Wednesday, August 11, 2010

AC Issues, Shower, What Would You Do?

Thanks, ladies!! I was really happy with how the video turned out. hehe Loved your Green Day commentary and THANK YOU for the great band memories - Oasis! haha I was laughing so hard reading your messages about middle school, "pop" and knowing all of the n sync and Back Street Boys, etc. For me, boy bands was high school which just means i'm older than you! hehe

So real quick - yesterday was pretty standard in that I worked and it was a Tuesday so kind of lame. Only thing is I didn't get ANY workouts in. I did have a great excuse though - had Stacy's work shower during lunch! She had a great turn out and her and Shane totally cleaned up at Crate & Barrel! LOL She's going to have to register for more! Here's some pics:

After work I was so exhausted from the night before I drove straight home and got in bed. And we've been having AC issues. Even though we had a new unit installed for upstairs it's STILL not keeping the casa cold. sigh. And the lighting guy showed up at like 8 to fix some of the cans. Random. So me and Austin were just both so grumbly. Boo. I ended up at 1,645 calories, 188 carbs, 67 fat grams and 65 protein grams. Here's what I ate.

Aside from being grumbly, a few odd things have happened lately and I’m curious as to what you would have done/what you would do.

Exhibit A: Austin mows the lawn around 8 p.m. and comes upstairs. We head downstairs to eat dinner and I see a man with a blower in our driveway. He’s blowing grass into our driveway and is a good 7-8’ in. I immediately put my stuff down and go “check the mail.” He stops the blower.

I’m like, “Hi, can I Help you?”

He’s like “whoever mowed your…. Lawn… they left grass in the street.”

I’m like, “so, you came to blow it back into our driveway?”

He’s backing away.. quickly and says, “I have a broom if you want to borrow it.”

Austin comes out and I turn and yell “Austin – need to borrow this guy’s broom?”

And the guy is now walking quicker and goes to his house (about 4 down from us on a different street) and closes his door.

I’m PISSED. A. I’m allergic to grass. B. Austin has been mowing the lawn for over a year without issue. C. What a passive aggressive jerk – if you have a problem use my doorbell, write a note, etc. D. All of the above.

I look at Austin and he’s like, “I’m going over there.” And he does. Long story shorter, the guy totally apologizes, makes an ass out of himself trying to “explain” his passive aggressiveness and says if he has an issue with us in the future he’ll leave a note. What a dumbass.

What would you have done? Am I crazy for thinking this guy was uber out of line?

Exhibit B: I go to the store to get sized for a bridesmaid’s dress. She puts me in a 6 and then a 4 and says I need the 4. I pay. The end. I get the dress on Friday and it’s TINY. Like I held it up to 2’s and 0’s in my closet and it’s smaller. I freak out. Austin puts it on me. It zips but it’s very unattractive and I can’t breath. (you can’t “suck in” your ribcage) I call. The girl is RUDE. Basically assuming I’ve gained weight and it’s “you, not the dress.” I go in at the next available appointment and it goes like this:

  • She puts me in the size 6 sample again. Still too big.
  • She puts me in the size 4 sample again. Still has plenty of room.
  • She’s like, “See, this is why I suggested you get the 4.”
  • I’m like, “I agree. But let’s just try on the size 4 you sent me.”
  • I try it on, she zips me in and it’s sausage central.
  • She’s like, “how WEIRD. But we have a great alterations person and she can TOTALLY just take a half inch out on each side and you’ll be good to go!!”She’s very enthusiastic so I feel better.
  • She measures me and confirms that it’s “not me” (MUCH nicer than girl on phone mind you) and she’s happy happy joy joy, the seamstress will handle Wednesday and they’ll have it ready by Friday.

Note what’s missing: no talk of payment. So either:

  • They’re going to expect me to pay.
  • I’m going to expect them to pay.
  • They’re going to make the dress manufacturer pay.

C to me is the obvious answer. I’m going to cross that bridge when I get there…

What would you do? Pay for it and move on? Refuse to pay for it since they advised you wrong? Offer to go dutch?


Genesis said...

exhibit a - the guy was rude and it was great austin went and talked to him.

exhibit b - they should pay for it

Shelli Ryan said...

