Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Best Monday Ever, AU Wins the National Championship, Fun with AU Friends

WOW. It’s all I can say. I’m back home in Atlanta where it’s snowing and the roads are all closed, missing Arizona’s beautiful weather and the buzz from such a major win. (and the cacti... loved them!) An amazing past few days, friends! To back up…

I woke up Monday AKA the day of the National Championship Game and we just chilled, rested, blogged and prepared. Our car came to get us at 11 and we were at the stadium by 11:30. We immediately took it all in – it’s just wild how they built this UFO-looking stadium in the middle of no where, and then created a mini time square around it of two stories of restaurants and bars. Wha?! We walked over and immediately bumped into Adam and Anne Marie and some of their friends. We also saw Kelly and Ryan! We ended up walking around and getting a bite to eat in Auburn’s Under Armour area, then we all headed out to the parking lot to Brandon’s tailgate (i.e. $10 gets you 12 beers rather than 1). I bumped into Margot there – loved catching up with her! And Nicole – great to be with Auburn people! Our ticket seller (new one we found on eBay the night before) met us there with tickets in hand, better seats then he promised since we were paying cash, but alas they were on the Oregon side. So he left to go figure it out.

We stayed out there and tailgated for a while, then headed toward the stadium to meet up with our ticket seller – WE GOT TICKETS! Even better seats, on the lower level, for not that much more – AMAZING. Austin was on a cloud. Then we headed to the stadium to meet Andy, Monica, Jamie, Candice and crew. SO AWESOME to see everyone – we all just kept saying we can’t believe we’re here! We decided to go in the stadium an hour early – why not? There is no where to tailgate near the stadium (with alcohol) or anywhere to buy it so we rolled in, bought programs, checked out our seats and took pictures. I won’t get ALL into the game, but let me just say that it was a nail-biter. One of our guys got hurt during kick-off. The new turf was slippery and everyone didn’t seem confident on the ground. We were up just about the whole game – they tied it up but in the end our kick won the game. You guys, it was amazing! I still can’t believe that Auburn is the national champion! I also couldn’t believe how many fans came out – so many just said they came to be in Arizona to watch it (which bode well since the weather in the Southeast went to shit in our absence). AU fans DEFINITELY outnumbered Oregon fans – it was pretty crazy.

Great area to celebrate the game! Glendale really did it right... aside from the fact that it's in the middle of no where

hehe tostitos were everywhere - the new flavor they gave out in the game was yummy

Austin and Andrew before the game

LOVED mini timesquare!

how cute is it? Westgate was awesome.

Had to get Austin with his favorite domestic

Austin and Taylor in Under Armour tent/area

Me and Margot tailgating

Austin and Emilio - our ticket seller - such a nice guy

Austin before we ended up with the tix from Emilio - a very stressed out guy

Me and Nicole tailgating

Austin, Adam and Brandon at the tailgate - tall boys!

Me and Austin tailgating

Meeting up with Andy!

And Mon and Candice!

Of course I had to put on that taco hat and stand with my cuban friend - duh

Austin outside the stadium, REAL tickets in hand = happy boy

Adam, Austin, Andy and Andy with their programs

Adam, Austin and Andy with their programs

Me and Austin - our tickets are OFFICIALLY real and not fake - we just got in

Adam, Anne-Marie, me, Austin, Andy and Mon!

Martins and Blancos!

Yesssssss we're in! Nice guy behind us offered to take pictures!

Ahhhh loved our seats!


Smoke to introduce AU (sorry - these are a bit out of order hehe)

Awesome to see our B'ham friends - but it made us miss Mary & Jimmy even more!

More stadium shots

Me in the stands

this is how we won the game - setting up for the kick

bout that time

ball is in the air!

winners! Me and lauren - a girl who sat next to me with her dad and a fellow Pi Phi from AU! (except she's like 6 years younger than me - lucky lady!)

woo hoo

I mean really - celebration!

Me and Austin admist the celebration

so cool

Meeing up the boys after - Jamie, Austin, Andy and Tyler

Austin, Andy and Jamie

Me and Erin!

One of the cute signs!

Me and Austin - my fave picture from the day.

AU buddies - love it

Bumped into our buddy Ryan on the way out of the game

Spent the evening with Ryan and Kelly celebrating post-game - SO fun!

Austin loved those 1/2 yard beers - I want some of the glasses for the house but where would I store them?

Loved Yard House - yummy food too

A few fun tidbits:

  • Favorite Signs: Shut the Duck up! War Eagle!; Going Hunting with CAM-O!; The 8th Wonder of the World: Grand Camyon; Duck Duck Lose!
  • Oregon Random Facts: Those we asked didn’t know their mascot’s name. For real – we asked sets of people and it was like Puddles, Bubbles, Stanly, etc. So interesting! Must not be a tradition for them like our Aubie. Other interesting notes: they used duck calls. Why? Duck calls kill ducks. Now a lot of AU fans had duck calls. THAT made sense. Lastly: they were so nice. Like why not? Our rivalry was non-existent so it was a lot of “great catch Auburn!” “WOW – your guy is fast.” They were super friendly, except for the, I don’t know, 7 ‘Roll Tide’s’ I got that day. Um, support your own team, not our enemy who has nothing. To. Do. With. Today. Randar!
  • Saban: Really? Why were you there? Why were you involved in our event? Last time I checked Auburn wasn't representing at your national championship game. I SO hope someone can uncover proof that our representatives were invited but declined because it’s just TACKY. Yes, this is how I felt about it. :)

