Friday, April 1, 2011

Less is More in April, Goal Assessment, New Indian Recipe

Happy Friday!
Reuben caught with his tongue out (again!) and sleepy Remy dozing in the car

Mary T sent me these pics via Facebook from our December road trip to AL! Love them! So...OMG still behind on blog reading - OY! This week has just been so busy with work, home projects, crap weather, doubled commutes, etc. I didn't even get a workout in yesterday - NOT cool. I think my focus is just everywhere. I'm trying to cook a bunch of new stuff (which takes longer than cooking 'oldies) and I'm really trying to get a bunch of spring cleaning done. Then of course there's my job, my workouts, my goals (who has time to edit video?). Eek! And you know, family and friends. Important stuff like that! :) I think I just thought "March is long, I can do SO much, but alas, it was a tough one and not everything got done. I'm giving myself a break in April - fewer goals = more success. I hope! You can check out my March goal assessment and April goals here. Yes, I made a goal page. BE a bigger nerd. Not possible. Clearly.

Moving on! So yesterday like I mentioned was just a frenzy of work, home chores (laundry/dishes), more work, cooking, more work, framing project, kitchen 'business center' project, you NAME it. I finally stopped spinning my wheels around 9 p.m., which was when Austin got back from poker - perfect! So we had a few beers and played with the baby puppers. Great day but again, too much - I WILL get better at not trying to multi-multi-multi task. :) I normally enjoy getting things done - and I want to keep it that way so less is definitely more in April. As you can imagine from all of the cooking I mentioned - I DO have a recipe to share. :) This is the one that involved the grinding of the cardamom!! We LOVED it.

Chicken Vindaloo
Recipe adapted from a Cooking recipe
Makes 4 Servings
Nutritional Information: 375 calories, 48 carbs, 7 fat grams and 31 protein grams.
Whole pan

Q: In-home Indian dishes - yay or nay? I don't think i'll ever eat Indian out again - I love them!

Q: What are you looking forward to most this weekend? I'm looking forward to seeing my nephew Dane and volunteering at the pet shelter today, celebrating Shana's upcoming baby Preston and visiting with friends tomorrow, and enjoying my time at home with my family on Sunday. I think we're going to have nice weather - eee!

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