Exhibit A - That guy was so rude and I loved that you waltzed out there to "get the mail". I'm glad Austin said something to him. He's your hero! People are so weird about yards

Exhibit B - They should pay for it because clearly the samples are not the correct sizes they are sending to people.

Anna said...

Exhibit A: What a creepster! Unless he's an emissary from the HOA coming to help you out, he needs to mind his own business. You weren't on his property nor was anything of yours on his property so he needs to stay off your's!

Exhibit B: I would expect the dress to not charge me for alterations and then recoup their "losses" for alteration fees from the dress maker who clearly changed their sizing but not their sample, or effed up something else entirely.

Also, can I just tell you that the phrase "sausage central" almost made me pee my pants? Love the description - hate that girl number one was so rude!

-Anna @Doing Good & Living Well

homecookedem said...

Exhibit A - WHAT?!!!! I'm speechless. WOW. What a weirdo and it is fabulous that you went out there to let him know you knew what was going on. He totally got caught doing something shady and I'm glad Austin and him talked it out.

Exhibit B - They should absolutely pay for it. Totally not your fault.

E said...

SAY WHAAAAAAAAT? He just started blowing grass into your driveway? no no no. That is not ok! He should have just complained to you guys, and left it alone. Ugh, some people. The fact that he lives 4 houses down makes it even worse. You guys handled it right!


Kacy said...

People can be SO ridiculous sometimes! I agree with you in both circumstances for sure.

Sorry about the grumblies, I hope things turn around soon girl!

Gabriela said...

The dress thing is so weird!! I'd definitely expect the company to pay, or at least offer a new dress for free!! And to the lawnmower guy- WTF? People are seriously weird sometimes. I'm glad Austin confronted him!

Tyler said...

Oh me oh my! Sounds like some awesome people you came across...

ex A- I'm glad Austin went and told the guy what was up. What a rude dude!

ex B- You shouldn't have to pay a penny for their mistake.

Stacy is adorable!

Melissa said...

Ex A: Good for you guys for standing up for yourselves! What a weirdo!

Ex B: Somebody besides YOU needs to pay for it. It's not your mistake.

Christina said...

exhibit A: what the crap. what a weirdo. you did exactly what i would have done..."check the mail." haha! a note from him would have been sufficient, but i bet that would have been passive agressive too. his poor wife.

exhibit B: do NOT pay for that dress. it's so clearly a manufacturer issue and it's not something you should take pay for. not your fault at allllll. stand your ground sister! hopefully you won't have to deal with that though!

Anne Marie said...

That guy was ubber rude!

Tami said...

Wow what a week! I think I would ask for them to pay for it since it wasn't your fault!

Good luck with that.

Sarah W. said...

you need to make them pay for alterations to your dress..

if they had sent u the right dress in the right size you would NOT need to get the dress altered - THEIR FAULT and I think they did it on purpose so you would HAVE to pay for alterations.

Runi said...

A - I got a little pissed for you reading about that guy. I probably would have said more than was necessary! Good for Austin for going over to talk to him. I'd keep an eye for any other unnecessary behavior from that dude.

B - Do not pay for the alterations! Don't even offer to go dutch! Their bad, their fix! You're spending your time to get this straightened out when the whole point of getting fitted is to receive a dress that fits!

P.S. I'm Ruje's sister.

Kelly Olexa said...

First of all, I'd lose it with weather as hot and muggy as it has been and AC issues. God Bless You.
Secondly, the assclown with the blower has MAJOR issues. It wasn't even in front of his house? It's not like you took your garbage out and dumped it on the lawn!! Major Fail. Lastly, you should not pay a dime for alterations. #1 Wrong in the first place, #2 Attitude from worker #3 the inconvenience and time you had to spend plus gas money to go there. #EPIC FAIL

haute.teapot said...

You are hilarious!! I agree completely that the neighbor man was out of line. What a good guy that Austin took care of it!

And yes, they should pay for it! There better not be questions asked since they made the suggestions and then could see it didn't fit properly.

E said...

SAY WHAAAAAAAAT? He just started blowing grass into your driveway? no no no. That is not ok! He should have just complained to you guys, and left it alone. Ugh, some people. The fact that he lives 4 houses down makes it even worse. You guys handled it right!