Sunday, April 3, 2011

Book Review, PAWS Atlanta, Sprinkle and Night Out!

Hi everyone! Are you having glorious Sundays?! I am!! This weekend was wonderful! Friday I worked then volunteered at PAWS Atlanta. We got a wonderful tour of the facility upgrades, helped sort/toss/organize records then got to do the super fun part - take dogs for walks! I walked Thrasher, Tinsworthy and Burlap - sweet babies! Afterwards, I went over to my sister's - time to visit with her, Zach and baby Dane! Later my mom came by too - fun little outing. He is just such a perfect little boy! Afterwards I just headed home, hung out with the family, bake cookies and called it an early night. pictured pup is Burlap. :)

Saturday I got up early and went to an 8:30 Body Pump class - WOO. We did a lot of balancing exercises and LOTS of legs. I was sweating up a storm! I left class around 9:20 to head over to the 9:15 spin class! I then took that class until 10:15. GREAT morning! HRM said: 703 calories in 1 hour and 37 minutes; 21 fat-burning minutes 76 fitness minutes, average HR 143 and max HR 179. After class I headed home, picked up Austin, picked up cupcakes, brought cookies to my neighbor, got ready and headed to Eclipse de Luna for Shana's 3 p.m. Baby Sprinkle! So good to see her, visit with her mother-in-law, see my buddies and get to know Shana's friends better. Great turn out, great friends, great time! After the sprinkle I ran by Gil's alterations for a dress, back home to get Austin and pet the puppers then over to Buckhead Diner for dinner with Andy, Monica, Nicole and David, before drinks at Fado Irish Pub. We had so much fun catching up with Andy/Mon (as usual!) and getting to know Nicole & David better. I loved being able to sit outside - they have such a nice rooftop bar with lots of heat lamps - PERFECT. Around midnight they headed home and we headed to East Andrews to meet Matt, which turned into a cab ride to The Ivy and a walk to Johnny's Hideaway. WOO! Busy, busy day and night but SO much fun!! Sadly, my camera died so no photos from anything after the sprinkle. BOO. But here are some from the sprinkle!

me and the lady of the hour!
Great gifts!
Cute little shoes!
Awesome, open air restaurant - too bad our server was HORRIBLE. sigh.
pretty flowers Ashley got - love Shana in the background here!
More of the group
Me, Mon and Stacy
Ashley, Sharon & Shana
Brittany at Cocktail Cupcakes did our cupcakes again! I forgot to get a shot when the trays were full - oopsie!
About half of the group at the end of shower getting a quick group pic!

I will say this weekend I also finished two books - the audio book and print book I was reading! The audio book was finished SO quickly due to the crap weather last week which doubled my commute and therefore time spent listening. I REALLY liked it though. It was James Patterson's Postcard Killers. The book was about couples who were going missing all across Europe - honeymooners, those on their anniversary, etc. The story is told from the perspective of a NYC detective whose daughter was murdered, a Swedish reporter who was chosen by the killers to receive postcards (photos of the murder scenes) and from the killers themselves. It was fast-paced, engaging and surprising - I like the layers and suspense, and wouldn't have changed anything. Well, it could have been less graphic... but other than that I enjoyed it! While I don't normally go for "mysteries" who tell you who the killers are relatively upfront, I did enjoy them figuring out how to catch the killers. I'd give it a 4 out of 5. I'll review the print book tomorrow! :)

Q: How was your weekend? Have good weather? It was BEAUTIFUL here. Like we drove around, ran extra errands, etc. just to be outside more!!

Q: Do you have an organization you enjoy volunteering with? I love volunteering with animals, and also with the Special Olympics and Senior Connections! I also like supporting St. Jude and American Cancer Society.

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