So after the game we met with the group then walked over and met with Kelly and Ryan! Great to see them!! They had buddies at the Yardhouse so we had dinner (chicken tortilla soup) and awesome ½ yard beers - so cool! We stayed until the bar shut down, visiting with Kel and Ryan and having a blast. Then we all shared a cab, them heading to their hotel in downtown Phoenix and us heading to Erin’s hotel in old towne for a drink. Her and her cousin Brian are hilarious! We visited with them then cabbed it to Tempe – exhausting end to an amazing day – I’m still just so fortunate that we were able to go to Arizona, get real tickets, see Auburn win the national championship, meet so many great Arizona peeps, visit with so many of our Auburn besties – like it just really hasn’t hit me!

Q: What was the best part of your weekend? Mine was seeing our friends and shopping on Sunday – however, the best Monday of my life was definitely being in Arizona to see our Tigers win the game!

Q: Have you ever drank a ½ yard beer? I thought they were just so cool – I’d really never seen anything like them!

Last but not least - THANK YOU for all of your support with the scammer. That honestly did suck... :( And on a happier note - thank you very much for your sweet comments about my new bag - it worked out PERFECT! It even held my flats for when my boots got too painful!! :)


Buckhead Belle said...

Cute pictures! Looks like y'all had a great time! And again, I am totally swooning over your bag... currently on the hunt for one for me!

So excited for Auburn!

Christina said...

so excited for auburn too! i can't believe they won the national championship! i mean i can,'s just so great!! WOOO

Kerr said...

looks like yall had a great time! so glad Auburn won!

Samma said...

Hahahah I had to google what a 1/2 yard beer is! Looks like y'all (esp Austin) had a great time- (sidneote isn't it so fun being able to drink beer or whatever you want in the stadium at bowl games?).

I'm really happy for Auburn- yay SEC! Hopefully the conference's 5th national championship win will finally convince ESPN that it's the most difficult conference to play in (aka the biggest football badasses). I'll leave it at that before I go into my BCS rant- CONGRATS TO AUBURN!!

Jenny said...

Score!! Glad you guys got tickets and not from Mr. Shadyness.

I love your taco hat haha!

Nancy said...

Wow! LOVE all the pictures!!!! I have several favorites, but I have to say that one of you and Andy....where you're wearing the taco hat? That one is CLASSIC and I must have one to frame!!!

So, so SO glad that things worked out and y'all got tickets!!!! YAY!!!!

I'm just beyond thrilled for Auburn!!!! :)

Erica said...

WOW- the seats do look amazing! What a game. I love when the championship games are close! Makes it seem so much more like the two teams totally deserved to be there. Y'all rocked it. Your new bag looks cute with your out fit :)

KL said...

I cant decide which picture I like best: Austin stressed out, Austin hugging your ticket guy, or Andy's taco hat. Looks like a great time!!!

Jess@atasteofconfidence said...

Yay! Was a fun game to watch:)

Heather (Where's the Beach) said...

woohoo - congrats to your team. I was rooting for AU too. I lived there for almost a year so I am slightly partial ;-) Looks like tons of fun!

Tyler said...

WOW sounds like a super fun time! I love your loyalty to Auburn! Always looks like you are having a blast!

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

great pictures! So glad Auburn won! What a perfect weekend.

Joelle (The Pancake Girl) said...

Wooooo, how fun! I was totally rooting for Auburn too, which made me think of you haha. Glad you had a good time!

-Joelle (the pancake girl)

Jill said...

I used to go to Yard House back in Vegas! Love that place. I tried to watch the game but fell asleep during halftime (I was on cold meds, though)... I'm glad you guys got home ok, everyone in Atlanta seems a little stir crazy from all the ice.

MaryT said...

awesome pics (esp the 1st with the HUGE cactus and your cute outfit!)....I will be stalking your 50+ more on the fb momentarily!
Looks like it was a total blast, esp with all of the beefy beers...and those seats were bad ass!! you can only imagine how pumped Scott was about the win :)

Hope said...

Love your pictures! You had GREAT seats! You and Austin are adorable! I'm glad you had a great time! I've never had a 1/2 yard beer! That thing is huge!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome time -- so glad the ticket situation worked out for the best!

I bet your doggies were happy to have you guys home!

Anne Marie said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time! The highlight of my weekend was spending time with my son and hubby :)

Biz said...

Looks like you guys had such a good time - congrats on your teams win!

My husband watched the game on t.v. Now that we are down to the NFL playoffs, he has to get his football fix from college games too now!

april said...

What a great time! My boyfriend lived in Glendale for 1.5 years so that looks familiar! :)

Kara Schmahl said...

Looks like you had such a great time at the championship game! I just stumbled across your blog and love it : )

SueMac said...

War Eagle!!! Looks like y'all had a great time! I love that orange bag..... soooo cute! That game was so tense.... especially being married to a Bama fan..... beyond tense in this house!