Thursday, August 12, 2010

Book Review, New Product, C25K, Giveaway Winner

You. Guys. Rock. THANK YOU for totally supporting us - the neighbor is CRAZY and OMG, I agree, they TOTALLY need to pay for it! I loved Runi's response - my TIME. I've now been up there 3 times for this dang dress and the 4th will be to pick it up. That's ridiculous!! All right girls - i'll keep you posted on A: if neighbor goes psycho again and B: what happens with the dress! Thank you again for the advice/thoughts/support!!

So Yesterday was a pretty great day! On the way into work I finished my audio book: James Patterson's You've Been Warned. So this book drew me in. I liked the main character, Kristin, a photographer/nanny. I don't want to giveaway the plot, but it was written in first person so you really got to know her and her life and her... indiscretions. I got into it quick and it had TONS of chapters and almost every one was a cliffhanger. This book got mostly bad reviews but I honestly thought it was interesting. I could see how some would HATE the endings, but I think it tied it up nicely and was actually pretty surprising all along. A couple of things I didn't buy, per se, but i'd definitely listen to it again. And I loved that as weird things were happening to her, she was even like THIS IS WEIRD, as opposed to just letting it go, if that makes sense. I give it a 3/5. It would have been better if there had been a couple of additional clues as to the ending, and if a few more loose ends had been tied up.

After finishing my audio book, I just worked, walked 4 miles during lunch, worked more, had positive meetings, and then after work I headed back to the gym! I did C25K (still doing the lower run). I walked 2 minutes at 4.0 mph, ran 24 minutes at 6.3 mph/1 minute at 7.5 mph, and then walked at 4.0 mph for 3 more minutes to take me to 30 minutes/3 miles. I hopped off the treadmill, did upper body ST, then headed home to try a new product:
Seeds of Change Korma simmer sauce.

Just added a pound of chicken and some white rice and bam - a yummy Indian curry dish! I will say this one was higher in calories/fat and had lots of excess sauce - next time i'll make it 5 servings (add 4 oz. more of chicken and another .75 cups rice) to take down the counts. GREAT sauce though - really creamy, I love coconut milk!

After dinner the Aqua Wash guy came to pressure wash the house/patio/windows - YAY! And then we headed to Fedex to laminate some signs for Austin's birthday, then the liquor store for more birthday party liquor! Then it was chill time, two beers in the backyard. Love . It. Forgot to tell you some fun stuff!

I won an awesome coupon for an entire meal from 2 from Jenn & Slim Shoppin'!!
Thanks, Jenn! I'll post once I buy one - can't wait! Great giveaway!!

I also got this EXCITING coupon from Cabot - Regan, my new Cabot friend/Auburn grad/Team Edward teammate - woo!! You guys know i'm slighting obsessed with Cabot 75% so you know this will be gone in a heartbeat! Cheese with low calories, a little bit of good fat and it MELTS?! I'M IN!
Check out their new Random Acts of Cheddar Campaign - it's pretty cool! I'll post stats tomorrow - hope you all had a great night!!

Q: Do you like cheese? If so, what's you favorite kind? Brand?

Q: Won any giveaways or great coupons lately? Can I tell you how excited I am about Buitoni and Cabot???!!


Tyler said...

I haven't gotten any sweet coupons as of lately BUT I'm madly in love with Cabot cheese as well! I almost screamed when I found sliced 50% reduced fat cheese at Target. It was an exciting day!

April said...

I love books that aren't predictable. I also like James Patterson...may have to get that one.

I do like cheese...goat cheese!!

I haven't won anything lately :(

April said...

Wahoo, found out how to post on your blog. Redhead75 by the way :)

Tina said...

James Patterson just cranks books out, huh? I haven't been as into him lately for some reason. He used to be one of my favorites.

Glad you had a great day! And nice score on the giveaway items. The best one I ever won was for Vitatops. Mmmm!

lee said...

I like very basic cheeses - cheddar, monterey jack. No stinky cheese for me!

Anna said...

I do not discriminate against any type of cheese. I love them all. Yummy, melty, gooey, delicious cheese! If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would probably be cheese!

I've never won a giveaway, but that doesn't stop me from trying! Enjoy your treats!

Oh, and do you get all your audio books from the library? If Hubs and I move to a city in a few years that doesn't have mass transit, I'll have to find a good way to get audio books on the cheap!

-Anna @ Doing Good and Living Well

Anne Marie said...

I love cheese - I don't think I have a favorite though!

Lindsey said...

I've never read James Patterson but it sounds fun. I def. love the audio books. :) But thye are pricey - wonder if there is a discount site - anyone?

Also Kel, I meant to say that I
A) Couldn't BELIEVE that your neighbor would do that - WTF? So glad Austin handled him - LOL.

B) They should SO pay for those alterations. Is this for Stacey's BM dress? I can't believe that chick got an attitude with YOU. I mean COME ON!

Kacy said...

I looove cheese. Feta, chevre, boursin, gouda, muenster, brie - love it all!

Jessica said...

I've been in LOVE with goat cheese lately. I cut little medallions into a baking dish, then surround it with marinara sauce and bake till the cheese is a little bubbly... Then, serve with crispy baguette slices (like at a tapas restaurant)!! PS.. Thanks for the quick reply about the Crystal Light!

Regan Jones RD said...

Soooo behind on my blog reading (vacay & work travel, yay?!)... anyway, I see you got the coupons. Awesome ;-)

I may have missed it on the blog (since I'm so behind), but have you picked up Mockingjay? I saw it in the airport bookstore b/n flights... I'm loving it.

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