Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dining Room Re-Do, Productive Weekend, Today's To Do's!

Thanks you guys!!!! I'm so glad you think the recipe sounds yum - I REALLY liked it and have already had it 3 times. Time to stop! haha :) I just love finding a new recipe that me and Austin both like so much. And I did make it number one for Mexican on my Top 10 Recipes List. So, I was at the gym on Thursday and picked up a Better Homes & Gardens magazine. Not usually my bag, but I flipped through it and a page caught my attention. It was all about making your dining room buffet functional, and decorating with items that are great to have on hand for entertaining - even if it's last minute. Examples included a glass jug with napkin packs, baskets with appetizer plates and spreaders, a lazy susan with liquors, etc. Well, we already have a "beverage station" - our kitchen island has two cabinets with all of our liquors and mixers, and two drawers with all of our bottle openers, wine stoppers, spouts, etc. So I wanted to focus on making our sparsely decorated buffet a great location for: a few of my favorite serving dishes, party napkins, paper plates, plastic silverware, appetizer plates, spreaders, plastic cups, koozies, beer & wine charms, etc. - all of those things I dig out when we have company (usually kept in the pantry). In order to do this, I got the following: a couple of new servers at Crate & Barrel, new appetizer plates and spreaders, a big jar for napkins at Homegoods and a basket, green dinner napkins and a water goblet for displaying the spreaders.




Now for some detail shots:

Top shelf: new $10 server from C&B; new $6 server from C&B - narrow for crackers or olives; already owned two pottery barn servers, 3 Ikea mini servers and 8 Ikea sauce dishes
Bottom shelf: silver bucket that came as part of one of Austin's birthday gifts - it's filled with clear 16 oz. solos, clear wine glasses and our Martin-branded cups; new $12 basket from Pottery Barn outlet; filled with new $2.50 green cloth napkins from Pottery Barn, 8 new $3 Crate & Barrel appetizer dishes; new $10 Crate & Barrel mini tongs and already owned Pottery Barn pitcher.
Top shelf: Cutting board (wedding gift) - we've never used it but hope to use it more if it's out - maybe for cheese & crackers or something?!
Bottom shelf: Already owned Home Goods jar with wicker balls from Target; new $2 Pottery Barn Goblet with new green PB napkin; filled with 6 new $2 Crate & Barrel spreaders and 3 already owned Ikea mini spoons; new Home Goods $10 jar filled with new PB napkin and already owned paper napkins in brown and white (I plan to get more brown, white and green for it).

So what about the stuff that doesn't match the scheme? IT'S IN THE DRAWERS! Yes, novel concept using the drawers i'm sure. These used to be EMPTY. This is theme in our house... empty drawers!

Drawer #1: Already owned container and filled it with clear silverware; remaining is filler pinecones and rocks and extra runner
Drawer #2: Already owned clear plates and assortment of beverage napkins in different colors - room for more!
Drawer #3: Already owned assortment of plates, beer charms and extra bamboo placemats.

So that's it! I'm really happy with it but am open to recommendations? What am I missing? Is it cluttered or does it need more? There are a few items I have my eye on for it. They include:
some fancy toothpicks!

potentially this short storage bin for the low shelf - could replace servers? Could house more cups or koozies? May not be necessary and may be too "officey"
More appetizer plates - great price on this set of 12!

P.S. You can see a bit of our new dining room rug in these pictures. Reuben ruined the other one by making it his personal pee pad. Dry cleaning didn't even work. Sigh. More pics to come of it later.

P.S.S. SPECIAL THANKS to my mom and sis - I couldn't have this without them and their help today - I had so much fun with them and SO APPRECIATE their advice and ideas!!

