards, we all went up to the clubhouse to meet my stepdad and the boys, visited and watched the summer storm, then went home to get ready! Then we got Ashley, went to Erin’s, then headed to the reunion – only 1.5 hours late this time (but who starts a night of “dinner and dancing” at 6?! Geez!) The reunion was fun – SO good to see everyone and catch up, although I firmly believe that social media has had an impact on reunions! I mean, there wasn’t much small talk really – we all know where you went to school, where you live, who your kids are , etc. The line of the night was, “I facebook stalk you! Love your... house/dog/dining room/recent vacation/etc.”Which to me, made it nice, because we could just hang and follow up if you will. Here's some pics:

pre-party at Erin's
The boys: JT, Jason and Austin - our boys are all tall
At the reunion - Austin with Stephen and Lee
Stephen, Alicia, Erin, John and me
Troy and Daniel did a rap after the band stopped playing. I kid you not! Yes, I got some on video.
So good to see Sarah Keel again! I facebook stalk her and her family with two little boys who look JUST like her - they live in GA too.
Ash, Jackie, Nicole, Kim and me- hadn't seen Kim in FOREVER - so fun!
Katie, Sally, Haley, Christie and me - I've seen Katie over the years but it was great to catch up with the other three! Sally & Christie were on danceline with me in HS and Christie was one of my first friends in kindergarten P.S. Everyone below is a mother with 2+ kids - crazy! Some JUST had kids like 2 months ago!

We talked a lot, dance a bit and had a great time –fun band! Afterwards we went to Erin’s and had too many drinks and stayed up too late so we stayed over with them. GREAT night though!! I ended up at 2,051 calories, 140 carbs, 33 fat grams and 92 protein grams. Here’s what I ate.

Sunday I popped up at 9:30, dragged Austin up, packed up, said bye to Mikey and we headed out around 11, stopping for coffee, audio books and dairy queen. LOL We got home and I had THREE exciting packages!! I’ll tell ya about them tomorrow! J I basically spent the remainder of the day post 4.5-hour drive in bed watching TV! We needed the rest FOR SURE. I ended up at 1,452 calories, 167 carbs, 51 fat grams and 79 protein grams. Here’s what I ate.

WOW - so sorry for the long post + my lack of blog reading. I swear, as you can see, I've been going, going, going. I plan to read blogs this evening whilst doing laundry - can't wait to catch up with you all!

Q: How was your weekend? Anything exciting happen? I'm honestly SO glad I went. What a feel good event. Yes, there were still some haters but who cares? It was worth it.


homecookedem said...

Glad you had such a great time at your reunion!! :) Love all your dresses! Especially the first one! Love it!! :)

lee said...

Sounds like fun. My 10 year was in 2006. It was sort of right before facebook got huge (for people not in college anymore) so I really didn't know what anyone was up to. Now, 75% of my graduating class is probably a fb friend.

Christina said...

oooh i love your black dress. reading blogs + laundry? damn girl, you know how to multitask :)

Kacy said...

Looks like a great time! I hadn't thought about social media having an effect on reunions, but that must be so true!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great weekend! I am with Em, I've never seen such pretty dresses!!

Yes, times have changed - my 10 year reunion not many people even had email!

Samma said...

Ha- totally agree with you about Facebook and reunions. Most people at ours last year remarked about recent pictures on Facebook!

dev said...

So fun, Kel! And everyone looks great and so happy! :) glad you went. :0)

andrea said...

Love your dresses!

Melissa said...

Love all your outfits!!! Sounds like a fun time!

prettyface said...

First of all: WOO HOO! Go Pats! ;-) I've been a fan for YEARS and it makes it even cooler than I know people offiliated with them. haha!

I love your litle black dress! LOVE the top of it sooo much! You look like you had so much fun down here in little ole E'prise.

I can imagine how Social media impacts reunions- I keep up with everyone through it nowadays, so it's not like you can really ask.."Hey. What's new?"

Amanda@SenseiTalks said...

I love that black/white/pink dress you wore! So cute! I missed my 10 yr reunion 2 weeks ago-glad you had a great time with old friends.

Anne Marie said...

Wow-sounds like a fantastic weekend!!

Kelly Olexa said...

AWW looks like you had a GREAT time!! ;-) Love that black dress on you too!!
I'm excited to go on my trip this weekend, yay! Wish you were there girl!!

Erica said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself! I'm with the rest- your black dress is super cute! You look FABULOUS in it!!! Its always fun to see old friends, but a bit nerve wracking! I am going up to Boston (where I spent my high school years) this weekend...and I am strangely nervous about it too! Weekend was great- lots of family & friend time

Jenn@slim-shoppin said...

Your black dress is so cute!

I've gone to all my reunions so far and I've had a great time at each one. Although my high school graduating class was almost 1,000 kids, there are a lot of people I never knew!

Glad you had such a great time!

haute.teapot said...

Wow, I soo love your dresses--and you look fabulous in them. Hate the haters, but I guess they're always there, huh? ;p I went to the bay area--San Francisco, Palo Alto, Santa Cruz. It was lovely! :)

haute.teapot said...

Wow, I soo love your dresses--and you look fabulous in them. Hate the haters, but I guess they're always there, huh? ;p I went to the bay area--San Francisco, Palo Alto, Santa Cruz. It was lovely! :)