Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Saturday, Fridge, new Cushions and Book Review

Happy Easter! I have had a wonderful Easter day - pics to come tomorrow. :) Including a Deviled Egg recipe - my first time making these - eeee! And thanks for your comments yesterday - I loved hearing what you were up to (and yay Erica - baby shower!), and which meatless products are your fave (totally agree, Lee - morningstar farm sauage patties and not links). Today I bring you my Saturday, in pictures. I tried my first green monster. I used 1 cup fat-free milk, 1 1/2 cups spinach, 1 small banana, 1 tbsp protein powder and ice. I didn't love it, but am open to trying it again with strawberries instead. Austin, on the other hand, loved it and drank it all! LOL

We got replacement cushions for our outdoor furniture. No, we didn't set out for orange, but these were the only ones that fit after going to 3 Targets, 2 Wal-Marts and 2 Home Depots. War Eagle it is - we'll love it!

I tried to take artsy pictures. Yes, if I have a camera in hand I will take pictures until Austin makes me stop.

I organized the side of my fridge. Last week I picked up the small pen holder and two red hooks from Container store so that my oven mits would be easy to get. I also put post-its on a business card peal/seal magnet, a place to write down items as we run out of them. Then I purchased a dry erase board from Staples for our weekly menu. And of course I'm still loving my red timer from Teresa and my conversion magnets from Williams Sonoma. Then today I organized everything as I was doing so it hit me: my food scale needs a home. We always stick it in a drawer and when I need it I have to find it or when i'm cooking I continuously misplace it. Enter 3 business card magnets cut into the scale's shape. Now it's stuck on the fridge - EASY PEASY!
Close up of dry erase board and magnets

I finished Dean Koontz's The Good Guy.

This book was about an average guy in an average bar, who is mistaken to be a contract killer. He's given money and a photo. Instead of correcting the man, he wants to figure out who the beautiful woman is. So begins his dive into the rabbit hole where he tries to save this woman's life, while putting his own in danger. The book is very much a cat and mouse as it's told from his perspective, as well as the killer's, who won't give up on finishing the job he was asked to do. There are a good bit of twists and lots of suspense. The ending was satisfying too, especially as you learned who this 'good guy' really is, and how the killer came to be one. I give it a 3.5/5. For me, there was a bit TOO much cat and mouse. I mean how many times can you read they ran, he got close, they ran, he got closer, they ran, another narrow escape. I could have dealt with less of that! I was glad it was an audio book though and it did keep my interest.

And I prepared to host Easter. No pics of that - just lots of work in the kitchen, prepping veggies and what not, and lots of work in the house cleaning up, vacuuming, etc.!

Q: Do you like green monsters? What's your favorite green monster recipe? Please feel free to share links or any ideas to get it to taste 'strawberry-like' or 'chocolately.' :)

Q: What's on your fridge?

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