Okay, I know, enough dining room talk! Saturday I slept in until 9, then got ready for a day of shopping!! As you can see, it was a successful day - and we really only went to four places: Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, Home Goods and Crate & Barrel! I got back home at 4:30 and sadly mom and sis had to leave. But I forged on and set up the buffet above, i'll post about my remaining purchases tomorrow! I had SO much luck! That was pretty much Saturday, no gym, sadly, but I did watch my eats - I had a small turkey/mustard/cheese sandwich; another serving of my new FAVORITE mexican recipe, Burrito Casserole; a new broccoli/rice recipe and a couple of crappy snacks - sour worms and doritos. Yes, i'm 8 years old.

Today I've got a lot going on! I'm cleaning out my bedroom closet (majorly). Any trendy/cute dresses that I just think are a bit too short, tight or young are going to Alabama in a few weeks to see if family friend Tonnya's beautiful teenage girls want them. I'm up to like 40 dresses. Sadly, this still leaves me with about 150, but what are you going to do? I'm paring down people! Other items on the To-Do list that may not get done but i'm trying:
  • gym + reading (at least 4 miles while reading + chest)
  • grocery store (for book club)
  • blog reading catch up!
  • baths for Reuben and Remy
  • recipe test: egg rolls
  • Make a few meals (at least 1 breakfast and 2 lunch/dinners)
  • Organizing January - March photos (in prep for '2010 in pictures' book)
  • Order my cruise card
  • Make list of spices I want containers for
  • Visit Macy's for three gifts
  • Visit Party City for more napkins for the buffet jar
Yes, I have the day cut out for me! Also, I need to take Austin to the doctor - he's SICK. He has a horrible cough and cold and just sounds awful. I hope he feels better soon. I also hope you all have wonderful Sundays!!

Q: What's on your agenda for today? Sounds like you all had busy, fun weekends planned!

Q: Do you have a 'party central' area of your home? I love the idea - I hope I find it convenient - if nothing else i'm glad to have so much more space in my pantry!!


Melissa said...

Everything looks great!! I love getting things organized. I have my party stuff here and there, not in one specific place.

Erica said...

Wow! Looks great! Definitely designed for entertainment :) Whenever you're ready to come decorate my house, just let me know ;) Busy day for you! Today- we just went to brunch with friends, now its cleaning & relaxing time

Frugalista said...

What a great little elegant storage unit! I LOVE storage. 150 dresses! Ha, I only have about 10!!

Kerr said...

your dining room looks great, what a good idea!

Tyler said...

I love your house! Need a roommate? I can't wait to hear about the rug. My creeper ass noticed that it was different asap! Hope Austin feels better!

Christina said...

i love all the green accents!! on my agenda roomie and i went to the gym, went to target, now we're eating/reading. lovely sunday!

Mimi said...

This is great! You've done a fantastic job. Are "party place" tends to be around the bar in the least thats where we congregate, and I try to store my things nearby...

Aesthetic Lounge

Gabriela said...

I love that you have that many dresses. I'm totally addicted to them too- they're just so comfy and practical!

One of the things I'm most looking forward to about my future home is entertaining. I love the setup you have!

Jenni said...

Nice job girl! It looks really pretty! I like the pops of green. :)

Heather (Where's the Beach) said...

I picked up that issue the other day and loved those tips. I think it's awesome you followed them. That buffet looks fantastic! Kind of jealous ;-)

Hope said...

Your dining room looks so nice! I love how you organized and color coordinated everything! I am like that too! I love decorating. :) I hope Austin feels better!

Anne Marie said...

Love what you did with the dining room! I need to get better with storing stuff in my house!

Biz said...

Pretty sure you own more clothes now than I have owned in my lifetime - and I am nearly 20 years older than you!

Love the buffet - it really is "you!" ready to entertain at a moments notice!

haute.teapot said...

You are so talented with interior decorating, I always think Austin is so lucky! I have no idea how you do it all, but you're so productive and creative!

Anne Marie said...

Love what you did with the dining room! I need to get better with storing stuff in my house!

Christina said...

i love all the green accents!! on my agenda roomie and i went to the gym, went to target, now we're eating/reading. lovely sunday!