Monday, August 2, 2010

Charleston Bachelorette Party Weekend, New Products

Thanks you guys - the Forrest of Hands and Teeth was really a GREAT book and I SO appreciate the eating-on-the-road tip. I took your suggestions as much as possible!! Also, a few answers - YES, I LOVED the Hunger Games series and me and my mom agree, it IS similar to that. And the little red pillow with the bird was purchased here online. K - here goes my weekend - looking forward to seeing what you all were up to!

Friday it was off to Charleston! Me and Mon took off at 12:30 and enjoyed our 5+ hour catch up session. SO FUN to catch up with her. I think we do a great job of keeping up and staying connected but you can’t beat a long car ride to get up to speed on a bestie. Enjoyed it! We got into town, got ready, and then it was off to Taco Boy for dinner (2 tacos – one chicken and one mushroom – both amazing). We had a few drinkies, took a few pictures and then it was back to the hotel for late night PJ party, shenanigans and nonstop talking! Nothing says girls night like practicing yoga poses and seeing if we could still do the splits. Yes, it was like THAT. Haha Love. :) I ended up at 2,355 calories, 179 carbs, 85 fat grams and 108 protein grams. Here’s what I ate and drank.

Saturday I woke up EARLY. TOM pain. BLAH. Mon did too (for the same reason) – we are so unlucky! So we hit up Starbuck’s where I took your advice and got that yummy egg, spinach and feta wrap. AMAZING! Then we went back to the hotel. Everyone was still asleep so we ventured back out to a trip to Wholefoods. I got lots of new goodies to try – can’t wait! In the meantime I had two new products: the Larabar Peanutbutter Cookie and Parmesan Pop Chips. Um YUM! Loved them both for sure. The peanutbutter cookie really filled me up and I loved how natural it tasted! I can definitely see myself eating these again. The pop chips felt “guilty” if you will and had lots of flavor, but the nutritional information was awesome – I can’t wait to try some new flavors. When we got back the girls were up and it was time for the beach. We chilled on the beach, walked a couple of miles, then headed back to get ready, do the lingerie shower/games and then it was time for dinner at Coast Bar & Grill where I got a grilled salmon salad and a mojito. BOTH were amazing! Then the drinking and bar hopping commenced at Midtown Bar & Grill and Trio Lounge – GOOD times had by all, especially the bachelorette of course. I haven’t downloaded my pics yet, but here’s a few I snagged from Lindsey on Facebook!!

Arriving at Coast

In the cab
At Trio
on ze beach
Loved this restaurant!
Late night limo ride
early on - when we still had on make up! Love it!
1 of 2 limo rides. How we kept ending up in this thing I'll never know.

I ended the night at 2,602 calories, 219 carbs, 78 fat grams and 85 protein grams. The drinking + late night chips/salsa were no friend to my calorie counts. Eek! Here’s what I ate and drank.

Sunday we got up and headed home. Nothing too eventful outside of yet another fabulous 5+ hour catch up session with Mon! I will say that I created my own concoction at Subway. I wanted something WARM like pizza but didn’t want to have to go in anywhere or anything. So I made a flatbread with their chicken, white American cheese and a scoop of marinara sauce. Then I topped it with oregano and had them toast it. AWESOME. We got home around 4ish but I had to go get Reuben by 5 so the day felt shot. I got home, unpacked, showered and RESTED. Reuben rested too (although when I got to the boarder’s he was asleep on the desk in pupper bed with a Chihuahua named Tink). Austin got home from Nashville shortly thereafter, and we preceded to chill out, have a couple of slices of Papa John’s and call it a night! I ended up at 1,617 calories, 217 carbs, 53 fat grams and 77 protein grams. Here’s what I ate.

Q: Do you ever make up your own meals at restaurants? If so, what’s the best thing you’ve ever “made”?

Q: Ever been on a Bachelorette Party? If so, do you enjoy them? What is your favorite part?


Tina said...

