Monday, April 4, 2011

Book Review, Cobb Salad Recipe, Naan Pizza

Thanks you guys!! I really enjoyed the weekend - everything from the volunteering with pups and playing with baby nephew to the gym, baby shower and night out! Sunday was a pretty standard recoop day with a bit of cleaning, a bit of cooking, a trip to Yogli Mogli (our favorite fro yo shop), some TV, a family movie, and lots of cuddle time with the puppers. However, I did do some things I NEVER do, including:

1. Early morning organizing. I got up around 9 a.m. and headed STRAIGHT for the guest rooms. I cleaned and tossed so much stuff, moved the gift center and organized it (not much left to do with it!) and organized and sorted my books. Pics to come soon!

2. Tried hard-boiled eggs.

I had never had them OR made them, so Austin's presence was necessary to ensure that they tasted right. He approved! I used Biz's recipe - here it is on Healthified Kitchen. I liked them, but for me, they needed to be diced up and put in something else, like this new Healthy Cobb Salad I've been munching on!

3. Made my pita pizza... on naan! Austin has become the master of these. Instead of turkey pepperonis (our usual standby) we went with diced red onions. Bliss!

4. Took a bath. I just filled up the bathtub, got in with about 150 pages left of Losing You, and stayed in until I finished it. I loved being in the bath with my salts and the sunlight pouring through the big window over the tub. Why had I never taken a bath at our new casa before? Might be my new favorite Sunday thing!

Quick Book Review: In my bath, hehe, I finished Nicci French's Losing You. It was about a mom, Nina Landry, who was about to celebrate her 40th birthday and go on vacation with her new boyfriend, 15-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son. But her daughter is missing after a sleepover. Did the girls "friends" do something to her? Was she abducted on her way home? Did she just run away? Where is she? The book follows Nina as she finds suspect after suspect and uncovers lots of her daughter's secrets. And it really keeps you guessing, and turning the pages. I thought it was a quick read, and I liked it a lot. I gave it a 4/5. One thing that bugged me was that her ex-husband was SO annoying and the book didn't have chapters. My only complaints though! I also started a new book, Elizabeth Berg's Say When - it's really good so far!

5. Staples on Sunday. I was out of label maker ribbon; Austin was out of printer ink. To staples we went. I loved walking around and picked up a bunch of random fun stuff I can't wait to play with and organize with.

Q: What's your favorite store to peruse, even if you don't buy anything? Mine are probably Staples, Target and Best Buy!

Q: Do you ever treat yourself to baths?

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