Tuesday, April 5, 2011

5 Magazine Tips, 3.5 Miles, Working out in the a.m.???

Yes, I finally did another photo shoot with my favorite girl, "new" puppy Remy. hehe LOVE it. I can't wait to get some of these framed. On another note, as you all may remember, I became the proud owner of about 7 new magazine subscriptions about a month ago. Now I don't save them. I just rip out or write down ideas then toss/recycle the magazine. Here are 5 few things I found in mags this month!
  1. Visit DoINeedAnUmbrella.com. Enter your ZIP code and it says 'YES' or 'NO' - simple! Or spend $2 on Umbrella Today, an app that allows you to pick a time and get alerts on days you need an umbrella. So, you could set it to alert you before work if you need it! mentioned by multiple mags
  2. Real Simple provided a few websites I thought were interesting. Fiverr.com connects you with people willing to complete tasks like $5 to distribute flyers. Sepiatown.com shows you your favorite city or street from decades or centuries past.
  3. Consider blanching and shocking. Vegetables like broccoli and asparagus can lose their color after 6 or 7 minutes of cooking. If you know you'll eat them immediately, remove, drain and serve. Otherwise - blanch and shock. Cook for two minutes in salted, boiling water, then remove vegetables immediately and plunge into ice water. The ice bath helps set the color. Later, reheat the chilled vegetables by sauteing in a bit of olive oil without losing the green color. mentioned by multiple mags
  4. Cooking Light suggests nutritionals for women age 25 to 50. They suggest 2,000 calories, 50 protein grams, 65 fat grams (or less), 304 carbohydrates and 2,300 mg of sodium or less. note per Erica at Itzy's Kitchen: these are broad and depend on your height, weight, activity level, etc. From me: I TOTALLY agree and actually meant to put this in here - this surprised me. I mean 25 to 50? Wow! Huge range, no?
  5. Real Simple suggests easy eye shadow. It has a contoured brush so it applies three shades at one time. It's called the Loreal Paris One Sweep Palette and it's $10 - i'm going to try it!
Q: Did you learn anything from magazines lately? Do you preserve your mags or rip them to shreds?

So my Monday was pretty blah. I will say that it's spring break so traffic was minimal. I left the house at 7:15 a.m., drove Austin to Buckhead to get his car (from Saturday night - we cabbed it home!), then drove into work - all of that and I was still in before 8 a.m. I LOVE spring break. Then I just worked, walked 3.5 miles with Stacy, worked more, then headed straight home at 5 p.m. to do nothing but read, relax, hang with Austin and play with Reuben and Remy. LOVE IT.

Q: I am considering 6 a.m. spin classes instead of 6 p.m. - this way I can be home home by 5:20 after work, instead of arriving at 7:15 p.m.. What do you think?? Pros vs. cons? I'm loving the idea of getting it over with, having no traffic on the way into work, etc. I'm nervous about actually making it (involves me waking up at 5:35 a.m. to leave my house at 5:40), having to get ready at the gym and what do you eat? Anything? I would think no. LOL

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