Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Recipe: BEST MEXICAN; Ormsby's, 2.5 Miles, Legs, Abs

Hola! Happy Saturday! I'm SO GLAD it's the weekend - this work week has been killah. For reals! Thanks for your comments on the incredible microwavable egg. I think I've had that every day this week even though it wasn't on my meal plan! Too easy to pass up. So I believe I left you all on Thursday -which was just work, 4 miles, more work, cooking and then about 2 more hours of work. Sigh. I'm still drowning a bit at work but know some of these projects are wrapping up soon! Light at the end of the tunnel!

So yesterday was another insane day at work. I worked HARD in the a.m., then treated myself to another Stacy & Kel Uncle Julio's lunch. Yes, we split the lunch size chicken fajitas again as per usual. Then we swung by Macy's - I had a $10 rewards card and had to spend it that day so I got a pair of Hue tights for $3.25 - golden! Then it was more work. BLAH. Then we raced to the gym after work and did this:
  • 1 mile at 4.0 mph; 2 incline
  • Abs (32 seconds astronaut; 20 toe touches; 20 double crunches; 20 fifer kicks; REPEAT!)
  • 1 mile at 4.0 mph; 1 incline
  • Legs (15 lunges alternated with 40 calf raises x3; 20 squats alternated with 12 leg raises x3; and the butt-blasting floor workout x1)
  • 1/2 mile at 4.0 mph; no incline
Not bad! We got this done in a little over an hour. Then I raced home, cleaned up and headed out the door for a couple of drinks at Ormsby's with Monica, Andy, Stacy, Shane and Jason. It was fun! I just had a couple of drinks and visited, me and Austin played a game of pool - fun, chill night. I really like the atmosphere there. It's like you're chilling in someone's really sweet basement. Great night - glad we made it an early night though, today i'm off to shop with my mom & sister! They're going to be here soon so i've got to get ready! Then me and Austin are doing chill/family night - maybe a movie? I dunno - I just want a fun, restful, chill day! K - now it's time to share my new FAVORITE Mexican recipe EVER. I know... high praise.
Burrito Casserole
Makes 6 Servings
Recipe adapted from Blog Chef

Nutritional Information: 403 calories, 47 carbs, 7 fat grams and 29 protein grams.

Review: Two words: OH MY. This recipe seriously may trump my top Mexican recipe. No joke! I LOVE the layers, the use of flour tortillas, how that sauce mixture clings to the tortillas and makes it all taste just meshed together and creamy. I also love the hot sauce kick on those layers- perfect! Yes, time to update my top 10 - this one takes the cake. And the calories are great - love that it makes six too. Winner, winner. Austin loved it too! For less heat, simply leave out the hot sauce. You could even top with salsa if you want to leave the heat level up to each person!

Here's a pic of the full dish - how it looks coming out of the oven!

Q: What are your plans today? I'm hoping I can get in a walk at the gym too! And I want to read some of my book - i'm almost done with Dark Places!

Q: What's your favorite mexican recipe? I'm SO glad I found this one. I love trying out new mexican dishes and have never turned away from a casserole. I still can't believe I found one that trumped my previous favorite - Beef enchilada casserole. I may have to make that one a runner up. :)


Erica said...

Hey! What a busy week- you must be thrilled that its the weekend! The burrito casserole looks so yummy! I like most Mexican but veggie fajitas or taco salads (sans the shell) are my favorite! Today- I just went to the gym, now I have a hair appointment and then lunch with my Mom. Tonight=dinner with friends. Fantastic! Enjoy it

Hope said...

That burrito casserole looks SO delicious! Mexican food is my absolute favorite. I love making taco salads or tacos/burritos. Yum! My plans for today are I'm at work right now and then I'm going to hang out with my mom and my sister when I get out of here. :)

lee said...

I love making Mexican casseroles. They are always so good. I actually much prefer making my own Mexican food rather than having it in a restaurant. So much healthier too.

I went to Ormsby's for my bachelorette party!

Heather (Where's the Beach) said...

Busy bee! I love to make fajitas because they're so easy. I've also been enjoying taco salads baking the tortilla into a bowl shape - just kind of fun. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Frugalista said...

I actually make something similar called an enchilada casserole. It uses corn tortillas and ground turkey. Yours looks yummy too! I love casseroles because they are easy and make good left overs. I'm relaxing today! Just got back from the gym.

Mom on the Run said...

I love easy Mexican recipes. They are great during busy weeks. Have a great weekend.

Kelly Olexa said...

OMG that recipe looks to DIE favorite healthy Mexican recipe is the BFL Chicken Enchiladas..they use a green chile sauce and it is YUMMY!! So addicting. Also corn tortillas which normally I would not like....Awesome. Really, how could ANYTHING Mexican be bad?

Melissa said...

I love Mexican layered casseroles. I will try this one for sure!
Tonight, my son is having a friend sleep over and we are going to go out for pizza and chill. :)

Kacy said...

I went to Body Pump this morning, worked at the running store and now I'm going out for Peruvian food with a friend that's in town visiting. It's been a great day!

haute.teapot said...

That burrito casserole may have stolen my heart! I LOVE Mexican food, I should check out the recipe. You are such a cooking machine and love the egg trick too! I hate going into the office not having time to cook in the AM and starving til lunch--that's like the perfect solution!

Tyler said...

Be still my heart! That looks off the chain! I just might have to try that out this week.

Today was busy! But I got a workout and some homework in. Tomorrow, I hope to get to the gym again and finish the rest of my homework. Oh to be a student again!

Mica said...

I'm quite impressed that you did that workout after fajitas! I can only eat Mexican for dinner...then I fall into a coma.

Lea @ Healthy Coconut said...

The burrito dish looks good, I love Mexican food but usually it's a really heavy dish when ordered and I need to find a way to make it lighter at home. I'm going to check out this recipe. I wonder if corn tortillas can be sub for the flour tortilla without compromising the taste too much.