Thursday, March 17, 2011

Two New Dresses, My HRM, Spring Shopping?

Happy St. Paddy's! As you know, I'm celebrated out from the beer fest. True story. So today is about about work and working out for me! So yesterday I had a crap morning which caused me to get in to the office a bit late which meant to normal-length lunch break for me. HOWEVER, I took a brief lunch to run over to Starbucks for my new favorite latte and to Urban Outfitters to finish a gift for one of my bro-in-laws. MAJOR SALE. I ended up with these two dresses.... (and YES, I did get what I went for hehe).

I paid $30 for this dress... it's $60 online. Yes, 50%, my friends!
Heart the back! It does require minor alterations at the top which should cost $10 based on past experience

And this one! $80 online... I paid $10. Yes, $10.
And the back

Yes, two dresses for $40 (well $50 with alterations) that would have cost $140. AWESOME. The first one is my absolute favorite - spring needs to get here NOW so I can wear it - eee! Other than my impulse dress shopping, yesterday was just work, and after work I headed straight to my fifth spin class. I felt like I was working SUPER hard, and thankfully, my HRM showed it. The class was cut a bit short, but I was able to burn 450 calories in 55 minutes (424 in 60 minutes last time). HRM said: 4.53 fat-burning minutes; 50,18 fitness minutes; 154 average HR; 178 max. HR. My last average was 141 with a max of 171 - WOO!
And for those who asked what kind of HRM I have: I have the Polar FT7. I love it. My last HRM was the F7 - this is just the updated model. It's simple, easy to use, comes with a chest strap, and counts calories, time, etc. It's great for 'indoor working out' - you know, it doesn't have a GPS and stuff like that. I bought mine here: Amazon. $110 and free shipping. Boo-yah. It arrived in 48 hours. That's how I like my deliveries! Things I've learned about chest straps: Wash with soap after each use. Hang to dry. When using, lick the sensors, do NOT run water over them. Wash in machine after each 5 uses (so about 1/week).

After spin, I just headed home, showered, ate a great roasted vegetable lasagna recipe that i'll post tomorrow, and hung out with the family. GREAT day.... well, post-workout. I can see why people work out in the a.m. It puts you in a dang good mood!

Q: Have you started spring shopping yet? I typically don't until mid- to late-April - I feel like now stuff is full/retail price, and then winter stuff is picked over and it's just too hot here for it. BUT, UO is doing things different, apparently, so i'm in!

Q: Do you have any HRM tips? I listed mine above. Another big tip - don't lose your watch. That's the expensive part. Still can't believe I lost my last one - SO SAD!

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