Sunday, August 29, 2010

Charleston Rehearsal Dinner, Blogger Meet Up, Good Times

Happy Sunday! Hope you guys had a great weekend - sounds like some fun ones were in store. We had a great weekend for sure - I just love Charleston! Friday was pretty busy - we had the day off work and got up, took Reuben to my mom’s and visited with her for a bit, then went to my sister’s to drop the car off and visited with Zach. Then it was off to Charleston! The ride in wasn’t too bad – read lots of Impossible and magazines and of course had a blast with the Velotas’s – they’re hilarious! Then we got in town and went by Herold’s Pharmacy – Mike and Mary’s new pharmacy! (Yes, they own a pharmacy – so cool for them!). So good to see it, visit with them, see their pupper Stella again and introduce the Mary & Jimmy to Mary & Mike. After a bit we had to roll though to check in, shower, and head to Mad River for the rehearsal dinner. Mad River was the place where the couple, Fox and Stephanie, met – which they later reenacted. Good times! The dinner was good and they had a DJ so it turned into a club – crazy! We left there around 10 and headed to Tommy Condon’s Irish pub for a few drinks. Then we hopped in the cab and went to Pearlz Oyster Bar in West Ashley for some drinks with the Wise’s! So fun to get the Velotas’s and Wise’s together – even got a Mary sandwich photo! Hehe

Mad River

Me and Mar with Ken's wife Jenni and Scott's fiance Kim
Austin with Scott and Jimmy - Pikes reunited
Fox & Austin with the groom - Fox
Austin and Johnny
Us and the Velotas's!
Me and Austin as the rehearsal dinner

Yay - so glad we got to meet up with Mike and Mary! Love a Mary sandwich!

The Velotas's, us and The Wise's!
Me and Mary having awesomely good times in the cab!

Going to track later, but I know I had the following: Chick-fil-a biscuit for breakfast, 6” subway chicken breast with American cheese, 1 bag of cape cod sour cream & onion chips, 1 mini DQ reese’s cup blizzard, salad with balsamic + parmesan pasta salad and ½ mini bag of sour patch kids. Hehe

Saturday started out a little rough. Apparently I had accidentally stolen someone’s blackberry thinking it was Austin’s… and they called a lot looking for it and they had a horrible ringtone which woke us all up. Oopsie! Owner of the phone, Josh, picked it up, and then we went ahead and got ready to go meet Erica of Itzy’s Kitchen at Caviar & Bananas! I was so excited to meet her – we didn’t think it was going to work out as she was, randomly enough, supposed to be in Atlanta while I was in Charleston! But it worked out and I really enjoyed meeting her! She’s just as cute and sweet as she seems on her blog, but she’s even tinier in person – a little doll! So good to learn more about her and her job and life in Charleston. She also gave me great advice about running and was just such a good person to talk to – felt like I’d known her for years!!

Caviar & Bananas
Yay for a great blogger meet up!

I’ll post wedding pics and rest-of-the-weekend recap later – need a nap! Haha

Q: Ever had a blogger meet up? If so, did you love it/why? If not, do you want to?

Q: Ever been to Charleston?
We really loved the city – I enjoy coming here. It’s so preppy and people wear dresses to go everywhere – fabulous! Austin & Jimmy even walked over to the pike house and visited with the brothers there – so cute. Everyone was nice and it’s so CLEAN. Great city.


Erica said...

You guys did so much while you were in Charleston! The rehearsal looks like SUCH a blast- love your dress. It was wonderful to meet you- I totally felt like I had known you for years too! Hope you're getting settled back in at home and are enjoying time with your fur baby!!

homecookedem said...

Awwwwwww, so glad you and Erica got to meet up!! :) I hope to meet her one day! She seems sooooo sweet!! :)

lee said...

Looks like fun. I want to meet Erica! I've been to Charleston and enjoyed it a lot. My brother-in-law lives there so we hope to visit him soon.

Tyler said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I've never done a blogger meet up, but I totally would! I think it would be fun!

hbobier said...

I have never been to Charleston or really any city down in that part of the country--it sounds like a blast though!!

I love your red flower dress--it's so cute!

Lindsey said...

YAY so glad you had a fun weekend. Sounds awesome - Charleston is super fun. :) And I'm sure the Velotas made it even more enjoyable.

Kacy said...

Looks like so much fun! You guys know how to party!

I love blogger meetups!

Christina said...

awww i wish i had been there! :( glad you had fun in charleston. hope there's a next time!!

Anne Marie said...

Never had a blogger meet-up but always wanted to. They look like so much fun!

Pam said...

What a fun time... I love that picture of you in the cab - you look so happy. Blogger meet ups are the best.

Samma said...

Girl, you are like me! A wedding or shower or some sort of event every weekend! I need a break, but now it's football season! How about you?

Melinda said...

Charleston is the BEST! I love it there- used to visit all of the time when my hubby's family lived there and yes everyon is uber preppy and so many chic places to eat and shop! You guys look like you had a blast!

Anonymous said...

I just met Paige from Running around Normal. I was actually quite nervous at first, but as soon as we started talking we didnt stop until we were done running. I cant wait to go running with her again!! :)