Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Movie Review, New Asian Pasta Recipe, Giveaway Winner

LOVED hearing about your two-a-days! I like the idea of two-a-days at one time (like Kacy's yogo + run), and Val who works out in the mornings, but does 3 mile walks after dinner! And of course Stacy, my workout partner, cracked me up - she says she does two-a-days with me when I make her! LOL Please - she does two-a-days without me a lot!! Also, thanks for your sweet comments about yesterday's recipe: Chipotle Chicken & Rice. Am I the only one who consistently spells that word wrong the first 3 times I try to spell it? Sigh! Yesterday was a pretty standard Tuesday! I just worked, worked through lunch, got a pedicure (much needed!), worked more, and then headed straight home after work where I watched this movie.

I thought it was super cute. Basically, it follows the story of two single people who are godparents to Sophie. Not friends, but acquaintances, who have known each other over the year through Sophie's parents, her being best friend's with Sophie's mom and him best friend's with her dad. Sophie's parents pass away and the two are asked to be guardians in the will. Maybe a little far-fetched but whateva. I loved that it was filmed in Atlanta and recognized so many of the shots! I also enjoyed both main characters, and thought the story was very cute and sweet. Predictable? Maybe, but who cares? It's not like it was masquerading as a mystery so I was fine with it. I will definitely watch it again - cutie cute!

No workouts, no cooking, but a wonderful Tuesday regardless! Even though I didn't cook, I DO have a recipe to share. It's one I made a couple of weeks ago and forgot to post about - oops!

Chinese Noodles with Beef
Recipe adapted from Fitness Magazine
Makes 4 Servings

Nutritional Information: 440 calories, 53 carbs, 10 fat grams and 35 protein grams.

Loved this dish - my first Asian-inspired dish with ground beef - wonderful! See the recipe here on Healthified Kitchen.

Lastly, you may remember my SOYJOY giveaway, where I asked you all to share your dares! My dare was to try meatless Mondays and meatless recipes. CheckMARK! I loved doing this dare.
The winner of the prize pack (done by random number generator) is Erica at Itzy's Kitchen! Here was her dare: What a fun contest! I dare to try 2 new recipes per week for the next month! And to keep up with my workouts as much as possible throughout my pregnancy :)

Something tells me little Erica did this - she ROCKS. And is totally inspiring me to workout seeing that she's keeping hers up beautifully even now that she's 6 months pregnant! Erica - i'll reach out to you for your info for Julie at SOYJOY - and thanks to you all for participating!!

Q: Dare to do anything lately? How did it go? My big outside-of-the-norm thing was definitely trying meatless. I don't think it's for me, definitely not full-time, but I loved the idea and am glad I now have so many new meatless recipes to mix in!

Q: Do you want to see this movie? If you have already - what did you think?

Q: Have any Asian-inspired recipes with ground beef? I think they're SO hard to find - they always seem to have sirloin! And to me most have chicken!

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