This weekend was the weekend for bachelorette parties apparently. I'll be going to my friend's at the end of this month. Should be interesting hitting the bars 5 months pregnant! LOL

Glad you had fun!

Anna said...

Welcome back -- it looks like Charleston was a ton of fun! I've been to several bachelorette parties (including my own) and they are so much fun! You make so many friends all night long. I'm going to another this month and really looking forward to it!

I've never really "made" something at a restaurant (aside from places that invite you to assemble your meals -- like burger places) but I'm certainly not shy about asking for modifications. I've found that most wait staff are really accomodating and will even make recommendations for their favorite mods.

Happy Monday Girly!
-Anna @ Doing Gool & Living Well

Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

PB cookie Larabars are my all time fave! Although, I hear they have some awesome new flavors, too!

I don't make up my own meals at restaurants. I'm still embarassed asking for dressing on the side! So lame, I know!

homecookedem said...

What a fun weekend!! My bachelorette party was probably very lame to a lot of people, but it was exactly what I wanted. A bunch of girls brought snacks and drinks to my house one weekend while Andrew was away on his bachelor camping trip and we ate and drank the whole night and a few girls stayed the night for a slumber party. It was perfect for me!!

Oh and I love that Starbucks wrap!! Great, tasty, and healthy option when you need breakfast on the go!!

Kacy said...

Looks like so much fun! It was a weekend of several bloggie bachelorette parties, haha. Makes me want to go to one but no one is engaged yet.

I've been to a few, but none of them were really up my alley. Too many male strippers :/

Samma said...

Such a fun trip! I adore Taco Boy- yum yum yum!

Jennylee said...

I've been to two bachelorette parties. My favorite part is wearing crazy sh**! Boas, pink anything, penis veils, etc. I've always wanted to go to a bachelorette party where the Future Bride wears pink and everyone else wears black- but no one ever wants to play that game :-( Maybe I will for MINE...if I ever have one that is. haha

Lindsey said...

I too love thr Starbuks wrap! The black bean one is good too. :)

And YES I've been to a couple of b-parties - yours included!

lee said...

I had a bachelorette party a couple months ago. It was pretty low key. 4 of my girlfriends and I just went to dinner and then to a bar. I did wear a penis headband, though.

Tami said...

Wow you packed in a lot of activities in a short amount of time.

I often ask for just what I want at a restaurant if I don't see anything on the menu that works for me. Usually it will be grilled chicken or fish, with salad greens or steamed veggies.

Tyler said...

Looks like a super fun weekend! I sadly never had a Bachlorette party (planned the wedding in a week!), but I went to one of my old sorority sister's and holy cow it was crazy! Nothing too obscene, just a big blast! I crashed a bachelor party once (pre Ryan days!) and it was pretty fun as well.

Regan Jones RD said...

I downloaded The Forrest book to my Ipod today and already like it. So glad to know that it's on a par with Hunger Games... and btw: can't wait for book 3 in that one!

Lindsay Cotter said...

haha, I always make up my own meals in restuarants. Yes, I am that girl. Usually a combo of an appetizer/salad/entree meat. :)

What a fun time! I want to go to charleston.

Yum Yucky said...

I have NeVer been to a bachelorette parr-tay. Looks like so much fun. And I those shoes you have on!

Mica said...

I've never been to a Bachelorette party. None of my close friends have gotten married yet, really. I imagine I'll start going to them soon-ish though.

Anne Marie said...

Looks like a fun time! I've been to a few bachelorette parties and have had a lot of fun!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

What a fun weekend!! Such cute pictures! ... I never count calories on weekend trips, you're a brave girl :) But I have never tried pop chips, I am excited to check them out next time I am at whole foods!

And yes, I always make my own meals up at restaurants, I am quitw the high maintenance orderer, and always ask way too many questions about the menu. Thankfully my guy is very patient :)

Christina said...

yay, glad you had fun in charleston!! i love coast too! it's yummy. the pictures are so cute!

Christina said...

yay, glad you had fun in charleston!! i love coast too! it's yummy. the pictures are so cute!